A/N: Full Summary – Becky Rosen spent her high school years branded a loser, her college years invisible and her current adult life a freak, but the worst thing about Becky's life at present is the reappearance of the tall handsome Sam Winchester, who she's been in love with for year. With a little help can Becky get the man of her dreams? Meanwhile Castiel James Novak is a hardworking Accountant at SBI Inc. who is going through a painful divorce. His wife Amelia is out to ruin him and he doesn't know why, though his suspects his brother Gabriel does. With his life already a mess, Castiel doesn't need the attention of Dean Winchester, especially when that attention could cost him everything.

I wasn't sure who to put this under. Destiel or Becam... but I picked Destiel as they take up most of the story. (At least I think they will)

For future reference: Bell is short for Balthazar. I know a lot of people shorten it to Balth but if I actually knew him, I'd shorten it to Bell, so I did.

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Anyway. Enjoy.


The pile of papers and files hit the table with a load bang causing the young sectary to jump. "These need to be filed away." Said the tall leggy blond who walked around the place as if she owned it, when really she was just one in a large group of the company's secretaries.

Becky looked up at her with deep rooted disdain. She'd grown up with women like this; they'd made her high school years a nightmare. It was women like this that made Becky's inside want to scream. All she wanted to do was prove that she could be successful, that she could get the hot guys. She'd always told herself that if she could do that, then she would be happy. The problem was, Becky wasn't the hot guy magnet girls like Ruby were. She didn't have the confidence that made the other woman radiate sexual energy and power. She was just poor little Becky Rosen, Stamford graduate and sectary.

Her university degree hadn't been the wonderful, life altering miracle it had promised to be. She'd left Stamford and bounced around from job to job until finally landing on her feet at Sandover Bridge and Iron Inc. It wasn't anything near her dream job. In fact if Becky was honest she'd never really had a dream job. She'd just wanted something that would make her smug high school classmates green with envy. Sadly that was highly unlikely to happen in her current position.

A snap of perfectly manicured fingers pulled her from her mournful thoughts and back into the present. "You're not paid to daydream freak."

Becky bit her lip and pushed herself out of her chair, snatching the pile of files and turning away from the desk. She'd been called freak by most of the typing pool since Ruby had discovered her notebook with its pages upon pages of fan-fiction about her favourite book series, Supernatural. It was just a hobby, something to pass the time at lunch or when the office was quiet. It wasn't like it was her life or anything, but it had been enough to gain her an unflattering nickname and the butt of everyone's jokes for over three months. She'd even come to work to find some very disturbing magazines left in her in-tray.

She was making her way to the large file room in the basement when it happened. Standing there waiting for the lifts she saw him. At least she'd thought she'd seen him, out of the corner of her eye. She craned her neck over the partitions and winced at the pain that shot through it, shaking her head finally, she told herself there was no way it was him. Not a change. Not here. Not after all this time.

The bell chimed to tell Becky the lift had arrived. The doors opened and Becky smiled nervously at the dark haired man who was already inside as she stepped over the threshold and into the corner, the large pile of paper pressed to her chest.

"Floor?" the deep gravelly voice asked.

"Basement, thanks."

The doors closed and Becky frowned wondering why the hell she was seeing Sam Winchester walking around SBI Inc.


"And what bring the boss man down to visit us lowly worker bees?" Dean smirked as his brother's head, appeared around the door of his so-called office. "Don't tell me, your air-conditioners packed up again."

"Actually Jerk, I thought you'd like to catch lunch. But if you're too busy with…" he glanced at the magazine on Dean's work bench. "…with your hobby?"

Dean followed his brother's gaze and gave a large grin. "I'm sure the girls can live without me for an hour," getting out of his chair, "Where we going bitch?"

Sam laughed at they left the small boiler room Dean liked to call the pit. "I don't know, White Castle maybe?"

"Bacon cheeseburgers, prefect choice." Dean laughed shrugging into his leather jacket.

"Dean, don't you get bored down in that little room all on your own?" Sam asked as they walked out into the bright afternoon light.

"Bored? With the girls and my music? Never?" he laughed. "I think you're confusing my job with yours there Sammy."

Sam rolled his eyes. "My work is far from boring Dean, I've had three meeting this morning. Zachariah's had me jumping through hops for days."

Dean laughed unsympathetically, slapping his brother on the back. "The joys of a university education."

"You could have had one too you know, if you hadn't blown most of your collage fund on parties and fixing up that stupid car."

