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It was perfect day; birds chirping, bright blue skies, green grass, slight wind breeze only noise heard was the laughter of teenagers at the local high school, Casper High. The day was perfect for our beautiful Latino princess. Paullina stood tall and graceful as she walked to her first period class; putting a flirty smile on for Dash as he slapped her round ass. Paullina flipped her long black hair over her shoulder as she past Danny, Sam, and Tucker; they drooled with wide eyes about what she was wearing.

Tight hot pink top with a snow-white skin tight pants with very pink high heels.

"Slut." Samantha Manson mutter under her breath. Paullina chose to ignore her and simply continue her walk into the classroom to the back where she and Star sat. Paullina took out her pink nail polish and started to paint her long fingernails.

"Star hair." She order tilting her head down a bit as Star brush the part in Paullina's hair and readjust the clips. They talked as Paullina kept painting her nails. Her beautiful brown skin glowed in the dim sunlight as she sat in her desk. Mr. Lancer walked into the classroom with his brief case tight in his large hands. He's face stern as he walked to his desk and rubbed his bald head.

"Did he have to follow us to senior year?" Kwan, Star's boyfriend, lean forward and whispers to Paullina and Star.

"Si I know right? He should like go back teaching freshmen." Paullina said blowing gently on her fingers.

"Paulie, are you coming to the mall with me? I still need a prom dress." Star asked.

"No problem Star; but it can't look better than mine I want to win Prom Queen." Paullina said painting on a clear coat on her nails.

"Sure Paulie I would never upstage you." Star said sincerely with a gentle smile.

"PAULINA!" Lancer screamed, "if you could be so kind to put the nail supply away!"

"Chill William, I'm just getting pretty." Paullina said and continues to paint her nails.

"Paullina," Lancer said standing over her and place her test on her desk flip to the back, "detention!"

"What? Why? For painting my nails!" Paullina yelled

"Double detention!" Lance said in a monotone voice.

"Why?" Paullina cried out.

"Want to try triple detention?" Lancer asked meeting her eyes. Her beautiful aqua blue eyes swam in anger but bit her tongue. Paullina rolled her eyes and look down at her Benchmark Test: 25% Accurate. She fail the test! No way this is possible. Her mind raced with thoughts of college, repeating high school...

"Now you all have a 1000 word essay due in a month. It could bring your grade up with along with you EOC's; bye see you all tomorrow." Lancer said as the bell rung.

"What he didn't even give us a topic! Puta!" Paullina screamed.

"Yes he did Paulie, the topic is 'your favorite after school activity'. You probably might get a head start seeing your stuck with Lancer's fat ass for today." Star answered as she straightens her long blonde hair.

"Ugh!" Pauline groaned as she went through the rest of the day. She hugged her friends as she walked to Lancer class. The first thing she notice was all the desks huddle in the back of the classroom and one desk in front and sighed. Knowing this is where she was supposed to sit and pulled paper out her book bag and did her planning.

"One time for once. Improvement is key, Ms. Cruz." Lancer said sitting at his desk. His eyes studied the head cheerleader and look down tracing her curves with his eyes. Prefect high breast, smooth brown stomach, beautiful round hips follow by the white fabric where her soft brown legs were suppost to be. Lancer bit his tongue to hold back a lust moan as his pants tighten. He really shouldn't feel this way about his students; goodness she 18 and he's 33! With all the stress he deals with made him look older. He shouldn't be staring but he couldn't help it.

Paullina looked up feeling as if someone was watching her, Lancer. Why is this old geezer staring- is he checking me out? Paullina questioned in her mind. She continues to work under his eyes as she neat handwriting scribbled on the page. Her eyes looked up reassuringly, Lancer still watching her like a hawk. Maybe things could work out in her way. She begin to fan herself and begun to moan in lustful complaint.

"Oh William is so hot in here!" Paullina said as she lower her top over her breast showing a good amount of cleavage and evidence of a lacy pink bra. Lancer gulps, as he fixed his tie and tries to avert his black eyes to a empty wall. Why is she doing this? Don't she know how incredibly sexy she is to him?

"How about I open a window?" Lancer offered standing up; walking to the window, Paullina grinned. As he open it, the breeze, on this perfect afternoon, kissed his hot face. Lancer heard a lustful groan from the cheerleader and begin to sweat.

