Red Velvet Cake gets beamed up to the Watchtower and is welcomed to the team with open arms… At least, from Batman, that is. Everyone else is wary of her due to her age and her activities. Can Red Velvet Cake prove to the rest of the league that she's not to be judged so unfairly? To find out, READ, REVIEW, AND FAVOR!

"My name is Katsumi Hikari! I'm a sixteen-year-old eleventh-grader, or at least I am during the day, but because I come from two long family lines of Phantom Thieves, I have to take up that legacy to right the wrongs of others. My best friend Shizuka and my boyfriend Junichi are at my side, but with my class' most klutzy and academically incompetent boy, Kenshin Jiro Jr. on my tail, I have yet another obstacle to overcome. And yet, I've always known that with my capabilities and thieving running through my blood and genes, I'll overcome any adversary or boundary, and I'll solve any puzzle I run into. Because with great athleticism and stealth, God will punish those who are corrupt!"

In a town of criminals gone berserk, we call upon a beautiful Kaitou for help...

*Opening Instrumental*

Robbing the wicked at Nighttime!
Rectifying Sins at the same time!
Only does her deeds for what's right!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!

She's an average Jewish girl by day!
She always gets the top test grade!
She won't pass up a mission for anything!
She's the nighttime Kaitou…

Shizuka Sagami!
Junichi Yoichi!
Kenshin Jr.!
Tatsuo and Eriko!
Hikari has a secret no one else knows!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!

*Instrumental verse*

Robbing the wicked at Nighttime!
Rectifying Sins at the same time!
With her friends at her side!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!
She's Kaitou Red Velvet Cake!
She's Kaitou RED... VELVET CAKE!

Red Velvet Cake Meets The Justice League!

Hikari was walking around town one morning with her parrot, Angel, on her shoulder. The bird in question was eating some strawberries that Hikari would feed to her.

"This is nice," Hikari said. "Just you and me, and no one else around."

Angel said nothing and squawked in response, but Hikari giggled, as if she understood what her pet bird was saying. However, Hikari soon saw the newspaper stand and saw one of the papers. The headline was about Red Velvet Cake and her assistance in the arrest of the Joker.

"I know I told Batman to have the league contact me when they need me, but it's been a few months since then, and yet nothing. I guess they don't need me…" Hikari said. "Don't you think that it's about time they could use someone of my caliber?"

Again, Angel just squawked in response to her owner's concern and then just gently took another berry from Hikari's hand.

Hikari's phone soon went off and then she found that she had a message from Shizuka. It read, 'Need you here at the temple; another mission.'

Taking her cue, Hikari put her phone away, fed Angel another berry, and then she started to run to the temple.

Meeting Shizuka there, Hikari was pacing around with Angel still on her shoulder, having been told the whole story.

"So, a bronze penguin figurine is the target this time…" Hikari said.

"Yes, but it's on the other side of town, so you probably won't have enough stamina to make it there and back." Shizuka said.

"Look, I just do my job the way I know how," Hikari said. "If I have to, I'll just change back and take the shortcut route we planned."

"Good idea." Shizuka said.

"I'll get that penguin back TONIGHT." Hikari said.

Later that evening, Red Velvet Cake had successfully stolen the penguin figurine and was soon running from the perpetrators. She was getting tired from all of the running and dodging from their projectiles. However, the police managed to corner the crooks and take them in under charges of theft.

"That was too close for comfort…" Red Vevet Cake said, getting tired.

She soon found the place she was looking for. She swung in through the window, placed the penguin on the vanity, and then leaped back out before taking to the rooftops again. However, she realized that she was near the shortcut area and decided to jump down.

"That should be a good place to land." Red Velvet Cake said, as she jumped down.

Meanwhile, a stray hand picked up a cell phone, opened it, and typed out something before pressing a button and sending the message to the recipient.

Hiding in an alleyway, Red Velvet Cake was about to deactivate her necklace when her cell phone went off. She took it out, and saw that she got a text message from Nightwing.

"Huh? Nightwing? Oh, Robin..." Red Velvet Cake said, bonking her head. "Let's see... 'Need you here at the Watchtower. Getting J'onn to beam you up'. Huh? Wait!"

Too late, as she then disappeared in a purple phase and soon found herself in a very large building-like place with almost every super hero known to man. She was really confused about what was going on and soon saw Nightwing and Batman behind her.

