Chapter Ten

The photograph came in. Tariq Hasan now looked like a sort of young version of Omar Sharif.

"Anyone else here feel like humming the theme to Dr. Zhivago?" Tony asked the gathered agents.

Ziva looked at him as if he was an idiot. Fornell sighed then fixed him a stare that said: behave.

"McGee put a BOLO using this photo," Gibbs ordered as he handed McGee the photo.

"The FBI has alerts out. Send the photo to this name and number," Fornell handed McGee a business card. "He'll get people mobilized in the area."

Gibbs and Fornell looked at each other.

"We need to talk," said Gibbs.

"Let's use your office," Fornell said.

The two of them marched over to the elevator, entered, and then Gibbs slapped the emergency stop button.

"Your agent is screwing my agent," Gibbs said.

"So what, Jethro?" replied Fornell.

"I have rules. I want it to stop," Gibbs demanded.

"Not his father, Jethro," said Fornell.

"You act like you are, Tobias," countered Gibbs.

"And you act like you're hers," Fornell accused him.

"Romance between agents never works," said Gibbs.

"Your opinion, which doesn't make it true or Gospel," said Fornell.

"What is it with you and DiNozzo?" asked Gibbs.

"He's my agent. I recruited him and I've had his back for years and…," he paused, "I like him. He's been through a lot of shit and he's still a good guy and a good agent. Anyway, Emily treats him like a brother, so what can I do?"

"You can tell him to leave my agent alone," Gibbs said.

"Agent David can take care of herself, Jethro," said Fornell.

"And Agent DiNozzo uses women, Fornell," growled Gibbs.

"Does he remind you of someone, Gibbs?" smirked Fornell.

Gibbs started the elevator back up. The two men stormed off the elevator. Gibbs walked over to Ziva and crooked his finger towards her.

"Come with me," he said.

"Yes, Gibbs," she said then stood up and followed him, as they headed towards the interview rooms.

Fornell drifted over to where Tony was talking to Burley and McGee. He gently slapped him on the back.

"Let's talk," he said.

Tony followed him towards a spot under the stairs.

"Gibbs doesn't like you stepping out with his agent," said Fornell.

"I'm not stepping out with her. I'm trying to have a real relationship with her, Tobias. I think I really love her," he said.

"That's quick," remarked Tobias.

"I know. But she's just different. I feel comfortable with her. I want to be with her," he admitted.

"You sure about this, Tony?" asked Fornell.

"Then do what you want to do. Don't listen to me, or Gibbs, or anyone. If you love her, let her know and don't let Gibbs get in the way," Fornell said.

"Thanks, Tobias," smiled Tony.

In the interview room, Gibbs sat across from Ziva. She could see by the icy fire in his eyes that he was fuming.

"You fucking DiNozzo?" he asked.

"We are seeing each other," she said.

"It ends now. Consider rule 12 to include the FBI," he said.

"But, Gibbs, I really do have feelings for him," she said.

"That's even a better reason for you to end it. Feelings in the field leads to mistakes. You know that. I know that. End it with him," Gibbs said.

"Yes, Gibbs," she said.

Ziva kept her face calm but inside he wanted to cry. She had finally found a man she knew she could love; maybe even make a life with. But Gibbs had rules and she agreed to live by those rules.

Making her way back to the bullpen, Tony cut her off. He gently grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. Before she could talk, he captured her lips with his. For a second she fought it then she gave in to the kiss until she pushed him away.

"It's over, Tony. No more," she said.

"What do you mean it's over? Ziva, I love you," he said.

"That's doesn't matter," Ziva said softly, even though it mattered.

"Of course, this matters. I love you and I know you love me," he said with a hint of panic in his voice.

"I am sorry, Tony. But it is over and that is final," she said.

"I…," he stopped. It felt like he was gut punched by a mule. "Tell Fornell that I'm running down some leads."

He walked away and disappeared into the elevator. Once the elevator door was shut in punched the metal wall until there was a dent and his right hand throbbed with pain. It was over because her boss told her. How much could he have meant to her if that was all it took to end it?

The elevator door opened and he stormed out of NCIS and towards his car. When got close enough to his car, his smartphone rang.

"DiNozzo," he answered.

"You and I have unfinished business," said a Middle Eastern accented voice.

"Who is this?" barked Tony.

"You killed my brother. You and those Israeli dogs," said Hasan.

"Tariq, right? Sorry about Talib, Tariq, but I had a couple of extra bullets and I thought his head was a good place to keep them," Tony goaded him.

He wanted to make this personal so Tariq would want him dead. If Tariq wanted him dead then there was a chance of containing the damage.

"You are dead," said Hasan.

"Don't feel dead. Actually, I feel alive. I'd sing a song for you, but I don't know the top ten songs on the terrorist hit list. I could guess a few: Hit me with Your Best Shot, Wanted Dead or Alive, or how about Happiness is a Warm Gun," he pushed and pushed.

"You are a joker, huh? I want to meet with you, Mr. Joker," said Hasan.

"Tell me where and when and I'll be there, but it has to be a private spot for just you and me," Tony said.

"I would like that. The first floor public restroom of the Four Seasons on Pennsylvania Avenue. Be there in two hours, just you and me," said Hasan.

"No funny stuff in the men's room, right?" Tony said.

"I look forward to meeting you," growled Hasan.

