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Looks like Hikari has her work cut out for her in this chapter. Not only is Jr. still on the prowl, but also he has backup this time: Mouri Kogoro, his daughter Ran, and young Edogawa Conan. Can Hikari outrun these cops and do her job without any problem?

In a town of criminals gone berserk, we call upon a beautiful Kaitou for help...

*Opening Instrumental*

Robbing the wicked at Nighttime!
Rectifying Sins at the same time!
Only does her deeds for what's right!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!

She's an average Jewish girl by day!
She always gets the top test grade!
She won't pass up a mission for anything!
She's the nighttime Kaitou…

Shizuka Sagami!
Junichi Yoichi!
Kenshin Jr.!
Tatsuo and Eriko!

Hikari has a secret no one else knows!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!

*Instrumental verse*

Robbing the wicked at Nighttime!
Rectifying Sins at the same time!
With her friends at her side!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!
She's Kaitou RED... VELVET CAKE!

Conan Meets Red Velvet Cake!

Hikari was walking on her way home from school with Shizuka and Junichi who were on their way to their own homes. They were all smiling to each other and were happy.

"Hikari-chan," Shizuka said. "I'll be going to the Temple to work on my Torah studies as usual as I do for after school."

"Take a break from it, Shizuka," Hikari said. "It's Friday. You can't work on a weekend!"*

"Oh, right," Shizuka said. "I forgot. But still, I need to make sure that no one has any problems."

"True," Junichi said. "After all, Hikari-chan and I can't do our Phantom Thief work without knowing if anything is wrong."

"But I've been reading articles in newspapers about random robberies going on around town. And luckily, none of them have put the blame of Red Velvet Cake." Hikari said.

"I could do research on those while I'm at the temple today," Shizuka said. "I'll see you later."

Shizuka then started off to the school Temple as she waved goodbye to her friends.

However, Hikari then saw Jr. walking over to them. Behind him was a man with a small moustache, a girl about seventeen behind him, holding the right hand of a boy with glasses, about seven years of age.

"Oi, Katsumi," Jr. said. "Red Velvet Cake is finally going to be behind bars!"

"And what makes you say that?" Hikari said, not believing him.

"I got backup," Jr. said. "Detective Mouri Kogoro is here to help me apprehend that thief."

"Wait… Does he mean THE Detective Mouri Kogoro who is also known as Sleeping Kogoro? This isn't good." Hikari thought. "Well, at least you have someone more competent than you."

"You should see Dad when he's drunk on beer." The girl said.

"Oh, pardon me," Jr. said. "This is his daughter, Ran, and then here's their little friend, Edogawa Conan."

"Well, it's nice to meet all of you," Junichi said. "But me and Hikari-chan should get going."

"You act like another Conan," Kogoro said, annoyed. "Another smart-aleck."

"No one treats Junichi-kun that way!" Hikari said. "Anyway, I should get home. My parents are not the types to let tardiness off so easily."

Hikari then walked away from the group with Junichi following her.

"There's something about that Hikari-san that's a little unnerving…" Conan thought, looking at Hikari suspiciously.

Conan then saw a girl with red hair, tan skin and blue eyes walking to the temple. She was wearing a silver and white sailor suit-like uniform. Her shoes were purple, with white knee-high socks. Also, on the blue scarf she was wearing, there was a Silver Star of David in the center of it. She was holding a brown satchel bag in her right hand. She was looking so sad.

'I wonder what's going on with that girl,' Conan thought. 'I think I better follow her.' and he let go off Ran hand and ran after her.

"Hey Conan-kun where are you going?" Ran shouted. Then she ran after him.

The girl entered the temple.

When Conan made it, he saw that the door to the Temple was open. He ran in and then silently walked up the stairs to the synagogue. He then waited outside the door to the synagogue.

"What are you doing now Conan-kun?" Ran said as she walks towards him after walking up the stairs to the synagogue. Conan turned around and signs Shhh to her, signaling her to be quiet. He then stops and turned around.

He saw in Shizuka in her rabbi clothes who was there as she said for her reason when the girl who walked in, sat down.