Dean froze mid step. "Take that back right now." he voice dropped dangerously. "My baby is not a stupid car."

Sam rolled his eyes and sighed dramatically. "Fine. Sorry."

"And?" Dean's gaze narrowed.

"The Impala's the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect piece of engraining on the planet and I'm lucky to be allowed to taint her beauty with my sticky rancid ass." It was an old routine, carried over from when they were children. The name calling, the banter, it was what made their relationship what it was, strong and unbreakable.

Dean ran his hand over the metal of the black 67 Chevy Impala. "Don't you listen to him baby, he just doesn't understand us."

"You're a sick, sick man Dean Winchester. - It's no wonder you've never had a proper relationship, you're too in love with this car. - There's a name for people like you?"

"Lucky." Dean laughed, pulling open the door and sliding behind the wheel. "And what do you mean never had a proper relationship. I can name two, Cassie and Lisa."

Sam stared at him open mouthed. "Really? You were with Cassie for a month tops, before you freaked and took off on a road trip for a year and as for Lisa…" he fell silent as Dean glared at him. Sam knew from experience that there were some subjects that you just didn't bring up around his big brother and his disastrous semi-relationship with Lisa was one of them.

The Impala roared to life and rolled out of the company car park, its occupancy sitting in a strained silence.


"Hey buddy?"

Castiel turned sharply at the sound of his brother's voice and groaned. He had worked to be doing. The business accounts of SBI Inc. wouldn't audit themselves. "What do you want Gabriel?"

"Drinks after work? It's Friday, party time."

Castiel shook his head. "Can't, I've got Claire this weekend. - As you well know."

Gabriel strolled through the opening in his kid brother cubical. "Shit, I forgot. That blows chucks, man, Bell's in town an'all."

Castiel fixed his gaze on the computer screen. "I'm not giving up time with my daughter to go boozing with you two losers. I don't see Claire enough as it is."

"I didn't ask you to dude." Gabriel snapped indignantly.

"I'm known. Sorry." Castiel sighed, turning an apologetic look at his brother. "I - It's just…Amelia's making trouble again."

"Bitch." Gabriel growled. "I never liked that woman. - I'm sorry bro, but you know I didn't and I've never hidden it from you. She was always trying to get you to be someone else and she just weren't right for you." he gave him a deep and meaningful stare that always made Castiel think Gabriel knew something he did.

The dark haired man lowered his head sadly, Gabriel had a point. Him and Amelia had been great at the beginning, she's even found his name cute while they were at collage, but when they'd left and their lives had taken that turn into adulthood, getting married, having Claire, getting a proper job, the cracks had begun to show. His family had welcomed her, well everyone by Gabriel. Balthazar had been fine with her too until he found out that she'd made him start using his middle name rather than his given one. She'd said that Castiel was too unusual and no one could pronounce it properly and she hated having to go through the whole 'explanation' of why he was called it.

Castiel had been so besotted with his ex-wife that he'd gone along with everything she asked because; well that's what husbands did. They made their spouse happy. It had been the shock of a lifetime when Amelia had turned around one evening and told him with tears in her eyes but no emotion in her voice that she was leaving him. That had been just over a year ago and the woman seemed determined to punish him, though for what he couldn't conceive.

"How about me and Bell grab some movies and a pizza and come over your place? It's been ages since I've seen squirt. - It'll be a nice family night in."

Castiel thought for a moment. He'd wanted to spend all his time with Claire, just the two of them, but Gabriel was right, he hadn't seen his niece in a long time. Amelia seemed determined not only to punish him but his entire family. "Sure." he finally said, coming to the conclusion he had the whole weekend what was one night.

"Excellent." Gabriel grinned. "I'll grab the snacks."

"No sweets." Castiel announced determinedly.

"Oh, come on baby bro. You can't have a movie night without candy."

"Yes you can. And we will."

"Spoil sport." Gabriel mopped as he walked away, not even bothering to conceal the grin on his face.

Both men knew the elder Novak would turn up with more candy than Willy Wonka. Castiel watching him go, unable to fight the smile on his face. This weekend was going to be wonderful, just him, his daughter and his two idiot brothers. What more could a man ask for.

A/N: Title a combination of two song titles. Second Chance by Shinedown and Be Yourself by Audioslave. I was having a hell of a time coming up with a title for this story and these two just jumped out at me, unable to pick between the two I decided to use both.