Lancer turned around to see a slightly sweaty Paullina sucking on her pen, her tongue circling around it as it bobbed in and out her prefect pink lips, moan loudly. Her arms under her breast pushing them up even more into Lancer's face. Paullina's arm accidentally knocks over her other pen and she gets up to receive it; her ass point out in Lancer's face, showing her nicely round ass and pink string. A thong; goodness! Lancer bit his lip as he walked slowly to his desk; he didn't want to remove his eyes from this beautiful sight be he did. Once he was happily in his chair and started to grade papers; he heard Paullina slapping her own ass and moaning. Loudly.

"Umph!" Paullina pouted cutely, "Where's that pen!"

An idea formed in to Paullina's brain as she guided herself to Lancer's desk not looking back and smiled. Lancer saw that smiled and gulp nerously. What is she up to now? Lancer felt a pit of fear and excitment as bit his lip. Her nicely shaped ass in his face, her breast looked as if they were about to touch the floor. Lancer's forehead shown little beads of sweat rolling down his face. Where's that damn breeze!

"You know my Papa always spanked me when I lose something. I'm so use to it, so could you spank me?" Paullia asked in a shy voice.

" I cannot allow nor do that." Lancer said still staring, Paullina should straight up and walked to Lancer. Lancer's eyes was watching her womanhood popping through her pants. Paullina raise her shirt up a bit to right underneath her swelled breast; that Lancer yearn to touch.

"You said 'This is family and will do as such' about Casper. So be Papa and spank me." Paulinna said laying over Lancer lap. Paullina felt a gently slap. I really shouldn't be doing this... Lancer thought before hearing Paullina moan in presure, Or maybe I should.

"Papa does it harder." Paullina pouted then Lancer slapped a bit harder.

"Harder!" Paullina cried as Lancer spaked her harder. Lancer tried to hold back his 'happiness' and closed his eyes letting his lust get the better of him.

"HARDER!" Paullina screamed as Lancer gave her the hardest slaps on her ass in a conuting pace. Lancer's eyes open, darken with lust and something Paullina couldn't tell.

"We," Lancer said softly, "need to stop."

"Lancer you're such a big strong man;" Paullina said in a lustful tone, clearly ingoring the comment, "Your home must be sad with only you there."

"It does sometimes but I can handle it being a man and all." Lancer answered with a light blush cross his cheeks as she walked behind him.

"A man needs a physical relationship." Paullina said massaging his shoulders and lean to his ear and whispered hotly into his ear, "I can help there."

"Ms. Cruz are you suggesting in us having intercourse?" Lancer asked looking into her teal eyes.

"Yes with a small deal;" She grabbed his hand and placed it under her breast, "I know you want to see more, I know you want to be inside me. All you got to do is put 'A' on my writing and final."

"Paullina Cruz I will not lose my job over raging hormones. You would also be expelled if anyone finds out. And it won't help you learn anything. This is not how you carry yourself in school and work…" Lancer warned as Paullina went on to her knees and undid Lancer pants.

"Look noone will find out. Please?" Paullina pouted as she took off her heels and grabbed Lancer warm dick with her feet. She mover her left foot on it quickly and use her right foot to keep in steady. She lean down and lick the mushroom shaped head of the penis as she felt his manhood stiffen. He was about to erupt when Paullina removed her body from his.

"Pleaassseee?" She begged using the side of her arms to make her breast look bigger as she pressed them together in his face. "Please?"

"Alright, alright you can have your A." Lancer said desperatly as Paullina kissing his lips. She tasted like strawberries, sweet moist strawberries begging him to kiss off. To Paullina, Lancer tasted like cherry; probably from his chap stick? They didn't care all that matter was their lips meeting in a blissful union. Paullina pull back and stand up.

"Thank you, I'm very grateful." She husky-lustful way as she started a strip tease using the desk she sat in as a pole she lean back.

Being a cheerlead cause you to have flexibility as she spread her legs wide her head in the seat a she removed her top and bra. She threw her bra to Lancer who caught it in between his teeth. Lancer's eyes widen at the sight of her perfectly high, double D breast with perky dark brown nipples. She slowly begin to slide her pants down over her wide hips and down, ever so slowly. Lancer's dick started to show pre-cum on the head and groan. Paullina then lead herself to him and stripped herself free of her throng. She then fingered herself infront of him moaning and panting. Her long fingers moving in and out swiftly as her own juices dribble down her fingers and shoved them into Lancer's mouth. Lancer's thick tongue licked her fingers clean as he lower his head to her breast. She pushed his head back and use the desk edge and insert it in herself and bounced on it, groan and panting as she bend backwards to lick her own ass. Lancer finally stripped himself and laid her on his desk; inserting two large fingers into her. Lancer shoved his two fingers in her vigina to the knuckle; as he used his other hand to grab one large boob and sucked on the left one.

