Alright guys you need to say who you want Kia to be with because in like eight more chapters which ever God wins is who she'll be with and every single God you can think of counts from any Religion/ mythology.

As the carriage was pulled I looked out the window to see us passing the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian homes. They were even bigger in person as we passed and I stared is wonder.

"Which one do you like the most," I heard Anubis ask making me jump out of my wonder.

"The castle," I say not even thinking what if he wanted me to say the pyramid.

He smiled and said, "the castle….we call it the home of Christianity."

My eyes widened so, "so wait which partake of the Bible is right?"

"It's a long and complicated story that you don't need to hear."

"Okay fine…. So had did evil get put into the world dam and Eve or Pandora's box?"

"Okay you named two of the many stories of how evil came into the world…but if you must know….we the Gods did give Pandora her box and tell Adam and Eve not to eat an apple."

My mouth fell open, "but why did you…."

"Honestly we were bored and it was funny seeing their reactions to what they'd done."

"So wait you all new, you knew that Pandora would open her box and Adam and Eve would eat the apple?"

"Well yes but the fruit was a pomegranate…not an apple…where'd that even come from anyway?"

"It came from you all not being specific and….and wait how, when, why did, how did…."

"Kia if you make me sit here and explain ever single story to you we'll literally be here for centuries."

I wanted to ask some much more but going through my list of questions and things I needed to be explained I knew he was right we would be here for a century. So I looked for one question that I desperately wanted to be answered.

"2012…The book of Revelations, the calendar of the Mayans is that all…..are you all really going to destroy the world.

Anubis looked as I'd asked him a question that he himself didn't no the answer to as if he were trying to decide.

"….We do not know it's being taken into consideration but no we are not sure."

I sat back and watched the scenery we were passing what seemed to be like a village of huge and fancy buildings. As the carriage stopped at an all-black gothic looking castle Anubis and I stepped out and he gave the dogs each a little tray of Cesar dog food (at the time I forgot to ask where exactly he'd gotten it from.)

He led me to the door and I stepped back.

"I am not going in there," Now before you say Kia don't be a coward let me tell you that if you were here well let's just say that the grass is most certainly not greener.

"Okay I thought we went over this but what part of trust me has not made its way into your mind?"

"I do trust you it's the castle I don't trust."

"It's just the house of meeting it'll be fine, no come on before we're late."

Now again any sane person would've high tailed it out of their but no not Kia. As we walked down the dark purple blank hallway I saw nothing but purple walls, floors, and a purple sealing we walked in silence until we came to a red door (I know a red door at the end of an all purple hallway )

Anubis was about to open the door and I grabbed his arm.

"I can't go in there," I said in a whisper scream. He just rose an eyebrow at me. I looked down.

"I look stupid coming in there with this on I bet you'll stick out like a sore thumb too."

He smirked and said, "We'll see about that and he opened the door and suddenly I was pulled into giant room with a giant table in the middle in which almost all the seats were full except for a few. There were men and woman but more men and they all looked beautiful all wearing different clothes that I could tell defined which Religion/not so myths they came from.

They all had food at the table too and I realized I was hungry for the first time that morning. I then noticed Anubis had on new clothes, he had on nothing but a skirt and sandals but he still had on all his jewelry and makeup. I saw many people dressed as he was some women were wearing long dresses of different colors. There was one woman though who wore a rainbow color dress, she was beautiful without a doubt. Then I saw him, Horus he had on the robes of an Egyptian king and had a crown to top it off. My God or Gods I hate to say it but he looked sexy fine.

But then I realized that I'd forgotten someone….I'd forgotten myself. My clothes had changed too I was wearing a purple and gold dress that fell over my feet which I could feel were bear for some reason. It was a halter dress that opened on the sides as well and that was where the gold was; my hair flowing down my back as it did only for special occasions.

Anubis let go of my hand and knelt down to the ground as did everyone else but it wasn't to me it was to; I wasn't that special. No, it was to…..