"You have terrible aim!" She yelled at him again, throwing her arm out to indicate there was an already broken window right next to the one they fell through. Hawkeye just shrugged. "It would have been fine but I was working with a lot more weight than usual. Plus I was a little distracted." Post-Avengers Slight AU Clint/Darcy


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Chapter 1

"Jane, you cannot be serious!" Darcy tried to sound angry and imposing, which was almost impossible when she couldn't speak louder than a whisper, at the frantic woman who was currently packing a small suit case with random things. A hairbrush, a pair of old jeans, a bend metal coat hanger?

"I have to leave now, it will be at least 5 hours before they notice I'm gone, by then I'll be half way to New York." It was the dead of night, and Darcy was beginning to worry about Jane's mental state. Maybe it was Pop-Tart withdrawal? Darcy had spent the first two days in Norway looking for Pop-Tarts, only to be faced with bemused locals who had no idea what she was talking about, apparently Kelloggs didn't think Norway needed rectangular sugary toaster pastries just yet.

"Jane, you can't go to New York on a hunch!" Darcy whispered as loudly as she dared in the semi-dark room they were staying in while Jane was on an 'important assignment from S.H.I.E.L.D'.

"It's not a hunch! What did you think this all was?" The smaller woman threw her hands out to gesture at the room. "The private jet, the ridiculous amounts of money? It was all a distraction." Jane whispered back, sounding like a conspiracy maniac. She was now throwing in only one trainer and a bottle of Darcy's contact lenses cleaning solution, she probably thought it was shampoo.

Darcy's eyes were wide when she asked, "A distraction from what?"

Jane paused, for the first time she looked up at the younger woman, tears threatening to spill out of her eyes and a lost look on her face. "I don't know, but I think-" She sighed, Darcy felt her heart clench at her friends pain. "I hope it's him. I think he's back and they're hiding it from me." Jane covered her mouth with her hand as she gasped at her own words, trying not to let the tears fall.

Darcy shook her head, knowing she would regret this the second she said it. "Fine, but I'm going with you."

Jane gave a small sad smile and mouthed the words 'Thank you' as Darcy began to pick up useful things they would need to get to New York. Passports, purses and mobiles. She stopped for a second and took the batteries out of their phones before shoving them in each of their handbags, she had seen people do this in the movies and knew it made it harder for people to track them, although S.H.I.E.L.D would know exactly where they were and what they were planning to do as soon as they stepped into the airport.

Darcy was thankful she had just started reading her book. It was going to be a long flight, and she would need something to do.

"Jane, are you sure about this?" She asked, her tone gentle. Jane nodded as she started the engine of the rental car.

"I have to be." Was all she said as they sped out of the research facility they had called home for the past week, hoping that the 'research assistants' who were more useless then Darcy was and obviously S.H.I.E.L.D agents decided to have a lay in today, giving them more time to 'Thelma and Louise' it to New York as Darcy had now affectionately labeled it. She knew Jane wouldn't appreciate her humor; so she kept quiet as they raced down the empty roads at 2 in the morning.


Darcy was oddly happy. Jane had turned out to be right, like she always was, and now Darcy was standing in the abandoned streets of Manhattan. Well, she thought, not really abandoned, as she easily counted 20 weird alien things wreaking havoc, chasing people down the streets and flying above her in weird space pods. And there she was, standing as calmly as she could, waiting to spot a man flying around with a giant hammer and a red cape. She gripped Jane's hand tighter when she saw something red flying around the tops of some buildings and was about to yell at Jane when she stopped. The red figure sent a bright yellow pulse behind it towards a giant black robot space snake thing. Just Ironman, she thought bitterly, trying not to freak out over the absurdity of this whole situation.

She watched Ironman fly past the tallest building in New York, Stark Tower, of course Tony Stark would own that. She rolled her eyes, but then caught a glimpse of a familiar red cape blowing in the wind.