"Good to see you again," Batman said, with a small smile. "Now let's get you acquainted with the founding members."

Still a little baffled, Red Velvet Cake followed Batman and Nightwing to the next room, where the other six founding members, with the exception of Superman, were.

"Red Velvet Cake, I'd like to introduce you to Wonder Woman, The Flash, The Green Lantern, The Martian Manhunter, and Hawkgirl; five of the other six founding members of the Justice League" Batman said as he made the introductions.

"Konnichiwa, it's an honor to make your acquaintances" Red Velvet Cake replied with a bow.

"Doesn't your 'pet' protégé speak English?" asked Flash only to get an elbow in the ribs from Wonder Woman.

"She said, 'Hello, it's an honor to make your acquaintances'" Nightwing translated as he had taken to studying the Japanese language full-time since meeting Red Velvet Cake the first time.

Red Velvet Cake turned to look at Nightwing in questioning when he explained to her the situation.

"It's nice to meet you, too, Red Velvet Cake. Nightwing, would you please show her around the Watchtower while we remain here to discuss her possible membership?" The Green Lantern said and Nightwing translated for him before leading her on a tour.

Once they had left the room, John turned to Batman and asked, "You've got to be kidding me; her, a member of the League?"

"She managed to single-handedly put the Joker and Harley behind bars" Batman replied simply.

"I don't question her track record, I question her age" noted Hawkgirl seriously.

"I'll side with Hawkgirl on that issue" noted Wonder Woman.

"As I understand it, Red Velvet Cake is also a thief; can we trust her to remain honest with us?" queried J'onn.

"Wait, that kid's a thief? There's no way we can trust her" Flash shouted in protest.

"She only steals things that have already been stolen and then only to return them to their rightful owners" Batman said while keeping a level head.

"I don't know" Flash replied in distrust.

"I will agree with Flash on this one" John replied as he crossed his arms stubbornly.

"I don't wish to discourage her, so I say we have her sit out until she's older and has proven herself trustworthy a bit more" Wonder Woman said in a much calmer tone of voice; she liked Red Velvet Cake's manners, but was still uncertain about her young age.

While walking around the Watchtower, Red Velvet Cake was looking around at all of the other superheroes, all of which were giving her strange looks. She felt a little awkward around everyone else, but she was okay with Nightwing.

"Did you get the impression that I'm on probation with the rest of the League?" Red Velvet Cake asked.

"Yeah, I did," Nightwing told her. "I'm aware you're fluent in English, but I wanted to make sure that you didn't say anything to make the rest of the members upset."

"That's perfectly reasonable, but I overheard what they said about me: I'm too young and I'm merely a thief." Red Velvet Cake said.

"Hey, you're a servant of God," Nightwing said. "I'm sure you and your friends do a great job back home."

"My friends?! Oh, crud, I forgot about Shizuka!" Red Velvet Cake said, as she took out her cell phone and texted Shizuka everything that happened.

"Everything okay?" Nightwing inquired.

"Yeah, I just had to text Shizuka about what happened. I was on a mission to return a stolen penguin figurine when you beamed me up here." Red Velvet Cake explained.

"Did I interrupt?" Nightwing asked.

"No, I had just finished it up." Red Velvet Cake said.

"Well, that's what I admire about you," Nightwing said. "You're not afraid to risk your safety for others."

"Don't most superheroes do that?" Red Velvet Cake inquired.

"Good point…" Nightwing said, embarrassed.

Noticing everyone looking at her, and their facial expressions, Red Velvet Cake said, "I really think that we should try and find somewhere private to talk. As soon as the tour is done, of course."

"Agreed," Nightwing said. "There are too many people here."

"Hey, Nightwing," Ollie, the Green Arrow said, as he approached. "Who's the new girl?"

"Oh, Arrow," Nightwing said. "Please say hello to Red Velvet Cake; another caped crusader that Batman and I met when the Joker and Harley fled to Japan."

"So she's the protégé that everyone's been yammering about?" Ollie inquired.

"Seriously? News sure gets around fast in this place…" Red Velvet Cake said, though in her native tongue.

"Um… Any idea what she just said?" Ollie asked.

"She just commented that news gets around fast here in the Watchtower." Nightwing said.

"Oh," Ollie said. "I overheard Batman talking to J'onn about this little girl a few days after the two of you came back from Japan. Something about her being a 'little thief'?"

