Small Author's Note it's during "Maternal Instincts" it starts off when they're walking to Vlad mansion. AU okay? Thankyou Mr. Aanonymous for the editing

Perfect mid-day weather, not too hot, not to cold just a mild warm. Maddie Fenton was walking with her fourteen year old son on her back. His eyes wide and alert as the walked back to Vlad Mansion. Danny frowned, he knew what his mother must do. Did he like it? No. Did he wish there was another way? Yes. He's breathing warmed him as the sun set to black.

"Mom?" Danny asked.

"Yes sweetie?" Maddie ask as he jumped of her back.

"Before you go in there and flirt our way out of here; I just wanted to say," Danny said before hugging her tight, "I love you!"

"Aw," Maddie sighed not noticing Danny stealing the key for the specter deflector, "I love you too," she gave him a light shove away, 'Clingy!' Maddie knocked on the door smiling lustfully, her back turn to Danny.

"Maddie, Daniel! You've return to me,"Vlad said smiling before leaning over to Danny, looking at his watch and whispering, "and not a moment too soon."

"Danny," Maddie said jabbing her thumb near the woods and putting on a flirty face, "go somewhere and let the adults talk." This made Vlad jump up in surprise.

"Sure you and Vlad get cozy," Danny said smiling, "if you need me I'll be over there. Barfing." He adding with a sick face before walking away. Vlad moved aside and let Maddie strut in, slowly moving her hips as she walked. He sat her down on the couch, her smile never faltered.

"Aw Maddie you must be exhausted! Carrying those mistakes you made years ago." Vlad said sitting beside her.

"We all makes mistakes Vlad," she said putting a hand to her chest. "Maybe I'll make one right now." Her eyes widen as what she said that. Vlad opened his mouth and spray breath fresher, he leaned over trying to kiss her. Maddie put her hand on his chest to stopped him.

"Ah bu bu bu. I couldn't possibly, I've been in the woods all night;" Maddie said before leaning toward his face, "I need to freshen up." With that she stood up and walked out the room with a disgusted face.

"I shall await with baken breath!" Vlad called out smiling before reading his book.

"Keep ole bake breath over there and entertain him until I can find a phone! And my ghost hunter gear, he stole it last time we were in this nut job house." Maddie whisper quickly to danny before running up and down the hallways, opening doors and groaning, 'not a phone!'

"Mom is gone which means," Danny said smiling and unlocking the belt. "spending some quality time with Uncle Vlad." Danny said grinning, "but first," he moved the minute hand on the clock and walked to Vlad who was reading.

"Hey um uncle Vlad?" Danny asked with his hands behind his back.

"Oh please Daniel don't try to butter me up! Especially with your powers shorted out for another fifthteen minutes. You're barely a threat with than with them" Vlad said frowning at Danny before he let his ghost eyes flash infront of Danny's, "I wouldn't need fifthteen seconds would I?"

"How could you say that? Do you think my mom made the decision to come back on her own? We both talked about it last night and I want to stay here with you too." Danny said, his eyes half open and smiling smugly.

"Really?" Vlad asked a tear rolled down his face as he stood up, "You don't mean..."

"Yes! I do! C'mon, give me a big hug, new dad!" Danny said arms out wide. Vlad moved in for the hug when Danny put the belt around Vlad's waist.

"AWWW, you little rat, you've tricked me! You know what this mean for you don't you?" Vlad glared as Danny looked at his watch.

"Oh yeah," Danny transform into ghost mode smiling that his plan was working, "A much fairer fight!"

With that they fought, sadly Vlad was still winning. He blasted Danny outside and sent his ghost animals to hunt him. Danny ran frowning, it was all up to his mother now. Danny sighed as he used his ghost powers to jump in a tree and turn invisible. Vlad noticed Danny dropped the key and Vlad used it to free himself.

"Naive Daniel." Vlad chuckled before picking his book back up and reading when a question popped in his mind: where's Maddie?

Maddie was frustrated! 20 doors and no phone? What the hell does Vlad do all day! She opened the door back to Vlad's personal study. Vlad was still reading that book. Maddie noticed he was smiling brightly.

