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~Leonardo's POV~

Leonardo felt his body freeze, as a dark wave rose up and engulfed him, numbing him from head to toe. His breath caught painfully in his throat, and his heart seemed to stop beating as he looked down at the lifeless face of his father.

"Sensei?" Leo tentatively asked, not wanting to believe that he could really be gone. "Sensei, wake up, please."

But despite the almost child-like whine and plead in his broken voice, Master Splinter didn't move, his eyes remained shut and his chest remained still.

"No, he can't be dead," Raphael whispered his voice hoarse. "He just can't be, he-

Raphael choked, fighting down the hard lump that was lodged in his throat, making his eyes sting with tears and his heart ache.

"Please Sensei," Leo whispered, cradling his father's head in his lap, "please come back. We need you."

And Leo was right, they did need him. Leo knew that, despite all his training, he was not yet ready to take full responsibility of his brothers. He was, despite being a fully trained ninja, still a child, a child that still needed his father's hand to hold on to for reassurance, a father's voice lead him, and a father's wisdom to guide him. Without Master Splinter, Leo didn't know what he would do.

Suddenly Master Splinter coughed, his body jerking like he was having a bad dream, and his eyes shot open, and Leo was glad to see that they were there usual deep brown, and not that ghostly black.

"Master Splinter, you're alive!" Leo couldn't suppress the joy that coursed through his veins, like he had just been hit with adrenaline. For the first time in weeks, a smile stretched his lips as he wrapped his arms around his father and pulled him in close.

"Father forgive me, I thought I had almost failed," Leo whispered, allowing for two solitary tears to trace down his cheeks and fall on his father's robes.

"I forgive you, Leonardo," Master Splinter rasped weakly. "I knew you would understand."

Leo's reply was cut off as an exuberant Mikey, and a relieved Raph and Don came forward to embrace their father, letting all the fear, all the helplessness, and all the horror of the past few weeks drain away.

"I believe," Master Splinter spoke up with a wry smile, "that we need to talk."

~Raphael's POV~

Ten minutes later, we were all huddled close on the floor of the dojo, surrounded by flickering candles. The iridescent light from the candles was soothing, and calmly, a welcome change after all the darkness that had plagued us.

Master Splinter knelt down on the floor beside us, a cup of tea in his still slightly shaking paws. "I believe, that there are a few things that must be answered," he said gravely, levelling his eyes with each of ours. "As you have found out, my sons, these visions...these nightmares that have been plaguing us are the cause of a demon; an ancient and evil being, capable of manipulating one's mind as well as their soul. They are evil creatures, and it is very rare that one should show up here."

"But Sensei, how is it possible for a, a demon to exist?" Leo asked looking troubled. "I mean, I never even knew demons existed. And why would one haunt this place of all places?"

"A long time ago these sewers were once secret underground tunnels used during the war. Dark things happed down here in these ancient tunnels, great suffering and pain, which is what draws demons in."

"So, wait, do we really have a fifth brother...Diego, or was he a nightmare as well?" Mikey asked.

"No my son, you do not have a fifth brother. Diego was merely a way for the demon to become physical. By creating the persona of another brother, the demon hoped to draw you four in to get to you better," Master Splinter explained, his shoulders beginning to slump with exhaustion.

"But why did the demon focus on Raph?" Donnie asked, making me whip my head around to face him.

"Ah, that is a good question, Donatello," Master Splinter said, focusing his eyes on me. "A demon feeds on the darker side of our minds. It is drawn to more complex emotions, such as anger, rage, hunger and desire. The more complex the emotions are, the stronger the demon becomes."

I felt the weight of everyone's gaze fall upon me, making me squirm in discomfort. Was it my fault that the demon attacked us? Was I the one to blame for all of the pain and horror my brothers and I went through?

"So how did that salt thingy work?" Mikey asked curiously. "And how did you know to use salt in the first place, Leo?"

"I remembered reading something in an old book of ancient mythology and lore," Leo said. "I read it whilst I was visiting the Ancient One. I didn't think much of it then, but I'm sure glad I read it.

"As for the salt, it is a purifier against demons. There's something in the salt that, when touches a demon, burns it like acid, much like holy water affects a vampire, supposedly."

"So...Does that mean that it's all over?" Mikey asked slowly, a tentative and hopeful look shinning in his blue eyes.

"Yes my son," Master Splinter smiled. "It's over."

~One week later...~

The sounds of fighting could be heard from the dojo. Raphael grunted as he continued to hit his punching bag, the sound echoing around the lair. It felt good to be able to exercise like this again, letting all his anger and frustration and worries fall away. Besides, Raphael always did enjoy the feeling of his muscles working to slam his fists into the durable material of his bag.

"Hey," Leo said quietly, leaning casually on the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest.

"Hey," Raph replied, halting his movements to let his heart rate come back down. Wiping sweat from his eyes and forehead, Raph turned around to face his brother.

"I thought I'd find you in here," Leo continued, somewhat awkwardly, and Raphael could tell that his brother wasn't here for idle chitchat; there was something on his mind.

"Yeah," Raph shrugged, "needed a good workout."

Leo nodded, staring intently down at his toes before bringing his hazel gaze up to lock eyes with Raph. "So...have you, you know, had any nightmares since...?"

"Since we banished a demon from our Sensei? No," Raphael shook his head. "Not one. Have you?"

"No," Leo said, "nothing."

"I guess that means it's really gone," Raph said slowly.

"Yeah, thank god for that," Leo chuckled.

"Who would have though eh'?" Raph said, allowing himself a grin. "Never thought I'd have ta' fight a demon before."

"Yeah," Leo agreed with his own smile. "Who would have thought?"

"Well, it's late," Raphael said, trying to stifle a snore. "I'm goin' ta' bed."

"Alright, uh, sweet dreams I guess," Leo said.

"Shouldn't be a problem," Raph said with a smile.

Feeling exhausted from a good workout, Raphael climbed into his hammock, the rhythmic swinging soon calming him as he drifted off.

And he fell asleep to the haunting whispers in his mind and the taunting eyes that watched him from the shadows…

The End…?

A/n: Yes, if from the ending line it wasn't obvious, there will be a sequel :) Keep a look out for Let Me In everybody. And here's a quick summary for ya'll :D

Sequel to Hear Me Scream. Two months after the horror the turtles faced in the sewers and now they are in desperate need for a holiday. Going out to the old farmhouse for a few weeks is sure to help them relax more, right? That is, until they realize that something's followed them. And it's not happy. Not happy at all…