"Servant to God, thank you very much," Red Velvet Cake said, in English. "It's not stealing if you're just righting wrongs and giving stolen property back to its legal owners."

"I get it, so it's a Robin Hood thing." Ollie said.

"Right," Nightwing said. "Now we should be going."

Nightwing then took Red Velvet Cake by the arm and started to gently lead her away from the green-clad archer.

"Thanks," Red Velvet Cake said. "Even though this is the 'Justice League', they're a little intolerant."

"Yeah," Nightwing said. "But I'm sure someone here will be able to accept you for who you are and what you stand for. Other than me and Batman, that is."

"I know, but who else is going to come along and put me down for that? Superman?" Red Velvet Cake replied in distress.

"Don't worry about him for now, he and Kara are on a mission." Nightwing said.

"That's good," Red Velvet Cake said. "I'll be honest; I'm nervous to be here. As much as I want to join, I'm afraid everyone here will see me as a thief and nothing more."

"I'm sure you are," Nightwing told her. "But enough about that; here comes Zatanna."

An older girl with black hair, periwinkle eyes, a top hat, and a women's magician uniform then came up to the two teenagers and said, "Hey, Nightwing. Is this Red Velvet Cake? Batman has told me all about you."

"He did?" Red Velvet Cake said, getting nervous.

"Sure did. He said that you are certainly a girl to acknowledge; takes a lot of ability and talent to arrest the Joker and Harley single-handedly. And at the young age of sixteen, too." Zatanna said.

"Anything else?" Nightwing asked.

"Just the fact that she's a prodigy and an amazing servant to God. Quite the Robin Hood, too." Zatanna said.

"Thanks," Red Velvet Cake said, blushing from flattery and smiling. "I feel like I'm on probation with everyone else here but Batman and Nightwing here."

"Once they see what you can do first-hand, I'm sure they'll accept you. Oh, here, a welcoming gift," Zatanna said, as she took out her wand. "Srewolf emos reh evig!"

Suddenly, a bouquet of several flowers appeared in Red Velvet Cake's arms and a card said, "Welcome! From Zatanna."

"Aw, thanks, Zatanna! I can't wait to tell Shizuka all about this!" Red Velvet Cake said.

"Shizuka?" Zatanna inquired.

"Her partner." Nightwing said.

"Oh," Zatanna said. "Anyway, don't let what everyone else is thinking get to you. As long as you know what you're doing is for the greater good, that's all that matters."

"Thanks," Red Velvet Cake said. "I won't let anyone tell me different about who I am!"

"That's the spirit," Zatanna said. "I'll be seeing you later."

"See you in a bit." Nightwing said, as Zatanna left.

Meanwhile, back with the other founding members…

"I'm telling you, we shouldn't let her in! She's a thief!" Flash protested.

"Barry, calm down," Wonder Woman said. "Batman, any more information on this Red Velvet Cake girl? Exactly how long has she been doing this?"

"Since she was eleven years old. It's a family legacy for her; being a thief is in her blood, only she does it to help others and right others crimes. The Eternal Lord approves of her." Bruce said.

"Huh?" Shayera asked.

"She's Jewish," Bruce said. "Servant to God. Besides, the local police in her town are so inept that they couldn't even find the right crooks without Red Velvet Cake's help."

"Still, she might be a servant to her God or whatever, but that doesn't change the fact that she's a thief." John said.

"But you've known about her for a few months and yet you decide to bring her in NOW," J'onn said. "Why is that?"

"We need someone of her caliber sooner or later. For a girl to be able to pull this off for five years and be successful at just eleven years of age is proof that she's worthy of us." Batman said.

"I see your point, Batman, but shouldn't we get Superman's opinion on this?" Wonder Woman inquired.

"I'm afraid Red Velvet Cake would just be too apprehensive around Clark," Batman said. "But she should at least meet him."

Red Velvet Cake was in the mess hall with Nightwing and they were eating lunch together.

"It seems Zatanna is the only other person here who accepts me for who I am and what I stand for," Red Velvet Cake said. "Who knows what Superman will say to me?"

"I don't know, but I DO know that he'll be able to see past what everyone tells him and look at you in the same light I do." Nightwing said.

"Really?" Red Velvet Cake said, brightening.

"Hey, look, it's Batman's little 'protégé' thief." One of the other heroes said, from a distance.

"Well…" Nightwing said, really angry.

Red Velvet Cake merely started stabbing at her steak and she was still feeling really upset.

