Alright. I know I have homework. But, I'm taking a quick break to put up this idea that I've had in my head since the 5th grade. Yup. That long. I'd like to thank my A.L.P. teacher Mr. Carroll, for without whom, this probably would have never existed. Alright, bold is one of those depp narrator voices. Italicized is Elm talking as a narrator. He has a kid's voice, sort of scratchy and a few octaves over normal.

Welcome to a world of beauty.

It shows a bright jungle, with a butterfly flying lazily through.

A world filled with amazing creatures.

A giant turtle sluggishly walks through a desert.

A world out of time.

It shows an olden country.

Welcome to a world, where wishes come true.

There is a kid, sitting in a high throne.

This, is Ivalice.

Shows a great expanse of land.

And, so it this.

The camera streaks for a minute, before showing a small, snow-covered town.

Welcome, to St. Ivalice

"Hey New Kid!" A guy yells, throwing a snowball at a yellow-haired kid as he passes.

"Geek!" A shorter one yells, his hoodie wrapped around his waist. He throws a snowball at the kid.

Hi. My name is Elm. I just moved from Arizona to the snowy scape that is St. Ivalice. Sure there are bullies. But the real problem is that... things aren't as they appear.

The snowy schoolyard is changed into a bleak desert.

IT followed me here. I just can't rid myself of IT.

There is a bright blue light shinging in the background.

The thing is. I'm not normal. Not since IT. And IT has taken so much from me.

Elm wakes up in a sweat, his eyes moving around the dark room.

That's why we moved here. Me and my mom. However, IT has followed. And I just can't shake the feeling that The Event will repeat itself. I cannot allow that.

A book is placed in between five kids, one with rough brown hair, a girl with pink hair, the boy with yellow hair, a boy in a wheelchair, and Elm.

But, that's crazy talk. I mean, what can one wish do?

The golden-haired boy thrusts out a sword, which connects with a humanoid lizard's head.

A man in a cloak sends a giant fireball at a huge bug.

A girl with rabbit ears pulls back on her bow.

"I remember." A short, stuffed-animal-like creature said. "You, kupo!"

A whole damn lot.

Return of the Chrysallis

A/N: Well, what'cha think? I'll get around to it at some point before my fourth Titan story.