Hasan hung up. Tony leaned up against his car. A public restroom. There was a chance of containing it in a public restroom. He took a deep breath. Of course, the chances were that he'd get his own ass killed. He needed to keep Ziva and Fornell away from the hotel until it was over. Tony got into his car.


"Where is DiNozzo?" growled Fornell.

"He said he was going to check some leads," Ziva answered. Her voice had no energy only sadness.

Gibbs looked over at her and sighed. He knew he was doing was for the best, but seeing her in pain did hurt.

"Shit. I know he is up to something," Fornell said then he took out his smartphone called Simon.

"Hello," answered Simon.

"Have you heard from or seen DiNozzo?" asked Fornell.

"No. Is he in trouble?" asked Simon.

"Maybe. I'll have someone trace his smartphone," Fornell said.

"Keep me abreast. I consider him a friend," said Simon.

Fornell hung up. He walked over to Ruiz was seated and looked at her until he drew her attention.

"Trace, DiNozzo's smartphone for me," he said.

"Yes, sir," she said.

Getting on the computer, she started to do as she was asked, while Fornell stood over her shoulder and watched. Sacks walked up beside him.

"What did DiNozzo do now?" Sacks asked.

"Not now," Fornell growled.

"If he's gone off the reservation again it is going to cost him his job," Sacks said.

"Do me a favor and ask off my team," barked Fornell in a voice a few decibels too loud.

Gibbs and Ziva looked at each other. Fornell acting like this meant only one thing: he thought DiNozzo was in trouble. Gibbs stood up and walked over to him with Ziva following him.

"I've traced his phone," said Ruiz.

"Where is he?' asked Fornell.

"Parking lot," she said.

Fornell headed off with Sacks, Gibbs, and Ziva in tow. They headed out to the parking lot where they found Tony's smartphone lying in the spot where his car used to be parked. Fornell picked it up and checked the last call. It had been deleted.

Gibbs took out his cellphone: "Abby. Pull the security tape of the parking lot for the last hour. We'll be down in your lab in a minute."

"What am I looking for, Gibbs?" she asked.

"Agent DiNozzo," he answered.


Abby went through the security footage. She found Tony and stopped.

"Okay, show us everything," said Fornell.

Abby looked at Gibbs who nodded yes.

They watched as Tony made it to his car. He looked upset and emotional then his smartphone rang. Once he answered it, his body language changed. He became cocky and aggressive. The call lasted a few minutes then he seemed to sigh. His body sank in on itself. Tony placed his smartphone on the ground then got into his car and drove away.

"Hasan called him," Gibbs said. "Trace all calls to his cellphone."

"He's probably offering himself to Hasan in the hopes of getting a chance to stop him," said Fornell.

"He's going to get himself killed," said Sacks.

No one needed to hear this, especially Ziva. She grabbed him by his tie and pulled him down so they were eye to eye.

"You are a coward. Why don't you go hide somewhere, pakhdn," she snarled.

She let go of his tie then pushed him back so he almost fell.

"Let's find DiNozzo," said Gibbs.


Tony entered the Men's Room of the Four Seasons. It was large, clean, and smelled sterile. There were several men in it, a couple at the urinals and three in the stalls. Hasan stood near the sinks with a briefcase that Tony guessed was filled with Y Pestis powder. He needed to get rid of the civilians then make his move.

"You look like Omar Sharif before he started looking like a raccoon," remarked Tony.

"You killed my brother," said Hasan.

Tony saw the men react to this. They knew they were in trouble.

"You sound so clichéd right now. Come on, Hasan, you can do better than that," he said.

Hasan smiled. It was a cruel smile, which sent a chill down Tony's spine.

The guys at the urinal looked at Tony. He showed them his badge finished up and bolted out of there.

"It must have been something you said," joked Tony.

"I look forward to you dying," said Hasan.

A toilet flushed and Hasan looked over to see a man leave one of the stall. When he turned back Tony had his Glock pointed at him. Hasan lifted the briefcase up in front of him and smiled: "Shoot me and you release the Y Pestis into this bathroom."

"Anybody in this Men's room get out now. I am FBU agent," he called out.

Several men bolted out of the stalls and rushed out of the Men's Room leaving Tony alone with Hasan. He looked Hasan, who smiled at him. The man was insane.

"I told you agent," Hasan started speaking.

Tony didn't let him finish. He first shot a hole in the briefcase sending Y Pestis particles into the air then he put two bullets into Hasan's chest killing him. Tony then rushed over to the Men's Room door and bolted it locking himself in the Men's Room with the Y Pestis. Once that was done, he took out the burner cellphone he had purchased before coming.

"Fornell," growled Fornell.

"Tobias. Hasan's dead and I have a problem. I'm in the bathroom of the Four Seasons, ground floor. The Y Pestis is in the air. I've locked myself in the bathroom with the Y Pestis and Hasan's body," he told him.

"Don't move. I'll have biohazard people come to deal with the Y Pestis. How are you?" asked Fornell.

"I think I've been exposed, Tobias," he said.

"Jesus," Fornell sighed. "I'll take care of everything, Tony. Just concentrate of staying optimistic."

"Sure, Tobias," Tony said then he hung up.

Tony put his back up against the Men's Room and slid down it until he was seated.

"Oh, DiNozzo, you just don't like yourself, do you?" he asked aloud, as people started banging on the door.

"Occupied," he yelled. "Use another Men's Room."