"I know you're angry, Red Velvet Cake, but they'll warm up to you," Nightwing said, putting his hand on Red Velvet Cake's. "Trust me."

"I DO trust you, Nightwing," Red Velvet Cake said. "But if you and Batman didn't come along, I wouldn't be here."

"Are you thanking us or are you saying that it's our fault that you're in this awkward situation?" Nightwing inquired.

"Mostly the former." Red Velvet Cake said, as she munched on some of her roasted potatoes.

Nightwing then decided to cheer her up with something: a story from his past.

"You know, before I was Nightwing, or even Robin, I was a trapeze artist in the circus with my parents. We were called 'The Flying Graysons'." Nightwing said, putting down his water glass.

This peaked Red Velvet Cake's curiosity and she turned her head to him, saying, "What made you become Robin?"

"Well, it all started with my parents," Nightwing began. "Prior to our first show in Gotham, we were being harassed by Tony Zucco and his family. After their family got separated when Batman intervened to stop them, he attended our show, and…"

"If it's too painful to say, then don't bother," Red Velvet Cake said. "You're only opening up old wounds, and that's never good."

"Let me finish, please," Nightwing said. "Anyway, he sabotaged the trapeze by removing some of the vital pieces of the equipment; the nuts and bolts, truthfully. While my parents were swinging, it was my turn to grab on and swing with my parents when the hooks got lose and the trapeze fell apart. They fell to the ground and died…"

"There was no net?" Red Velvet Cake inquired.

"We NEVER used nets; we were in the business too long, so the net was almost unnecessary. But not putting it up that night was a huge mistake…" Nightwing said, sadly.

"So, what happened after that?" Red Velvet Cake asked. "When did you become Robin?"

"After the funeral, Bruce took me in as his adoptive son," Nightwing said. "Since his parents were murdered, too, he knew exactly how I felt. I soon stumbled into the Batcave and when I realized Bruce was going after Zucco, I wanted payback for what he did. When I realized that he was in trouble, I donned my homemade Robin uniform, which was originally a trapeze costume my mother made, and saved Batman from suffering the same fate as my parents. And that's how it started."

Red Velvet Cake was on the verge of tears after hearing this story; she never imagined that Nightwing went through such sadness.

Nightwing noticed this and said, "There's really no need to cry."

"It's just… I never thought you and Batman went through tragedy such as that… No wonder the two of you get along so well. I could never imagine losing my parents." Red Velvet Cake said.

"But aren't both your parents thieves, too?" Nightwing said.

"Not anymore," Red Velvet Cake said, using her fork to cut into her steak again. "Both my parents retired from their careers when they first met. My mother was the type of thief you would normally want to arrest, while my dad was more of a Robin Hood, like me. So, while I inherit my destiny from both sides of my family, I take on the same heirloom from my mom's end, but do what my father did."

"Sounds complicated." Nightwing said.

"Family legacies make everything sound complicated." Red Velvet Cake said, as she drank her orange juice.

Both of the teens then started smiling and laughing together, both amused with each other; the other heroes in the room, however, were not happy to see that a "thief" had seduced Batman's partner.

Meanwhile, Superman and Supergirl had just come back from their mission and they were walking towards the mess hall when they overheard some of the other heroes talking.

"Yeah, I heard that the protégé that Batman picked up in Japan is supposedly a thief! Can you believe that the smartest man here, well, other than Question, wants a thief to join the League? He must have lost it!" One of the other heroes said as she was walking in the hall with her friend.

"A new protégé? I think Bruce has told me something like that before…" Clark said.

"Well, let's go! We'll figure it out as we get more information." Kara said.

As the two cousins were walking in the hallways, they kept hearing 'protégé', and 'thief', amongst other things.

"Sounds like the news is big if Batman is going around scouting prodigies." Kara said.

"Now, Kara, she might be called a 'thief', but things aren't always what they seem." Clark said.

He went into the founders' room; Kara was not one of the seven founding members, so she was not allowed. Superman soon stumbled upon the team's argument over Red Velvet Cake's membership.

"I'm telling you, Bats, she can't be trusted," Flash said. "She might be a 'Robin Hood', 'Servant to God', 'Cops' Best Friend', or whatever, but she's a thief!"

"It's not stealing if you're only helping someone and if the perpetrators are brought to justice." Batman said.