Shizuka noticed this, come up to the girl and then looked over to the girl and inquired, "Hello there. May I help you with something?"

Conan who decided to listen to the conversation then peeked in and listens to the conversation.

"Well, my name is Miwa and I'm in third year of middle school. I had this jewel encrusted gold pocket watch that was stolen from me due to the random robberies that are happening lately." Miwa said, sadly and soon tears were rolling down her face.

"The random robberies? How exactly does this tie in with Red Velvet Cake's operations?" Conan thought.

Ran was thinking the same thing as Conan as they listened to the conversation.

"Oh I've heard of the random robberies that are happening lately. But how is this pocket watch important to you?" said Shizuka.

"Well, it was a gift from my twin brother, Nobu. He died in a plane crash last year when he went to study abroad in America for over an entire year. It's very important to me because its helps me keep the memories of him alive. But because it's now gone from me, I don't know what to do." Miwa said, in a trembling voice and then she put her head down, put her hands on her face and started to cry.

Shizuka then put her right hand on Miwa right shoulder and said, "Don't cry Miwa-san. It'll be alright because I'm sure God has heard your cries for help and is going to help you."

Miwa uncovered her face, put her head up, wipe the tears off her face and with a sad smile she nodded.

"Ran-neechan," Conan whispered into Ran's ear. "We need to get to Kogoro-oji and tell him this!"

"You're right," Ran said. "Let's go."

Ran and Conan then left the Temple and then started to go and find Kogoro.

Miwa then left, not knowing that they were being eavesdropped on, and then Shizuka checked around before picking up her cell phone.

Hikari then opened the door to her house and then after she closed the door as she entered, she said, "Mom, Dad, we've got a problem!"

Eriko then walked over to her daughter and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Have you heard about Mouri Kogoro? That detective?" Hikari asked.

"What about him?" Tatsuo asked.

"He's here in town, with a goal to catch Red Velvet Cake!" Hikari said.

"Uh, oh," Tatsuo said. "If I were you, I'd keep my distance from him."

"That was my intention, but thanks for the warning." Hikari said.

Hikari's cell phone started ringing with a ringer that signaled a text message. Hikari picked up, and then read the message aloud, saying, "Hikari-chan, we've got another mission. I've already contacted Junichi-kun and asked him to get over to the school's temple. Hurry, but make sure Detective Mouri doesn't see you and get suspicious."

"That's your cue," Eriko said. "Go get em!"

Hikari then started out of her house and then started running off to the Temple.

Meanwhile, Conan was giving Kogoro and Jr. the low-down of what he had experienced at the Temple.

"So, Miwa-san is a victim of the random robberies, as well…" Kogoro summarized. "Looks like Red Velvet Cake is up to her usual tricks."

"I really hate to burst your bubble, detective, but there's no chance Red Velvet Cake is the one behind these random thefts. In fact, if she was, then she'd be returning those items back to their legal owners." Jr. said.

"What makes you say that?" Conan asked.

"Well, Red Velvet Cake never steals without an honorable motive. She's just not like your average crook; far from it," Jr. explained. "Every time I try to get her, she always gets away, and what she stole turns out to be illegally obtained in the first place. From my experience, she does her stealing ways because she not only stops the crooks and helps the cops, but she also returns what she steals to their rightful owners."

"Like Robin Hood did: 'steal from the rich to feed the poor'. Red Velvet Cake does something similar?" Ran said.

"That's exactly what she does, Ran-san," Jr. said. "She's just not the average type of thief."

"So what? Are we just going to leave her alone?" Kogoro said.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Detective," Conan said. "Even though Jr. is speaking from experience, you never know when a thief has a good heart. I say we should double check and make sure we're not wrong on this hunch."

"I thought I told you to stay out of the way!" Kogoro said.

Hikari who saw them and decided to listen and see what their doing was listening in on their conversation and then she dashed off to the Temple. Conan sensed that she was close, but when he looked around, he saw no one.

"Shoot. I guess this bunch is a tough nut to crack…" Hikari thought, as she was running.