"You're sure in a good mood Vlad,"Maddie said.

"Oh I am, Maddie." Vlad said before making his way back to the couch.

"I can make your mood better." She purred.

"What do you mean?" Vlad asked as Maddie turned around to the bookshelf and pulled out the ghost pop up book, the same book Vlad pulled out her hands the first time she grabbed it. Her hips sway as she lightly paced; Vlad noticed how her tight jump suit on her body showed off all her curves and he means all of them woo doggy. All he could do was watch and pray he wasn't drooling. She walked over to the couch her eye buried him the book but she wasn't reading.

"Can we talk Vlad?" Maddie asked looking at him.

"Sure, what's been troubling you?" Vlad asked as she sat down on the couch across from him.

"Jack," She said. "He becoming rather to obsessed with ghosts." Maddie said smiling.

"Isn't he always? How is he different now? Please explain this to me." Vlad said.

"Jack is in a midlife crisis, and is now even more obsessed with ghosts. He less concerned about me and my needs." Maddie said relaxing her smile a bit.

She laid her head on the arm of the couch her hair scattered. Her back was on the cushion but her hip twisted to show how round her rear end was and her head was tilted to look at him. One arm was under her breast and the other was cupping her own cheek. Her legs stretched out and the one closest to vlad she bent the knee. she noticed Vlad gulp. She's a very sexy woman and she knew it.

"I just want a man to cherish me, you know? Cuddle me, kiss me, make love to me." Maddie said looking the ground while licking her lips in a way that was impossible not to notice.

"I'm so sorry Madeline." Vlad said. Since he never had a love life. He didn't know what to say other than sorry. He took his hands and placed them on his lap. Maddie gently toss the book to the floor and sighed.

"Can you help me Vlad?" She said, her voice shy. Vlad remembered that she was a master of flirting, acting, and fighting. He doesn't know what to do in this situation and sits there staring at Maddie's goddess like figure. She got up walked over to him.

"Isn't this everything you always wanted?" Maddie asked before pressing her breast to his chest and since they were so big that they were almost able to touch his chin. Her lips brush against Vlad's in a passionate manner. This made his pants even tighter but before he was able to bend her over the couch Maddie backed up and whispered into his ear. "sit back and enjoy."

"What?" Vlad asked, confused, worried and slightly dazed.

"I said,"Maddie pushed him into the arm chair that was right behind him, a metal bar wraped tightly around Vlad's forearms.

"I said. sit back and enjoy!" She said more aggressively. What she didn't know was, the chair cut's off ghost powers whenever one sits in one, he was trapped. He couldn't get out! He always know one of his inventions would betray him.

"What is the meaning of this!" Vlad asked trying to wiggle out.

"I always knew you were that kind of rich creep who had one of those booby trapped chairs." Maddie said rolling her eyes."

"You're an idiot to think that I would choose you over Jack!" Maddie said pulling her hoddie over her head, "now, wears my ghost hunting gear that me and jack worked on?"

"Now now Maddie," Vlad said smirking, "Why you I do that?"

"Tell me now!" Maddie said slapping him the force was so hard the goggles fell over her eyes.

"That won't work Maddie," Vlad said smirking, "you know I don't give in easily."

"How about you tell me where my gear is and I'll," Madie slowly unzipped her top, showing a little bit of cleavage "give you a show?"

"What are you getting at?" Vlad asked unable to look anywhere other than her chest.

"Ever time you tell me where one of my gadgets are and I'll…" Maddie then unzipped a little more until her frilly blue bra was showing. "I'll take off a piece of clothing."

"Ahh, ahh, ok." Vlad said pathetically hardly thinking anymore as all the blood from his head went to his 'head'.

"Okay then,"Maddie purred, "now tell me."

"One is in the book you tossed on the ground," Vlad said.

Maddie grabbed the book and found the small hand held gun in the cover at the end of the book. She ripped off her left gloved and threw it in Vlad's lap.

"Under the rug." Vlad said pointing to the rug under her feet; Maddie turned around and bent down intentionally shoving her luscious behind in vlads face and recieved two more gadgets, and a groan from vlad. She then placed them on the couch she laid on before. she then covered them with the throw pillow. Maddie sighed and took off her right glove and goggles.