"Bruce has a point," Diana said. "But it's more her age I'm worried about. Isn't sixteen a bit young for her to be one of us?"

"I heard that she's been doing this thing since she was eleven years old?" John inquired.

"Woah, woah, woah," Superman said, cutting in. "Sorry to interrupt, but what is going on?"

"Oh, Clark, perfect timing," Bruce said. "There's someone we want you to meet. Her name is Red Velvet Cake; she's a Japanese caped crusader, just like us. As you can see, we're all divided on whether or not we should let her join. I want her to join us, Diana and Hawkgirl think she's too young, and John and Barry here think she's untrustworthy."

"And why would they think that?" Clark inquired.

"She's a thief." All of the other founding members said.

"Come to think of it, Bruce, you mentioned her before. Didn't you say that she single-handedly put Joker and Harley behind bars?" Superman inquired.

"That's right. It's because of her that the Harlequin Diamond is safe." Batman said.

"I think that's reason enough to let her in, but I won't take sides until I meet her one-on-one and I see how she handles herself out in the field." Superman said.

"If she can take care of herself since she was only eleven, I don't think you have a problem there." Green Latern said.

"Anyway, Kara and I are going to get lunch," Superman said. "I'll be back in a few."

"Oddly enough, that's where Red Velvet Cake is now." J'onn said.

"Just don't use your X-Ray vision on her to see who she is underneath the mask, okay?" Batman requested.

"Why; we hold no secrets here" Superman asked curiously.

"Yes, but it hasn't been officially decided whether or not she can join" Bruce replied.

"Very well, I'll respect her privacy and leave her in anonymity; if she does join, she should get used to the casualness that we all share around here" Clark said in agreement.

"I'll be sure to let her know that...once she's allowed to join up" Bruce replied as Superman left the room to get some lunch.

"I highly doubt Clark will tolerate her." John said.

"You never know," Flash said. "She just might be one of the special ones."

Back with Red Velvet Cake, she and Nightwing were having a great time talking to each other, but not while everyone else in the room was giving her dirty looks.

All of a sudden, Superman and Kara entered the room; noticing this, Nightwing said, "Don't look now, but here come the Kryptonian cousins."

"What?" Red Velvet Cake said, as she turned around, saw Superman and Supergirl, and then semi-hid behind Nightwing in concern.

Superman and Supergirl approached Nightwing, and then Red Velvet Cake knew they were here for her.

She reluctantly came out from hiding and nervously started tapping her foot in anxiety.

"So, this is Red Velvet Cake, the protégé that Batman informed me about. Quite a lovely girl, I might say." Clark said.

"Clark, remember Lois?" Kara replied, smartly.

"Kara, I know," Superman said, holding out his hand to Red Velvet Cake. "Superman, a.k.a., Clark Kent."

Red Velvet Cake, having heard of the Man of Steel, was worried about shaking hands with him, so she whispered something in Nightwing's ear. Getting the message, he nodded and told Clark, "She's worried that you'll crush her hand, since you're so strong."

"Don't worry, I know how to hold back." Superman said.

Red Velvet Cake smiled gently, and shook hands with Superman, saying in straight English, "It' nice to meet you."

"Cute costume, though it's making me hungry, so if you'll excuse me, I'm going to grab something to eat before they stop serving lunch" Kara said before turning and scampering off to get in the lunch line.

"Hey, be a good cousin and grab me something too" Superman called after her and Kara paused long enough to wave back in confirmation. "So, maybe you can fill me in on this whole protégé thief bit that's been going around; I don't like making decisions without know all the facts first."

Red Velvet Cake sighed in relief. The trio then sat down and Red Velvet Cake began to explain everything to him.

"…So, for generations, every firstborn in my family takes on the mission to be a Phantom Thief to right the wrongs of others and rectify sins. The only exception to this is my mom. Although I'm inheriting the legacy on my mother's side, I take after my dad in my motives. It's not stealing if you're helping someone and if the real crooks get brought to justice." Red Velvet Cake explained.

"You're just going into the family duty. 'Servant of God', huh? Interesting." Superman said.

"Thanks," Red Velvet Cake said. "But seriously, Joker and Harley were just minor crooks compared to what other crimes I right. You can think of me as this generation's Robin Hood."

"Well, I'm sure that the people you've helped are very appreciative of you. Sounds to me like the law enforcement in your neck of the woods is… Um…" Superman said, not finding the right words for it.