Hikari soon made it to the temple, and walked inside the synagogue. She soon noticed that Junichi and Shizuka were on the bima, awaiting Hikari's arrival.

"Hikari-chan, you're here, good," Shizuka said. "We've got a new mission."

"As well as another few pests with that new detective around. I can't believe that drunkard of a detective could be famous. Even that little boy seemed smarter than HIM." Junichi said.

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it," Hikari said. "But for now, what's the matter, Shizuka?"

"We have a girl named Miwa. Her pocket watch was stolen from her, and it was by the same person who is committing all of these random thefts. That pocket watch was from her twin brother, Nobu but he died and now that the watch is gone, her feelings and memories are lost, too." Shizuka explained.

"Well, you know what that means," Junichi said. "Hikari-chan, time for the warning notice."

"Right… But how am I going to get it to Jr. without arousing suspicion? Don't forget, there's Kogoro, Ran, and Conan that are potentially going to get in the way of this…" Hikari said.

"You'll find a way," Shizuka said. "Being a Phantom Thief is in your blood. You can outrun these guys if you just figure out how to fool them."

"Shizuka's right," Junichi said. "So let's hurry and get that note to Jr."

"She can't yet; I still need to do the research on the random robberies and the pocket watch." Shizuka said.

"While you do that, I'll head back home and inform my parents," Hikari said. "I always tell them about my heists before going on with them. They trust me, and I would never betray their faith in me."

"See you later, then," Junichi said. "I need to head back to the farmers' market to help dad."

Meanwhile, Jr. was with Kogoro, Ran, and Conan at his place, discussing the plan to catch Red Velvet Cake.

"Well, first things first: we'll have to wait for her warning notice," Jr. said. "She has this habit of sending me warning letters when I least expect it. In fact…"

~Flashback: Chapter 3~

During their lunch block, Kenshin Jr. had just finished eating his packed lunch and was about to start in on his dark chocolate cupcake. He opened his mouth to take a bite when the cupcake exploded, covering everyone within three feet of him in chocolate cake and frosting. Kenshin Jr. blinked in confusion before a piece of paper fell into his hand.

It read, "Tonight I'm going to warehouse 51 at the docks to steal Kenta's violin – Red Velvet Cake"

"Red Velvet Cake's warning letter!" Kenshin Jr. shouted, standing up. "But why leave it in the cupcake I was about to eat…?"

~End of Flashback~

"I swear… Sometimes I think Red Velvet Cake finds this amusing." Jr. said, rubbing his head in embarrassment.

Conan and Ran were doing their best to keep their laughs down, but failed at it, and they burst out laughing.

"This isn't like a normal thief," Kogoro said. "Are you sure that she never keeps what she steals?"

"The clients never press charges against her when she steals, so she's not that type of thief." Jr. informed.

"Weird… A thief who pulls pranks of her pursuer, only steals for others' sake, and helps the real culprits get caught," Conan thought. "I'm starting to think that Red Velvet Cake is just like her name: sinful, yet sweet."

Hikari was walking on her way home, when she ran into Jr. and the others.

"Oi, Katsumi!" Jr. said, as he approached Hikari. "This time, Red Velvet Cake will be caught!"

"Don't get cocky," Hikari said. "You're just a clumsy idiot who is nothing less than a little kid! I'll bet even Detective Mouri won't be able to catch her! In fact, Red Velvet Cake will NEVER be caught!"

"Well maybe not but I bet Conan-kun can catch her as he most of the times managed to get back stolen items that Kaitou Kid who is also like Red Velvet Cake, an uncatchable thief." Jr. said.

"Ever thought that maybe the original Kaitou Kid is dead?" Hikari said, impudently.

"If that's the case, then who would be taking up as Kaitou Kid now?" Kogoro inquired.

"Maybe he's the second generation of 'Kaitou Kid'? Because as you get older, you get slower but he's fast." Hikari suggested.

"Hikari does have a point. If the original Kaitou Kid died somehow, then it would make perfect sense if his son took up the role." Conan thought. "Maybe… Could Hikari be…?"

"Anyway, what makes you think Red Velvet Cake won't be caught?" Jr. demanded.

