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Okay so I'm your average teenage girl my name's Kia, Kia Blackwood and I live in Philadelphia.

Where am I right now though? Egypt. Why? Because my uncle is a world renowned archeologist and he got some random call about some tomb that his team had just found a couple of kilos away from the Valley of the Kings.

Now don't get me wrong I adore Egypt and all of its history but I wasn't a fan of sitting around and waiting as they all carefully uncovered the tomb of a possible pharaoh, priestess, or a very important person.

I was just rocking on my heels quietly waiting which was very out of character for me. I wasn't in the dirt working because of two things

I was wearing white and I don't like physical labor…at all.

Now you're probably thinking well she knew she was going to a dig so why not just where black or something?

Well to simply answer that question I was tricked into coming here without breakfast at the hotel which is why I have my changing clothes in my shoulder bag that I did have with me I had actually planned to change behind a pillar of the ancient ruins.

But no such luck because with the exception of sand, sand, sand, and more, sand and there was one more thing more fudging sand there was nothing but the grainy annoying stuff I mean honestly I really do pity the ancient Egyptian who got buried here.

It was four o'clock now and getting kind of cooler but not by much but it will be soon.

"Hello" I heard the first voice talk to me in over an hour. "Umm hi." I wasn't used to talking on the digs unless it was lunch or dinner.

Then when I looked up I was even more shocked at what I was seeing the boy was my age well maybe a bit older but what's a couple years right?

But he was obviously Egyptian he had nice tan skin and slight muscle definition he was wearing a black shirt that had a skull on the front with nice black skinny jeans; he had jewelry too, two small hoped earrings on both his ears one gold bracelet a necklace with an ankh hanging from it and three blue and gold rings on both his hands.

But before you all get the wrong idea there was nothing feminine about this man at all so stop thinking about it.

"You look bored?" He questioned the "yeah I'm not that big on skipping breakfast, lunch and then possibly dinner and then spending my whole day here" "you don't like being on dig sites?" "No those I don't mind it's the digging part but other than that I love Egypt and its history."

"Well I can see that" he gestured to my henna tattoos (my uncle wouldn't hear of me getting an actual tattoo).

I had the eye of Horus on my shoulder just below my white T-shirt which had a khepash in the center of it I also had the hieroglyphics for Isis, Anubis, and Osiris going down the same arm and on the other I wore a prayer to the gods written in Arabic.

"Oh I just got these yesterday…well I renewed them yesterday so they don't look faded and yeah I guess I have always been a fan of Egypt." "And the gods apparently" "Well I think they're pretty awesomely epic" he grinned at me showing his nice white teeth but they were kind of sharp not like a vampire or anything but they just seemed sharp kind of like a dog's not very sharp to look at but you just know they are.

"Do you have a favorite?" "I put my finger to my lip and thought and came to a conclusion "Anubis would have to be my favorite" "oh really why's that?" "I laughed a bit "you ask a lot of questions but I don't know he just seems really cool." "Ahh well if you'd like me and a friend were gonna go to lunch now or dinner I suppose…he's slow in the getting ready and very bi- whinny about being woken up during his version of early."

I had a feeling of what he was gonna say before he caught himself to say whinny. "Oh sure that sounds great" "well okay then he's out by the Valley of the Pharaoh but I parked where everyone else did…if you can call it that."

I laughed because I knew what he meant all the archeologists just left all their cars in one random area in some random order.

So we began to walk on occasionally talking about how much closer everyone could have parked but it was a pretty good twenty minute walk, then when we got there he showed me to his nice shiny convertible I didn't know a lot about cars but I could tell that this was nice car.

As I got into the passenger seat there was one thing that I realized that I was getting in the car with some boy who I just met and knew slim to nothing about him isn't this exactly what my aunt and uncle old me never to do.

Yeah it was but he didn't seem like some kind of a serial killer pr psychopath maniac.

But I should at least know his name I guess.

I fastened my seat belt and looked at him and said "hey uhh so what's your name anyway?"

"Oh it's Anubis" I could have died when he said that and here I am wearing Anubis' name in hieroglyphics so it's kind of like having his name on my arm but I suppose I shouldn't see it like that I mean it was meant as tribute to the god Anubis.

"So do you think I could have your name since you have mine?"

"Oh yeah sorry it's Kia." "Well then it's nice to meet you Kia…that's a beautiful name by the way and it fits someone as beautiful as you."

I couldn't help but to blush and turned my head away to face the window.

"Thank you" he slowly came to a stop as a blonde boy walked up to his side of the car. This boy had a creamy almost golden skin tone.

He was wearing a blue shirt that had a falcon on it with the eye of Horus in the background and plain blue jeans he was good looking like Anubis and wore jewelry but not as much as Anubis he had a silver necklace on which the eye of Horus dangled down from his neck as well as a golden bracelet which had a falcon hanging from his wrist.

Anubis looked at him and then rolled his eyes and the muttered something about the gut being too conceded.

"Hi Anubis finally decided to come and get me I see" he looked at me "with a very beautiful girl whose name is…" "Kia my name is Kia."

"Ahh well you have a very beautiful name then Kia mine is Horus this one, Anubis is my cousin" he pointed to Anubis as he said this.