"Pathetic? Incompetent? Hopeless? Poor in work ethic?" Red Velvet Cake inquired, trying to help.

"All of the above." Superman and Nightwing said, simultaneously.

"Zatanna was nice enough to give Red Velvet Cake some moral support and even a bunch of flowers." Nightwing said.

"That was sweet of her." Clark said.

"Speaking of sweet," Kara said, as she brought back her lunch and a chocolate cupcake. "It would be so much sweeter if we had our new friend's namesake pastry here."

"That WOULD be nice." Nightwing said.

The quartet then started laughing a little bit, as Red Velvet Cake started feeling more comfortable in the Watchtower.

"I thought you were told to cut down on the sweets, Kara" Clark then noted aloud.

"Hey, what Aunt Martha doesn't know won't hurt me" Kara replied with a grin.

"You're incorrigible; when need to start trying to be a little more responsible when it comes to eating right" Clark then gently reprimanded her.

"Maybe if you'd stop treating me like a kid..." Kara returned sassily.

Noticing this, Red Velvet Cake began to realize that there was not that great a distance between their ages.

"Actually, I'd rather enjoy an apple over a chocolate cupcake when given the opportunity" Red Velvet Cake noted to Kara.

"Well, maybe you do have a point, Red Velvet Cake" Kara replied as she began to see her point of view.

"Which reminds me, as you've noticed we tend to be a bit informal when we're not on a mission, so I was wondering if you could share your real name with us. You'll only be addressed by it when we're up on the Watchtower" Clark then noted to Red Velvet Cake.

"... Okay, as long as you promise not to go spreading it around." Red Velvet Cake said.

"That's a promise." Superman said.

"... Katsumi Hikari." Red Velvet Cake said.

"In Japan, people introduce themselves with their surname first, then their first name." Nightwing explained.

"So, it's Hikari. That's a pretty name." Kara said.

"Thanks." Red Velvet Cake said, smiling.

"Sorry to interrupt your fun, but I've got unfortunate news" J'onn announced as he walked up to the foursome.

"What's wrong, J'onn?" Superman asked, now serious.

"Black Canary and Wildcat were captured by Lex Luthor while trying to retrieve some stolen data on the Watchtower" J'onn replied.

"That can't be good" noted Kara.

"Hmm, I do have an idea that's just crazy enough to work." noted Superman to J'onn.

Getting the hint, J'onn nodded without changing his facial expression, and then the two of them looked over to Red Velvet Cake.

"Surely don't mean to suggest sending HER?" asked Green Lantern, as he joined the group.

"It would give her the opportunity to prove herself and to show us what she's capable of, not to mention that she's not a known member of the League" J'onn noted in agreement with Superman.

"I don't believe this...fine, send her, but I want someone to go with her" John replied with an exasperated sigh.

"Red Velvet Cake, you've just earned your first mission as a member of the Justice League" Superman announced.

"Now wait a second; I said she can run the mission, but she's not an official member until she comes back with the stolen data AND frees our two teammates" noted John firmly.

"I promise you, Superman; I won't let you down" Red Velvet Cake said confidently while purposely ignoring John.

"I know you won't. Nightwing, you're to go with her to offer what help she needs" Superman replied with a smile as he set his hands upon Red Velvet Cake's shoulders before sending the two teens off.

"I still don't think Green Lantern likes me..." Red Velvet Cake said, as she and Nightwing were running to the teleport chamber.

"He's a former Marine," Nightwing said. "So he's stubborn when it comes to discipline."

"Sounds legit." Red Velvet Cake said.

J'onn met up with the two teens and then, using Mission Control, he beamed the twosome down to Lex Luthor's office building Looking up at the size of the building, Red Velvet Cake inquired, "Any ideas as to where Canary and Wildcat would be kept?"

"He probably has them locked up in the detainment center near his weapons factory" Nightwing replied quietly as the two of the crouched down by the perimeter fencing.

Pulling out a couple of beads of honey and buttercream, Red Velvet threw them at the security cameras so that they were stuck in place and recorded nothing but the gooey substance on the lenses. The two then climbed the fence and ran inside the building.

"Lex probably has the stolen data up in his office on the top floor" Nightwing informed Red Velvet Cake as they took to hiding behind a desk so as not to be seen.

"Alright, we'll retrieve the data first and then save your friends" Red Velvet Cake replied as they peered around the desk before running for the stairs.