Hikari tensed up a bit, but was noticed by Conan.

"Why is she so nervous?" Conan thought.

"Because I just know! Don't forget, Phantom Thieves have been all around Japan for ages, and none of them have been caught! What makes you think that Red Velvet Cake would be any different?" Hikari inquired.

"I have to agree with Hikari-chan," Ran said. "Kaitou Kid can't be caught. Then again, Red Velvet Cake has only been doing this for about five years. She must be pretty young and athletic in order to elude the cops so easily."

"Only five years and she's managed to gain this much attention? Sheesh, she's talented." Kogoro said.

"Which is all the more reason to arrest her!" Jr. said.

"Why can't you just leave her alone, Jr.?" Hikari demanded, with tears in her eyes. "It's not stealing if she brings the items back to their real owners, IS IT?"

Conan noticed these tears and felt that something was amiss.

Jr. mulled over this for a bit, but he gave no answer to Hikari and then said, "Righteous motives don't justify crimes."

Conan sweat dropped and felt rather torn between the two teenagers in their argument.

"Fine! Be that way! But you'll regret stopping her when so many people who have been scammed or robbed won't get their possessions back, and it will all be because of corrupted, incompetent cops like yourself!" Hikari said, as she ran off in tears and went back home.

"Strange… She seems to know a lot about the cops' ability for a regular person… It's probably just my imagination. And she's right about what Red Velvet Cake does: it's not stealing if someone gets their precious things returned to them." Conan thought.

Hikari, still in tears, was running away to her home when her cell phone started ringing with a ringer that signaled a text message. Hikari picked up, and then read the message, which said, "Hikari-chan, I've done the research. I've already contacted Junichi-kun and asked him to get over to the synagogue. Hurry, but make sure Detective Mouri, Ran, Conan and Jr. don't see you, get suspicious, and follow you."

Hikari then took off to the temple.

"So what did you discover during your research?" Hikari asked Shizuka. They, along with Junichi were in the temple, in front of the Torah.

"I've discovered the person behind the random robberies, a man name Kichiro who's a secretary. He steals because he wants to sell the items for money. He hides all the items he stole in a chest at his house." Shizuka answered.

"But what about Miwa's pocket watch?" Hikari asked Shizuka.

"Well, it turns out that Miwa's pocket watch is worth more than all the items that Kichiro stole combined." Shizuka answered.

"Wow that's how much it's worth from a pocket watch? Well to get that warning notice to Jr., Hikari-chan." Junichi said to Hikari.

"Right." Hikari said as she nodded.

Back with Jr. and the others, they were just sitting around, bored to tears, and Conan was just playing around with some origami paper he had found earlier.

Jr. was fiddling with some cookies that Ran had just finished baking, when one exploded into red confetti and then a note fell into his hands.

It read: "Next Saturday at 7:45 PM, I will be stealing the jewel-encrusted golden pocket watch at the docks. – Red Velvet Cake"

"Red Velvet Cake's warning notice!" Jr. shouted, as he got everyone's attention.

"What's going on?" Kogoro said.

"Red Velvet Cake sent in her warning letter through… exploding… cookies…" Jr. said, rather embarrassed.

Conan got a good look at the letter and he said, "For a Phantom Thief, she's not shy about giving people an opening to catch her."

"Yeah, Conan, you're right," Kogoro said. "Last time I checked, Kaitou Kid's warning notices are more cryptic, but Red Velvet Cake's are so blunt and open that it's actually like she WANTS to be caught."

"Not likely," Jr. said. "She does this at my request. I want to be able to catch her and know who she is."

"Maybe it's Hikari-san?" Ran said. "She seemed rather adamant on insulting you."

"It can't be her," Jr. said. "If it was, her grades would be at the bottom… Much like me."

"That's true," Conan said. "Someone who's a Phantom Thief isn't really one who has time for studies."

"Conan, I thought I told you to stay out of the way!" Kogoro said, as he kicked Conan out of the room.

Conan landed on his stomach and started moaning in pain.