Anubis had a look of sincere regret in his eyes as he said "if you don't get in the car now I'll leave you here alone until tomorrow when I leave after the dig is over for the day and that's if I'm in a good mood" "okay, okay" Horus jumped into the car and Anubis sped off as soon as he landed in his seat in the back.

"So is your family into the Egyptian gods or something like that?"

I finally asked I mean why else would they name two people in the family after two Egyptian gods.

They both smirked and simultaneously said "something like that" "oh" was all I said in return...

When we pulled up at the restaurant I recognized it as Cairo it was busy with people running around and speaking Arabic I heard a bit of a variety but that's all I really heard to be honest.

I couldn't tell you anything else about the language even if I tried my hardest and I've been here who knows how many times

Our hotel was here too so I'd probably go back there or return to the valley of the kings not the dig…they'd be there until midnight and that's if there's some kind of a sand storm if not they'll be breaking out the tents and I couldn't be paid enough to go back there and stay.

I got out the car and couldn't read a single thing on the menu as we sat down.

I was turning the menu in every possible direction as I struggled to read it until Horus who was sitting next to me took the menu from me and smiled as he asked "need some help?"

I blushed yet again as the waiter came up and spoke in Arabic Horus ordered for me and then Anubis ordered for himself.

Anubis glared at Horus as he said "you never cease to amaze me" it was full of sarcasm "thank you" Horus spoke mockingly.

"Wait why he didn't order me anything gross did he Anubis smiled at me "no but he is being well you'll see but don't worry it's a good dish."

"Oh okay but question what is it?" Horus answered that as he batted his eyes at me which were very nice and assured me to wait and that it was a good surprise; I just hoped it really was a good one.

The waiter soon returned to us with a bottle of whine and gold chalices as well as water.

Actually when I looked at it this whole place had a bit of an ancient Egypt feel to it and I loved it.

Anubis poured us all cups of wine I looked at the chalice and then felt that annoying conscience of mine say 'you know you're under age don't you dare even take a sip of it' "I can't drink I'm underage" I told them.

In unison they both said "so" then Anubis started so are we but no one's gonna say anything to us it's not like we drink that often and it's hard to come by a place that sells good liquor with no questions asked.

I looked up at the picture of the gods on the wall they aligned the whole restaurant Isis was in front of our table it made e feel guilty myth or not she was supposedly a motherly figure that all should look up to.

"I guess but I…" "relax just have one cup it won't kill you, or make the least bit tipsy as long as you drink moderately that is.

I sighed and took one sip it tasted alright I suppose it was like drinking grape juice to be honest.

When our food came the waiter sat down two dishes on the table and then left after saying something in Arabic.

I looked at Horus and said "where's your food aren't you hungry?"

He took one of my stuffed mushrooms and smiled

"I thought we could share Faryal" he said it so nicely that it sounded seductive.

I then snapped back into reality and said "umm okay I guess."

Anubis rolled his eyes and took the food from Horus and sat it in the center of the table along with his own and smirked "then we can all share." Horus frowned but didn't protest.

When we finished Anubis was sure to order dessert for us and didn't let Horus say a thing.

For dessert we had this hot bun like thing that was really warm with some kind of syrup in the center it was delicious.

When the waiter brought out the check I was about to take out I was about to pay for it but Anubis and Horus just wouldn't hear of it and paid for it in get this gold pieces and told the waiter to keep all of it and then we left to the car.

This time me and Horus were in the back because Horus said he wanted someone to talk to and insisted on it so Anubis asked me to just do it so he'd shut up.

"So where too next Kia" Anubis asked as we all got settled into the car it was a lot cooler now and I was beginning to shiver but I tried not to show…I didn't want them to think I'm some girl that they have to do stuff for.

"Umm well where were you planning to go?" I asked so I'd be sure not to inconvenience them.

Anubis just shrugged, "I was just gonna visit some temples maybe stop into the valley."

"Well that's cool with me." I said it was what I wanted to do anyway Horus grinned and then looked me up and down.

"Nice tattoos" he said I'm guessing he's just now realizing that I had them well it's not like they are very loud so I guess it would be hard to tell that I had them the whole time.

I smiled and said "thanks" as I closed my eyes letting the air surround me it was so nice.

It was really dark by the time we got to the valley and when I say dark I mean pitch black. Horus was and Anubis seemed like this was a normal thing for them to be doing they also both apparently had keys to unlock the gate that guarded some of the tombs my dad had one and I actually had one as well it was for when I gave tours of the place during the day but I wouldn't come in during the night I mean who would want to there are like forty three dead people down here definitely more.

"Do you guys always come here this late?" I asked honestly.

"Yeah" Anubis smiled and said no worries we've got passes to be in here at night and any other day we want.

"Yeah so do I but what about all the oh I don't know all dead kings what if they decide to go all night of the living dead on us."

Horus and Anubis both laughed as we went into King Tutankhamen's tomb.

"Nothing like that's gonna happen" Horus reassured me and then added "besides he's been dead for centuries we could take em' guaranteed"

I laughed as we went deeper inside the tomb had always loved Tut's bridge he was a great king especially for one so young.

I even got a little teary eyed as I looked at the room where he was buried it was sad that such a wonderful civilization is no more I sometimes think I was born in the wrong time era I mean I love ancient Egypt so why couldn't I have been born then I mean it'd make a lot of sense if you ask me.

We were just about to all leave when out of nowhere Anubis pulled me back and…

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