"We've got our work cut out for us" Nightwing said as he indicated that they had to go some 120 stories up.

"So let's take a more indirect route as they'll be expecting to find us in the stairwell" Red Velvet Cake said as she walked over to a large air vent and used a screwdriver to open it so as to gain access.

"Do you expect to go all the way up through the duct work?" Nightwing asked of her as he closed the vent behind them.

"Or course not" Red Velvet Cake replied as she opened another vent so that Nightwing could see the inside of the elevator shaft.

Reaching out, Red Velvet Cake grabbed a hold of the elevator cable and slowly lowered down onto the car before prying open the emergency escape hatch.

"Just as I thought, there's a security camera inside" she whispered to Nightwing.

"Yeah, well here's a trick that Bruce taught me"Nightwing replied while messing with the camera's controls and soon slid an electronic box onto the camera so that it would continue to play a loop scene of an empty elevator as Red Velvet Cake dropped down to press the button to the top floor.

After a few minutes, the elevator's bell chimed that they had reached the top floor and so they exited back out into another air vent so as to bypass Luthor's secretary's office.

Peering into the office, the two soon dropped down and began checking through the drawers when Red Velvet Cake found the stolen data discs and pocketed them while Nightwing messed with Luthor's computer to delete the copied data as well as a few other files before turning the computer back off and they left back into the air vent.

"So are we going to repeat the process to get out of here?" Nightwing asked of Red Velvet Cake.

"We could, but I thought the quick way down to the detention cells might be more appropriate" she replied as she spattered some more honey and buttercream onto the top of the duct work before sticking two lengths of wire cable into the goop before tossing the cables down the shaft.

"Just remember, we're looking for the fifth floor" Nightwing said as he checked to see if the consistency of Red Velvet Cake's honey/buttercream mixture would indeed hold them; it held better than some adhesives that he'd worked with in the past.

"You just might have to share your recipe with us sometime" he then commented as they dropped down the shaft of the duct work until they had dropped to the fifth floor.

"Alright, where to next?" Red Velvet Cake asked of him.

"We crawl east past ten hallways and then turn north" Nightwing instructed her and they set to work crawling through the duct work as quietly as they could.

After a few minutes, Red Velvet Cake quickly turned around and waved to Nightwing to stop and to keep as quiet as possible as she could hear some people approaching.

"Honestly, Mr. Luthor, I just don't see how detaining those two is going to help the situation. Surely the Justice League has heard about their going missing and are sending someone right now to retrieve them" noted a woman's voice.

"And when they get here, we'll feign knowledge of their location. Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing is going to keep me from finding the Achilles' Heal of that infernal Watchtower of theirs" Luthor was heard to say quiet firmly as their retreating footsteps could be heard dissipating.

"We're definitely heading in the right direction" Red Velvet Cake noted to Nightwing as they decided to hasten their pace as they knew they would be in for a fight to escape once Luthor found not only the data discs themselves, but the data on his computer missing.

They soon found the detention cell and carefully opened the air vent to peer inside where they spotted two more security cameras which Nightwing fixed one to continue running a loop scene of the two prisoners while Red Velvet Cake spattered the second with another of her beads before dropping into the room to free Black Canary and Wildcat.

"Whoa, didn't expect to see you show up, Nightwing" noted Wildcat as he looked at the two teens. "Who's your cute and tasty looking friend?"

"This is Red Velvet Cake, a new recruit" Nightwing answered as he and Red Velvet Cake got to work on prying the handcuffs off of Wildcat before turning their attention to Black Canary.

"It was quite easy to bypass the security," Red Velvet Cake said, in English, as she released Black Canary from her cuffs. "Luthor won't know what Nihon-Go heroine kicked him in the face."

"Well, I hope he doesn't know," Canary said; Nightwing had taken off the tape. "Because we need to get that data."

"No problem there," Nightwing told her. "Red Velvet Cake here is quite a thief. She's the Robin Hood of her hometown. The cops there are so pathetic that she alone has assisted in the arrests of so many crooks that I can't even count them all."

"A thief?" Canary said, a little concerned.

"Not that type of thief," Red Velvet Cake said. "If I was truly the dirty crook thief type, I wouldn't have stolen back the hacked data from Luthor."

She held up the discs and both Wildcat and Canary smiled in appreciation.

"Now let's get out of here." Wildcat said.