"Those idiots won't be able to catch that thief if they get cocky. I'm sure that Red Velvet Cake is no easy catch, but I should get Professor Agasa to help." Conan thought.

Conan then took out his Earring Cellphone, and dialed Professor Agasa's phone number.

Dr. Agasa then picked up the portable phone in his office, and said, "Hello?"

"Dr. Agasa, it's me, Shinichi," Conan said, through the phone. "I need you to go through my father's files on Kaitou Red Velvet Cake."

"Kaitou Red Velvet Cake, you say?" Dr. Agasa said. "Sounds like an intriguing person. I'll see what I can do. But why do you want to know?"

"Thanks, Professor," Conan said. "This girl isn't your normal thief. She's like a female Robin Hood. I need more information on her."

"Okay, but I hope this doesn't end up like when you first met Kaitou Kid, Shinichi." Agasa said, before he hung up.

Conan then hung up on his end and then went back inside the other room where Jr. and Kogoro were still bickering while Ran was sitting on the sidelines.

"Are they still fighting over how to catch Red Velvet Cake?" Conan asked.

"Yes," Ran said. "Apparently Dad wants to ambush Red Velvet Cake at the docks with so many cops, she won't be able to get away. But Jr. is informing him that she's capable of jumping the highest and farthest of any girl he's ever seen, so an ambush is out of the question. Jr. also says that Red Velvet Cake normally comes from above."

Conan then got annoyed again.

It was 7:30 PM the following Saturday, and Hikari was at the Temple with Junichi.

"Ready?" Shizuka said.

"Right." Junichi and Hikari said.

Hikari put her hands together, closed her eyes, and then took a deep breath.

"Oh God, forgive me, for I use no lies or façades!" Hikari said.

The necklace started to shine dark red as the magic sparkles and glow started to surround Hikari, while she transformed into her Kaitou outfit.

"Mélange! (Blend!)

Hikari put on her red mask and took out the ribbon in her hair, letting it fall down to her mid back, and it turned a lighter shade of brown in the process. She then lifted her hands in the air, forming the gloves, which were dark red, with pink fringes on the ends.

"Cuire au four! (Bake!)

Dark red knee-high boots were formed on Hikari's legs and then on the toes a cupcake appeared. Her dark red dress then formed all over her body, and the skirt was 1 or 2 inches above her knees, and it had pink lace on it.


Hikari's hair was then adorned with red velvet cake crumb-like beads that glistened in the light of the synagogue. Her eyelids were then glossed over with magic sparkles that left behind a light layer of eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Then a wave of magic sparkles passed over her lips and then left behind a light pink layer of lipstick. Her cheeks were then brightened up with some blush and then she smiled, with white teeth shining.

Hikari – now Red Velvet Cake – then posed: she flexed her leg out to the left, put her hands on her hips, smiled, and then let the wind move her hair in the gentle breeze.

Junichi put his hands together and closed his eyes as he said, "Oh, God, please let me help those in need!"

The rosary started to shine dark brown as the magic sparkles and glow started to surround

Junichi, while he transformed into his Kaitou outfit.


Junichi put on his top hat. He then lifted his arms and hands in the air forming the Dark brown tuxedo with light brown trip.


His Cape was formed behind Junichi and then the cape went onto Junichi shoulders.


Junichi's mask was formed at the top of Junichi head, which it moved and went on Junichi's face.

Junichi, who was now Dark Devil's Cake then posed: his eyes open, tipped his hat, he arms crossed and he was smiling.

Shizuka, Dark Devil's Cake, and Red Velvet Cake then lowered their heads, and said, "May The Eternal One's blessing be our path to victory."

Red Velvet Cake then used the grappling rock candy attachment to her Icing String Pen to latch onto the next roof. She pulled the string back into the pen while she started swinging to the docks. Dark Devil's Cake then used his hand chopper to keep him up in the air as he followed Red Velvet Cake to the scene.

Kogoro, Jr., Ran, and Conan were then at the docks, ready to get Red Velvet Cake and put her in prison.

"Ran-neechan, I'm going to go to the rooftops and patrol there," Conan said. "I'm hoping to intercept Red Velvet Cake from up there."