"Under the other pillow," Maddie went over to the couch Vlad sat on and retrieved her weapon and placeed it with the others. She finished unzipping the rest of her top and letting it hang at her waist revealing a lacey blue bra. Vlad's jaw dropped a bit and his heart begin to pound, Instead of the blood flowing through his arms and leg it flew south. Even with all of Maddie's clothing on his lap maddie could see that vlad not only had a teepee in his pants but also was in pain from having the wait of her discarded cloths on his tight pants.

"Under this chair," Maddie reach down and grabbed the device and again place it with the others. She then unzipped her pants and threw in Vlad's lap. Her lacy blue thong showed her womanhood, clean and shaved. After ten minutes Maddie was down in her double D cup bra and throng.

"One in each pocket of my coat." Maddie reach down into his coat and recieved the promise items. She hid them again. Maddie then said seductively with her hands on and rubbing her breasts and crotch while licking her lips." You like what you see?"

Vlad could only nod, now completely unable to speak.

"ohhh, that's good. You're going to like this even more." maddie purred slowly taking off her blue bra and then her thong.

Vlad drooled at the sight of her soft flesh, Maddie begin to worry. She was still missing a lot of her creations, and now Vlad wasn't talking. And even though she was now naked she still has more weapons hidden in Vlad's Mansion. Maddie then said while pressing her breasts together at vlads eye level. "Vlad, sweetie where are the rest of my gadgets?"

"Um, um." Vlad said shaking in his chair.

Maddie then walked up to vlad, bent down so that her lips were right next to his and asked sensually. "Oh please stud muffin. Tell me where they are."

Vlad looked at maddies naked goddess like figure and his last iota of self-control and said. "Sorry Maddie my dear I'll never tell."

Maddie sighed and pulled off all of her clothes from his lap, she then straddled him and asks with her breasts in his face and her nipple appoint. "Please, won't you?"

She then slips her hand into his pants and stroked his lonely member. Vlad was breathing, hiking, and shuddering in pure bliss. Vlad had only felt anything close to this by doing it himself, the sensation felt much better by someone else, let alone the woman of his dreams.

"Okay look. If you tell me where the last of my belongings are," She lean down to his ear, "I'll do something special for you." Maddie grinned, she was in control, she called the shots now. Vlad shook under her mercy; with Jack they would just do it and be done. She felt like the roles have been switched and loved every second of it.

"Fine Maddie you always know my weakness. They're behind my portrait behind us." Vlad said pointing to his overly large portrait behind them and over the fire place.

Maddie gets off his lap and removes the portrait and then collect her items. She then processed to put them in her hazmant suit and then tries to put her suit back on. Though the most she gotten on was her bra and panties before vlad opened his pathetic lonely half ghost mouth.

"Hey what are you doing? You made a deal Maddie. Stay true to your word." Vlad protested struggling like a mad dog inside of his cage. Which was a perfect mediocre for this situation.

Maddie thought about this for a moment. True even when they were 'friends' in collage she never really liked him, he was stalking after her then too. But for whatever reason; maybe she got hit with a love ray, maybe she fell into an ulternate universe, maybe she just wanted to get rid of all the sexual tension she has with him since collage. All she knew was that right now, as crazy as it sounded. She wanted to have sex with vlad masters.

"What the hell? Hopefully you'll finally get this whole crazy stalker thing out of your system," Maddie then frowned before adding, "oh and leave me and my family alone after this!"

Maddie took her bra and thong back off again and then got down on her knees and took off his pants. As soon as she did vlad's member shot up to reveal his 7 and half inch throbbing size. She slowed her action to admire how thick he was, she fingered the head and press her breast on both sides of his bird. She rubbed her soft breasts against it then placed his penis firmly in between her breasts; using her arms to keep her breast there. She leaned her head down and gave a long slow lick across the head. She then wrapped her experienced lips around him and using her mouth she completely enveloped him as hard as she could. Vlad screamed in pleasure, he was a virgin and this felt tremendous! He never knew such pleasure existed. He groaned as she begins to hum what sounded like a song of moans, sending vibrating on to him. One of her hands gently massaged his balls and Vlad screamed before exploding into her mouth.