"Jane!" Darcy turned her head towards other woman, her eyes never leaving the two men fighting on the balcony so high she almost couldn't tell if it was them or not. "I think that's him!" She pointed at the blonde man, Jane whipped around, a look of fear on her face. Probably not the happy reunion she was hoping for, Darcy thought as they began to run towards Stark Tower. Darcy was relatively fit but she still struggled to keep up with the smaller woman who was at least 10 feet in front of her. She couldn't help but wonder what help her and Jane were in a battle zone. Sure she supported Jane when she wanted to see if Thor was back, but he was obviously busy with another crisis. She couldn't help but feel a little silly and out of place.

She stopped a few blocks later, her sides and lungs burning, no matter how much oxygen she breathed in, it didn't feel like it would ever be enough. She looked over to Jane, who was standing next to her outside Stark Tower; she was staring up at the fight scene above them. Now what? Darcy thought irritably. She wanted to say out loud but couldn't, mainly because she couldn't breathe, and secondly, because she thought it might be too harsh.

"Now what?" Jane said out loud, her words frantic, having caught her breath back before Darcy. She sounded helpless and lost, Darcy could see the pain and distress written all over her face. She knew she probably wore a very similar expression on hers as she watched her boss and her closest friend break down, watching the man she loved fight for his life and the safety of the city, possibly the world.

Darcy had a sinking feeling in her stomach, it felt oddly similar to the feeling she got earlier on the plane. It was one of those moments when the plane sinks a bit lower in the sky, a perfectly normal part of flying, but as she sat in her cramped economy seat, the plane getting lower, there is a pause in all noise, passengers stop talking, the engines go eerily quiet and as her body moved down with the plane, her stomach remains in the same place, now lodged in her throat as she feels weightless for a split second before everything returned back to normal.

This moment felt like that. She waited for everything to go back to normal, for her stomach to right itself and her feel her feet on the ground, but that moment didn't come. Instead she heard a scream coming from her right, she glanced over, Jane was covering her mouth with both hands, her eyes wider then Darcy ever thought they could get with terror. She looked back up to the fight above and saw what looked like Thor hugging a man in dark green and black. Darcy knew better. She watched as Thor and the other man looked down directly at them. She couldn't see facial expressions, but she could guess what they were thinking by what happened next. Suddenly, Thor was thrown off the edge of the building and falling straight towards them.

Darcy waited for him to stretch out his arm and have his hammer instantly fly into it, Meow meow or whatever, but he kept falling, obviously weakened by whatever that weird hug attack earlier was. So all she could do was watch as he fell to the ground, it was almost beautiful how his body moved with such grace, it almost seemed to be in slow motion as he got closer and closer…

There was a huge crack, and the concrete beneath her feet shifted as Thor crashed and made a very large impact less than 20 feet in front of them.

Jane was the first to recover and ran straight over to the small crater that had formed around Thor, and Darcy just looked back up from the height he fell. There was no way a human could survive that. She didn't move. Refusing to get closer to what she could only imagine to be 'God Slurpee'. A shiver ran down her spine, and she suddenly felt dread run through her veins. What was she thinking? She was going to die here. How was she doing to explain this to her dad? She was never going to finish that crappy romance novel she was reading!

She was frozen with fear she didn't even scream when a man appeared in front of her surrounded by green smoke. His back was towards her, but she could tell from his long black hair and dark green outfit that it was the same name who threw Thor from the building. He was slowly walking towards where Thor had landed. Where Jane was!

Darcy felt her feet moving before she realized where she was going. She ran past the darkly dressed man and threw her hands up in front of her, her brown cardigan blowing out behind her in the wind, revealing the cream t-shirt with the cartoon of a gingerbread man on. She didn't care how stupid or insignificant she looked, she needed to protect Jane.

"No!" The pale man stopped in front of her. He raised an eyebrow slowly at her and she suddenly felt a weak as she looked. "Stop it. Haven't you done enough?"

He tilted his head, looking over her shoulder. She followed his gaze and saw a perfectly intact Thor lying on the ground, he was bloody and covered in filth but she could see him still breathing. Jane had tears streaming down her face but wasn't making a sound as she ran her hands over his body, checking for broken bones and then started wrapping her scarf around Thor's middle where Darcy could see his uniform was stained red already.