"Good idea, Conan-kun," Jr. said. "We'll handle things here."

Conan then ran up to the rooftop of the warehouses and was waiting to pull a trap on Red Velvet Cake.

His Earring Cell Phone then went off, and when Conan picked up, it was Dr. Agasa.

"Dr. Agasa, is that you?" Conan said.

"Yes, it's me, Shinichi," Agasa said. "I've read over your father's file on Red Velvet Cake, and although it shows about the heists she's pulled over the years, it also shows her motives and her history."

"Hit me with what you've got." Conan said.

"According to this: Red Velvet Cake is a friend to the innocent, and an enemy all of who are dishonest because Red Velvet Cake's nightly "heists" are actually missions to get any illegally obtained items, and get them back to their original owners, or steal something for a perfectly good reason that justifies what she does. She's also an amazing athlete and multilingual." Dr. Agasa said.

"Sounds like this girl is a tough nut to crack. It's like she's a good-hearted thief like Jr. says. I wonder if she's the only Phantom Thief in the city." Conan said.

"It's funny that you mention other thieves, Shinichi," Agasa said. "Listen to this: apparently, she's influenced by many other Phantom Thieves who do the exact same thing. However, there was the most recently retired Phantom Thief, Saint Agate. More than twenty years ago he and another Phantom Thief, Angelic Nightingale, just returned their stolen items all of a sudden and then disappeared. Now, sixteen years later, a new Phantom Thief Red Velvet Cake has surfaced and is picking up where Saint Agate left off."

"Wow… It's almost as if those two thieves are her parents." Conan said.

"Speaking of ancestors," Agasa said. "Apparently, the files also said that she's a direct descendant of Phantom Thief J, which stands for 'Justice'. Her reasons and style for stealing is exactly the same as Red Velvet Cake's."

"So all of these Phantom Thief's get away from the cops, return what they steal, and then just up and disappear." Conan said.

"I also read that her athletic ability and cleverness is what makes her so elusive. She's been doing her thing for five years…"

"Five years? She's probably quite young, then." Conan said.

"Alright, then call me if you need anything else, okay?" Agasa said.

Conan nodded, and then he hung up.

However, Conan did not know that he was overheard from below. Red Velvet Cake and Dark Devil's Cake were then listening in on him and were a little concerned.

"I'll take up to the rooftops, and you go around the back to distract the cops while I go and steal the watch." Red Velvet Cake said.

Dark Devil's Cake nodded and then took off while Red Velvet Cake then jumped up to the rooftop with ease.

Hearing her footsteps, Conan turned around and saw Red Velvet Cake. She was smiling and she was posing as if she were a model.

"Is that Red Velvet Cake…? She's kinda pretty… But she's so confident…" Conan thought.

Red Velvet Cake then started approaching while smiling as she walking like she was on a catwalk.

"Who is this girl? She's so confident… There's a sea of cops out there and she isn't even nervous. And she's young… Twenty, maybe eighteen… But it's hard to tell with her mask on." Conan thought.

"Oh, what are you doing here?" Red Velvet Cake said. "This place can be quite hazardous when the moon's at its peak."

"I'm just wandering around. Besides, you get a good view of the stars here." Conan said. From behind, he was preparing his Stun-Gun wristwatch.

"Well, that's nice, but I really hate to do this to a little boy, so… Forgive me, but this is for the sake of an innocent victim." Red Velvet Cake said.

She then took out her buttercream bombs and then threw them at Conan. When they exploded, the honey and frosting stuck him to the roof like glue.

"Oh, no! I'm trapped… But what did she mean by 'for the sake of an innocent victim'? Was the watch taken illegally and is she trying to get it back?"

"I really hate to do this, but I need to go. I'll see you around, kid." Red Velvet Cake said, as she leaped off of the roof.

"Her voice was certainly familiar." Conan thought, sweat dropping. He managed to get out of his trap, and then he ran down to the docks to see all of the action.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet Cake ran over to Dark Devil's Cake, who was setting up confetti explosion boxes around the site.

Red Velvet Cake noticed Kichiro and his client, who seemed to be a very nice man.