However, they were soon interrupted when Lex Luthor and some of his guards came in to check on Canary and Wildcat, only to find them free with two new allies; Nightwing, he recognized, but not Red Velvet Cake.

"What in the world?! Get them!" Luthor shouted only to get slapped in the face with a honey/buttercream bead while Nightwing, Black Canary, and Wildcat made quick work of the guards.

"Time to scoot!" Red Velvet Cake shouted to the others as she spattered a couple more beads upon Luthor and his guards.

"I don't know who you are, but rest assured that once I'm free of this gunk, I'm going to hunt you down and..." Luthor started to shout at Red Velvet Cake.

"Aw, shut up!" she said as she smacked Luthor in the mouth with one more bead before following after the other three to out beyond the perimeter fencing where they were detected by J'onn who was still in the control room of the teleportation chambers and beamed them up.

"Good work on freeing Black Canary and Wildcat!" cheered Kara as she gave Red Velvet Cake a joyful hug.

"Yeah, fine; now hand over the data discs" demanded John as he approached Red Velvet Cake with a look of distrust on his face.

Red Velvet Cake said nothing but merely extracted the discs and stubbornly walked past John to give them over to Superman.

"You did an excellent job out there, Hikari-chan; I'm proud of you" Superman said to her, using an honorific that he had picked up while studying a little Nihon-go while she was out on her mission.

"Thank you...Clark-san" Red Velvet Cake replied with a smile to him.

"Hey, kid, you're going to need one of these for the next time we need you" John then said as he tossed Red Velvet Cake a communicator with the first smile he had shown her.

"And here we thought she was too young; we're pleased to stand corrected" offered Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl as they playfully tousled Red Velvet Cake's hair while being careful not to knock her mask off.

"Permission to escort Red Velvet Cake home" requested Nightwing and the others nodded their heads in agreement when J'onn activated the teleporter to send them back to Tokyo.

"Looks like you were right, Bruce," Flash said. "That girl is a prodigy. We'll be looking forward to calling upon her again."

"Well, she has her duties to her God to think about right now. But we'll need her again soon. If she can steal stolen data on the Watchtower, she can be a real asset to us." Batman said, with a small smile.

Back behind her house, Red Velvet Cake and Nightwing were beamed down to Tokyo and Nightwing was pleased to see her back home safe and sound.

"So, um, ahem, Hikari-chan, you're back home." Nightwing said.

"Thanks… Dick-kun." Red Velvet Cake said.

"Hikari-chan, you're back!" Tatsuo said, as he and Eriko ran out to hug their daughter.

"And who's this handsome young man?" Eriko said.

"Mom, Dad, meet Dick Grayson, a.k.a., Nightwing." Red Velvet Cake said.

"It's nice to meet you, son," Tatsuo said. "Thanks for helping out our daughter at the Watchtower."

"How did you know that I was up there?" Red Velvet Cake inquired. She then realized what had happened. "Shizuka told you, didn't she?"

"She sure did, and now you're an official member of the Justice League, aren't you!" Eriko said.

"She sure is," Nightwing said. "Sure, the others were a little wary at first, but she saved not only two of the other members from Lex Luthor, she saved the entire Watchtower."

"Was it by stealing the Watchtower data that Luthor had hacked?" Hikari asked.

"Right," Nightwing said. "It seems he wants to find our HQ's weak point so he'll be able to take it down. Obviously, he didn't see you coming into the picture."

"And now that he knows about me, it looks like I have more than just Kenshin Jr.'s annoying intervention to worry about." Red Velvet Cake said, as she deactivated the necklace and turned back into Hikari.

"Just remember that we're more than welcome to call each other by our real names up in the Watchtower," Nightwing said. He then handed Hikari a comm-link earpiece. "In case we need you again."

"Thanks. I'll see you again soon." Hikari said.

Nightwing did a miniature salute before having J'onn beam him back up to the Watchtower.

"You saved the whole Justice League." Tatsuo said. "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks, dad." Hikari said, as she looked up into the starry night.

NOW RED VELVET CAKE IS PART OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE! This is great news for her family! However, she's got her work cut out for her when she has to face Luthor again, but that won't happen for a while yet.

Next time…

Red Velvet Cake: Got another mission with the Justice League, but of all people, why do I have to work with Green Lantern?

GL: As a former marine, recklessness won't be tolerated.

Me: We're going to be in for it…

Next time: "Green Lantern and Red Velvet Cake! One Tough Team-Up!"