"Clearly." He said before looking back over at the young girl in front of him.

"Isn't pushing someone to their death from a skyscraper enough for one day?" Darcy asked, not knowing why she was asking questions to this man, he was obviously insane or evil. She didn't know which one she would prefer.

He smirked at her question, his eyes telling a story she didn't understand. "I find two usually does the trick." She felt her forehead crinkled up and began to wonder if he was speaking from experience and if so, she was well on her way to being number two. Only she was a lot more breakable than a God. She swallowed, trying to push the feeling of throwing up back down. He kept looking into her eyes as he stroked his mouth, a plan formulating in his head. He looked around at the surrounding buildings; most of them were destroyed in some way or another. Darcy could see the cogs in his mind working and he seemed to be mentally ticking off a check list, Darcy pondered what was next, wincing at her own silly thought that it could be redemption. "Maybe I should take a break. After all, my army seems to be coping nicely with everything on their own."

Darcy felt herself nodding, she knew now wasn't the best time to speak but couldn't stop the words from coming out. "I hear there is amazing old architecture with some of these buildings… Oh, wait…" She looked around at the various nearby sky scrapers that were on fire or missing vital chunks as she spoke, her sarcasm was so obvious she hated herself so much in that moment for being unable to control herself and her dorky wit.

She waited for the pain or the darkness, hoping he might make her a quick kill but it never came. She looked back at him, dreading what she might see but finding him smiling at her joke. Not a smirk like before, which was too creepy and made her shudder just thinking about it, but this was an actual amused smile. He looked almost human.

"I think that's all quite over rated. Wouldn't you like to see the view from Tony Stark's private balcony?" He asked, his smile warping backing into that insane grin. She felt her eyes go wide as he reached out towards her. She only got a second to glance back over to Jane and Thor. Thor was conscience now, and Jane was helping him up into a seated position. His eyes caught Darcy's then flickered over at the man who now had hold of both her arms. She saw the look of fear rush over Thor's features at this situation as he yelled out towards them.

"Brother!" Darcy looked back over to the man that was so close she could see the sweat forming on his forehead before the street disappeared in a cloud of green smoke, and then she felt her feet unable to find ground to stand on for a second. That passed quickly and soon she was standing on Tony Stark's balcony, exactly where she had been looking up at 2 minutes before hand. She tried to push herself away from who she know knew was Loki, Thor's brother, but his grip was too strong.

"Let go of me!" She said, her hands forming fists as she tried to hit him. She wasn't very successful.

She watched as he reached his hand out and a weird gold spear flew into his grip. What was it with these brothers and their boomerang weapons?

He released her only to place the end of what turned out to be a very pointy and dangerous looking stick close to her chest. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

"Hey buddy, if you're thinking what I know you're thinking, then you got another thing coming!" Darcy spat out at him, carefully yet defiantly crossing her arms over her cleavage and in front of that scary blade.

Loki smirked again, his eyes danced with joy as he tested her by pressing the point into her forearm that covered her chest, not hard enough to cut her but enough to prove his point. "And what would that be?" He asked smugly, his eyebrows rose, challenging her.

She opened her mouth to respond with something, she hoped it would be clever and sharp when she was pushed back from him and into a glass barrier by a green blur, and Loki was suddenly nowhere to be seen. One second he was in front of her, next… just air…

She looked to her left, into Tony Stark's bachelor pad and saw a giant green monster standing opposite Loki. Were they friends? She hoped not, swallowing again and turning around, praying for some kind of exit. Why wasn't there a freakin' fire escape out here when she wanted one? She held herself as close to the edge of the clear balcony barrier as she could, trying to get as far away from the colossal green dude and Loki as possible. She suddenly got her wish when she felt something give behind her and lots of what looked like ice started to surround her as the glass she was pushed up against weakened and shattered. It took a moment to register in her brain, but she realized she had started falling the same journey Thor had not minutes before.

She closed her eyes and this time didn't think about her dad or her crappy book only that this felt like flying. This must be what freedom is like, she pondered as the only sound to fill her ears was the wind rushing by.


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