"So, the pocket watch? How much is it worth?" Mr. Yamada said.

"I'd say around 20,000,000¥, and that's just a start." Kichiro said.

"That scumbag…" Red Velvet Cake muttered. "I won't let him do this!"

"Why is she trying to steal that watch when she doesn't want it for herself? If she's doing it to help someone, then I don't see a problem…" Conan thought.

However, she saw a few obstacles: Kogoro, Ran, and Jr. She groaned inwardly, and then she thought, "Those three… What a pain."

Dark Devil's Cake took Red Velvet Cake's hand and then said, "I'll create the diversion, while you steal the pocket watch. I'll also keep Kogoro distracted."

"Are you sure you're up for it? I've heard he knows Judo." Red Velvet Cake warned.

"You know Judo, too." Dark Devils' Cake reminded her.

"Point taken, but remember: Kogoro is no joke when it comes to his work, but even I can outrun him." Red Velvet Cake said.

"She thinks Kogoro is a world-class detective, too? Even if he isn't, she'd outrun him regardless." Conan thought, with a bemused look on his face.

"Well, are you sure Red Velvet Cake is going to steal that watch? Now's good a time as ever." Kogoro asked Jr.

"She's most likely going to put on some type of diversion before sneaking in and stealing the watch, but she's also certain to be retrieving the watch rather than stealing it." Jr. explained.

"Hmph. Leave it to Jr. to be a complete moron, but he's aware of your style." Dark Devil's Cake said.

"Well, set off the confetti bombs, Dark Devil's Cake." Red Velvet Cake said.

Dark Devil's Cake smirked, picked up a trigger button, and then pressed it, causing the confetti bombs to explode and it released confetti and smoke, causing everyone to cough.

"Game, set," Red Velvet Cake said. She ran in through the cover, and she swiped the watch from Kichiro's hand and then ran right past Kogoro, Jr., and Ran without stopping for a second. "S'il vous plaît pardonnez cette intrusion! Cette montre de poche belle appartient à une jeune femme avec des souvenirs enfermés dans l', ne sont pas vendus illégalement par Kichiro, ce méchant homme! (Please forgive this intrusion! This beautiful pocket watch belongs to a young woman with memories locked in it, not sold illegally by Kichiro, this wicked man!)"

"Um, does anyone know what she just said?" Ran asked.

Jr. then looked up to see Red Velvet Cake and then shouted, "I've got you this time, Red Velvet Cake!"

Jr. started running up the fire escape stairs to the rooftop where Red Velvet Cake was standing, with Kogoro and Ran following.

Red Velvet Cake stood confidently in front of her pursuers, and smirked.

"Stop right there, Kaitou Red Velvet Cake," Kogoro said. "We're not letting you get away! You're outnumbered and cornered!"

"I would say you were right about the first part, but I'm certainly not cornered," Red Velvet Cake said. "And instead of chasing after a sin rectifier such as myself, you should deal with Kichiro down there. After all, the only reason I stole this watch was to give it back to its legal owner, which Kichiro is NOT. He's also behind all the random robberies that were happening lately and you can find all the stolen items in a chest at his house. I'll leave the rest to you guys."

Dark Devil's Cake then flew up with his hand helicopter and then held out his hand to Red Velvet Cake before saying, "Mon amour, irons-nous? Notre travail ici est fait. (My love, shall we go? Our work here is done)."

"Oui." Red Velvet Cake said, as she took Dark Devil's Cake's hand and then he started flying away.

"You're not getting away this time!" Jr. shouted, as he lunged for Red Velvet Cake and then tried to grab her leg… but fell off the roof. He landed on the ground with a loud thud, but he was uninjured, luckily.

"Jr.! Are you okay?" Kogoro asked.

"I'm fine. Just go and catch Red Velvet Cake! Try to contact Conan-kun and get him involved, too!" Jr. shouted.

"Got it!" Ran and Kogoro said.