Paullina groan feeling herself surrender to him as he switch; he sucked gently on her breast, nibbled the nipples and went into to a full force sucking. Paullina hand went to his bald head and hold him closer to him then he begin to move his fingers within her. Wiggling them, scratching her inside spilling her sweet juices in his nails, slapping them on to her most sensitive with the pad of his fingers. Once his mouth was finish he kissed a path down to her privately wonders, he fingers never stopped moving; he removed his fingers and grabbed a can and begin to shake it. He removed his finger and insert the nasal into her and spray white cream in her. The mixture of her juices and the whip cream leaked out of her and into Lancer's awaiting mouth. His tongue came inside her and swirled her juices and cream into his mouth groaning as finger started to twirl her peal inbetween his fingers. Once he cleaned her she twisted her body as a pit of warmth lower stomach and pushed out into his mouth. She fell back realizing she just had an organism; she panted and sweating out her hair. Lancer smiled then moved letting her calm down abit and started to lick his fingers and the leftovers on the table bewteen her legs.

"My turn."Paullina got up and pushed him onto the desk; giggling as she grabbed his groin.

She ran her fingers up down his length as smashed her breast against them and begin to heat him more and more. She lower head and licked his penis, she slowly consuming all of him she could. Paullina head bobbed as Lancer's hands grabbed her breasts and jerked into her mouth countless times. Soon she removed her mouth only to have her face mask in his cum. She licked some off her face and slowly licked the rest from his manhood. Lancer stood on his knees on the desk and help Paullina up and insert hisself in her. He slowly moved in her, tight, so fucking tight was all he thought. She's too wet! Their sex was sloppy, wet, hot, steaming hot like a hot shower, sadly it was slow; too slow personally.

"Faster." Paullina panted.

Gaining speed slowly, Lancer banged Paullina. Paullina's legs tighten around his waist going a litter faster than him as her breast bounced wildly. She then bend her legs toward her head, now Lancer could go in deeper and deeper. The sounds of wet skin slapping one another was so sexy, so alluring, so indescrible! Paullina dug her nails into the desk leaving marks on it.

"GOD!" They screamed as Paullina walls tighten around him and spill her essences. Lancer smiled as he slid out and spray Paullina's face with his sperm. He then gently licked her sore, sticky pussy as she released another organism into his mouth. She sat there in a daze state as her head tilt to the side not realizing Lancer dressing her, and wiping her face clean. Lancer then dressed hisself and carried Paullina to her desk; then put a table cloth on the desk they fucked. He then spray air fresher in the room and pretend to shuffle papers.

"Lancer?" The princpal asked sticking her head in the door.

"Yes how may I help you?" Lancer asked wiping his mouth and forehead.

"Time to go home, and you too ms. Cruz. Try not to get anymore dentions for now on." The princple said sternly.

"Yes ma'ma." Paullina said finally snapping out of her daze face.

It was a month.

A whole damn month and Paullina was going crazy!

She wanted Lancer.

She needs him so bad; she wants to kiss him, suck his dick, make love to him again. Paullina had sex with Dash and wasn't satified; he wasn't Lancer. To lancer it was an one time deal but Paullina wants more. So much more. William Lancer and Paullina Lancer. She wrote in her notebook with hearts around it. She had a goofy little smile on her pink lips as she thought about how Lancer's hand felt on her breast. Paullina imagine his hands grabbing her ass and squeezing it gently then start to lick her hot pussy. She let out a small moan as Lancer walked into class.

"Sorry I'm so late, class;" Lancer said as he walked in with a gigant pile of papers in his arms. He begin to pass out the papers, "these tests were good but someone of you could do better."

He walked to Paullina and her group and passed out their test. Paullina flipped over her test and read Final Grade: 94% Accurate. Paullina winked at him and blew a kiss to him unseen by everyone but Lancer.

"Better; good job Ms. Cruz." Lancer said standing infront of her. Paullina's foot slipped out of her heels and rubbed against his groin.

"Thanks William." Paullina said grinning.

"It's Lancer or do you want detention?" Lancer acted as Paullina's toes curl around his pants on his penis.

"Sorry William." Paullina grinned as he pass her, her writing. The title of the paper: Paullina's Favorite After School Activity. The paper about her and Lancer having sex; she slid her foot all around on his thigh and groin some more, smiling madly.

"Detention;" Lancer said loud enough for the class to hear.

Paullina tried to hide her excitment but failed. The smiles passed from her to Lancer is their dirty little secret. Their favorite activity after school.

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