Maddie pulled her head off of his member and swallowed all of it in one gulp. She then noticed that a little bit of billionaire spluige was on her lip so using her tunge she licked it off. Vlad seeing this hardened.

Maddie noticed this and as much as she would not admit it she was a bit flattered. Maddie then blew on the head of his peins before getting up on vlad straddling him in a way so that his begging member was just below her vagina. Maddie then pressed her breasts right up to vladds face and said with her eye's half open and an evil smirk. "Any last words billionaire virgin boy?"

Vladd of course could only drool at both the sight of her botchy ball sized breasts and the thought of finally losing his virginity.

"Alright then but just remember this is never going to happen again." Maddie said, her smirk even wider.

What she said got Vlads attention but before he was able to say anything maddie dropped herself onto him inserting him in herself and pounce on him. Her breast touching the cold metal and Vlad tried to lick her breast but she jerks herself on him, her D-cup breast jumping along with her as she rode him. She notices that he was thicker than Jack but not as long as him; she gave him a courtesy moan as She was hoping it was make him last less. She didn't scream, moan nor groan otherwise the entire time, Vlad, on the other hand was enjoying it and didn't last too long as each time she came down on him and he repenetraited her it got harder and harder to hold himself in. but before he was able to She got off before he exploded again, she grabbed his dick one more time and she sucked on his blue vain. He then groaned before cumming again. He sat there groaning and tired looking like Aphrodite had just sucked the life out of him. And to Vlad she did.

Maddie then but up walked to her suit and gear pile and pulls out a weird looking gun and walks over to vlad. She holds it out to him and says. "Hope you enjoyed it because it will never happen again. Never!"

Maddie then pulls the trigger sending two wires from the gun which hit vlad in the chest and tazes him. The gun itself has a label saying 'Fenton Ghost Tazer'. She then tosses it back into the pile and gets back down on her knees and puts his pants back on along with her outfit. She smiled at how Vlad wasn't moving. Maddie Fenton just knocked Vlad Masters unconscious! Oh she had wanted to do that for years. She haddn't felt that good in a long time, though she could only think it would have been better if he had actually been able to satisfy her as she is still very horny from finally being in control during sex.

Before she left Maddie said out loud. "I should really talk Jack into doing something like this."

She ran out in the hallway to find Danny there.

"I can't find a phone mom," Danny said frowning, he just lost all the animals chasing him.

"Me neither there wasn't on in the cars, in the ATV or the helicopter." Maddie eyes widen before slapping her forehead, "oh ah ah."

"Maybe we can just take the copter." Danny said smiling sweetly at his mother. They made they're way up to the roof and into the helicopter.

"Mom?" Danny asked as they flew off.

"Yes sweetie?" Maddie asked,

"What's that smell?" Danny asks noticing the smell of recent sex she had just had, slightly clueless and tilted his head down.

"You'll probably know what that smell is when you're older." Maddie said cryptically, "and sweetie we're not going to mention any of this to your father right? He'll be insanely jealous if he found out so, mums the word." Danny looked at his mother before putting down his drink, and smiling.

"Actually I think Mom's the word," Danny said before Maddie smiled, "Sorry I was such a jerk, I relly had a good time," He held his soda up to his mom face, "backwash?"

"Danny that was so sweet." Maddie said but she didn't drink last thing she want is her son to taste Vlad cum that was still in her mouth.

Maddie sighed, she loved Jack and what she did hours ago rotted in her brain. She never meant for that to happen but it did. She look back at Danny who fell asleep smiling. This trip was terrible but Danny made it perfect. She gotten what she wanted, her son's love. Maybe just maybe everything can go back to normal and then some.

Though unexpected fruit came out of this horrible adventure; she found a way to make sex with her husband even more enjoyable. All she had to do was talk him into it. "eh I'll just tell him that I found on the internet that trying out sex acts will make someone a better ghost hunter. He'll believe that." She whispered so danny wouldn't hear.

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