Conan, meanwhile, was running underneath Red Velvet Cake and Dark Devil's Cake, readying his Stun-Gun wristwatch again, with his tranquilizer dart prepared. He tried to aim at Dark Devil's Cake, but Red Velvet Cake noticed this and threw some cocoa powder bombs at him. They exploded and Conan started coughing.

"Ugh! Cocoa powder! Dutch Processed, I see." Conan said.

"Conan-kun," Ran said, as she came and cleared the air around Conan. "Are you okay?"

"Ran-neechan, I'm okay, now." Conan said, as he got a good breath of air.

"What are we doing around here?" Kogoro said. "Let's go get those two!"

"Hold on," Ran said, as she stood up. "Red Velvet Cake said that Kichiro isn't the legal owner of the watch and that he's behind all the random robberies that were happening lately. And he hides all the stolen items in a chest at his house. So, that means…"

"Alright, then, I'll go arrest Kichiro; you two tail the thieves." Kogoro said, as they separated.

Ran and Conan then started running after Red Velvet Cake and Dark Devil's Cake. Jr. soon caught up with them and they headed over to their little trap sight.

However, Red Velvet Cake saw that trap and rewired it to make sure it would not recognize flying targets.

The two thieves then flew over it with ease and then Ran, Conan, and Jr. ended up in their own trap.

"Kenshin-niichan, tell me you DID NOT set up this trap…" Conan said.

"Of course I did! That damned Red Velvet Cake must have rigged it somehow!" Jr. said.

Red Velvet Cake and Dark Devil's Cake could not help themselves, so they broke out in laughter and tears of amusement.

"I'll get you guys!" Jr. shouted.

Meanwhile, Kogoro and the rest of the police arrested Kichiro for theft and fraud and then shoved him in the car.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet Cake snuck into Miwa's house, and left the watch right on the settee with a note that said, 'This watch is yours, and I am returning it to you – Red Velvet Cake'.

The next morning, Kogoro, Conan, and Ran were going to head back to town. They were saying their farewells to each other.

"The good news is that all of the items that Kichiro had stolen were returned to their rightful owners by the police, except for that pocket watch. The bad news: Red Velvet Cake got away…" Kogoro said.

"Well, even Mouri Kogoro couldn't catch her…" Jr. said. "But it was an honor working with you, regardless."

The two shook hands, and Kogoro said, "Yes, it seems Red Velvet Cake can outsmart me! She totally put me in a sticky situation with those confetti bombs of hers."

"It figures. She put me in a sticky situation with those buttercream bombs as well. That frosting was delicious, but it was almost as if honey was in it, too." Conan thought.

"And it seems that I'm still a little wheezy from that cocoa powder," Ran said. "Isn't that right, Conan-kun?"

"Right," Conan said. "Kenshin Jr.-niichan, good luck catching that thief. I hope we can work together again someday."

"Right back at you, Conan-kun," Jr. said, ruffling Conan's hair. "And take care of Ran."

"Thanks." Conan said.

The trio then left town and headed home before Jr. got serious and then said, "I'll get Red Velvet Cake if it's the last thing I do!"

"You let her get away, wannabe?" Hikari said, walking past him with a smirk on her face.

"What the?" Jr. said.

"Never mind, idiot," Hikari said. "Just hurry up and come on."

Jr. then started getting steamed and he was shouting and screaming.

Hikari just held out her tongue with a smile and a wink on her face while she was giggling from amusement.

That could have gone better… Quality-wise, I mean. And it could have taken less time, but I went back to school from April Break. Give me some credit, here! Anyway, let's get back to work.

Next time…

Hikari: I have a hard time dealing with just one dumb cop on a regular basis, but a new transfer student from Osaka comes into my class and starts claiming that HE'S going to apprehend Red Velvet Cake.

Shizuka and Junichi: It figures.

Hikari: Luckily for me, he's just as incompetent as Junior, and it's hard for him to do his job when he's in love. The only downside is that the one he's in love with is ME! Worst of luck!

Shizuka: Jr. and the new boy are arguing over who will catch Red Velvet Cake, and Junichi-kun gets yet another new rival for Hikari-chan's affections.


Next time on "Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!", "The Boy From Osaka! A Cop In Love!"