Well, here's my favorite part so far. Hope you enjoy!

I've changed into my good cothes. No, not the one with the tie, but the one with the collar. So, Arria had chose to wear more revealing clothes. If she wasn't a monster, she'd be freezing her tail off. We wait patiently for Mewt and Ritz to arrive. We haven't even gone inside, and since no one was looking, I had lit a fire in my hand with magic.

"Nya! You are a rule breaker!" Arria insisted for the fifth time in ten minutes.

"I wonder what barbecued cat will taste like."

"Admit it!" She said, ignoring the comment.

"Is it true if I cut off your whiskers, then you'd fall over."

"Don't deny it!"

"Shh! They're coming." I snuff the fire out, and put on a huge smile.

"Hey. Did you see a light over here?" Ritz asked. And then she caught Arria's unnatural choice of winter clothing. "Uh, Arria? How long have you been out here?"

"Oh, ten minutes or so." Arria replied nonchalantly.

"Aren't you cold?" Mewt asked, trying to get a firmer hold on a book that was completely wrapped in paper.

"Nyah." Arria said, before knocking on the door. A woman that I assumed to be Marche's mother answered.

"Who is it?" She asked.

"We're Marche's friends from school." Ritz said, smiling.

"Oh, isn't that sweet. Marche! Your guests are here!" She yelled up the stairs.

"Tell them to come on up!" Marche's voice came from upstairs.

"Go on up." Marche's mom said happily. We walked slowly up the stairs. I could hear Marche talking with someone.

"Only 'cause there's nothing else to do at the hospital. Nothing except read and play games..." The second voice said. That was probably Doned.

"Hello! We're here!" Ritz called.

"Nya! Everyone better have clothes on!" She earned a smack on the back of the head from me. "Nya? What'd I say?" She asked as she walked in. She stuck out like a sore thumb, and that was compared to Doned, who was in a wheelchair. Everyone else was bundled up in thick sweaters. Arria noticed a small stove.

"Ooooh." She curled up by the fire, purring quietly.

"You mudt be Doned! I'm Ritz. I'm your brother's classmate." Mewt remained quiet. "And this is Mewt."

"Name's Elm. That's Arria. We're from Arizona." I say, shaking his hand.

"Hiya." He said, staring questioningly at Arria.

"You get that book, Mewt?" Marche asked. Mewt sat down and began pulling out a book. Everyone was so focused on the book, that thankfully I was the only one who noticed that Arria's ears were visible, and her tail swished behind her.

"Can you please excuse us?" I ask, trying to hide the sudden dry, scaly skin on the left side of my face.

"Huh? Okay." Mewt said, trying to see what I was hiding. I smile widely, before running into the bathroom, Arria not far behind.

"Not exactly the guy I'd want to be in a bathroom with." Arria mewed.

"Now's not the time to be picky." I reply, feeling a small bump on my forehead. "What do you think is making our true forms come out?"

"Nya! Baka! Hon!" Arria hissed.


"Hon no Mewt-san!"

"What about Mewt's book?"

"Hon no Mewt-san, Chrysallis."

"No, that's crazy."


"I'm not an idiot."

"Then." She said, clearing her throat. "What other 'cool book' would do this, huh?"


"That's what I thought." With a tearing sound, the horn made its way through my skin, poking out of my skull.

"That suits you."

"Oh shut up."

"Feeling horny?"

"I will kill you. Sssssslowly and painfully." I snarl, but it was getting harder to speak clearly now that my jaw was jutting out, and my tongue became smaller and less able to make words. My hands move to my mouth. "Thissssss isssss bullssssshit."

"*snicker* You- sound- funny!" She said, trying to stifle her laughter.

"Oh look, you're getting fat." She gasped before looking down. Okay, truthfully, she wasn't getting fat. But she was getting larger. She managed to get out of her clothes as the last of the green fur covered her body, and her bone structure became more feline. And large. She jumped out of the window, swinging onto the roof.

"I don't like you." She literally growled. I step out after her, and a green paw grabbed me by my arm. Our true forms were appearing, and let me tell ya, Frankenstein's monster got off easy compared to me. And Arria was alot better than me. She had a tail, cat ears, and slitted pupils. She also had paws instead of hands, and whiskers. She was your average Neko.

"Look at me!" I gesture at my tail which was starting to tear through my pants, and then to the horn on my head, and then to the left side of my face, which was scaly and dry.

"Yeah. Maybe you could join the circus!"

"Oh yeah, a circus would accept me." I reply, forcing sarcasm into my voice.

"Oh, come off it." Arria said quietly. She curled herself around me. "You're still the same on the inside. No book will change that."

"Change! Arria! A wish! If they do have the book then they will make a wish! It's the magic in the book!" I look into the window of Marche and Doned's bed room.

"If you could use magic, maybe you'd be better at sports!" Doned said, causing fits of laughter to come from the rest.

"That's not funny!" Marche yelled, red coming to his face.

"Hah hah. It's true!" Doned cackled.

"It'd be cool if this really were a magic book..." Mewt said. Oh, if only you knew. "Haven't you ever read a book and thought 'What if the world in this book was the real world?' " Over my dead body!

"I dunno. Most books are soooo boring." Ritz responded.

"We've got to get in there!" I whispered to Arria.

"Oh, that will go over well." She responded. "A neko and a mage walk into a human's house-"

"And this is where the duck says 'Put it on my bill', right?" I ask sarcastically.

"I was going to say it would cause hysteria."

"Then we grab the book. They haven't made a wish yet! There's still time!"

"Okay, if you could make any game real, which would it be?" Marche asked.

"I'd pick Final Fantasy. That's my favorite." Mewt responded.

"Uh oh." Arria whispered.

"What?" I ask.

"The conversation had everything needed to make a wish."


"Mewt said the incantation, there was the word wish, and Mewt said he'd want the world to be like Final Fantasy. That's just enough."

"Oh, come on. That sounds like a faulty contract!"

"Shhh. They're leaving." Arria whispered, before jumping off of the roof. I shrugged to myself, before jumping after her. We landed in an alley way next to a light pole. "Hey! Elm isn't feeling good!" She yelled at the kids that were leaving the house.

"Oh my! Let me see." Ritz said, walking over to us. Thinking fast, I changed some of the snow beneath our feet to water and made wrenching sounds. Liquid came into the light, a green color from a special mixture that I poured into the water. Ritz stepped back.

"I'm taking him home!" Arria yelled, before pretending to help me to my feet and threw my arm around her shoulder. As soon as we were on the other side of the alley, I slumped to my knees. "Elm?"


"Spit out." She said softly, stooping down and putting a hand around my back.

"I've failed." I croaked.

"Elm, you haven't failed."

"Yes I have. There's one thing that I have to do, and that is keep the supernatural and the humans from mixing." To my surprise, she pulled me into a soft hug.

"You haven't failed. It'll just be a bit rocky from now on. We'll fix it." She helps me to my feet, and we slowly trudge back home. But none of her words would stop the tears streaming down my cheeks.