(This is my first story! :D Also, you can request me any quickie, including your OC(s) or even help me!)

Well, we start in Petropolis!

It was a beautiful morning, everything was so nice. "Oh, Snaptrap!" A white dog with a black t-shirt yelled. Then, a kitten with a spy suit yelled "Don't worry, Dudley! This is easy!" Then, a paranoic and crazy allergic to cheese rat laughed evilly and said "Hahahaha! Agent puppy and katswell! You can't stop me now! I am going to open a portal to a different dimension! And I will rule it!" that rat's name was Verminious Snaptrap. "Let's stop him now!" Shouted Dudley.

While it was taking place, on a magic and colorful kingdom, full of little creatures called Toads, (A/N: Thanks, Wiki Mario!) a hybrid of a turtle and dragon monster was building a rare portal (A/N: Or at least he was helping) while yelling, "Hahahaha! I am going to a different dimension to get help to rule Mushroom kingdom! Hahahaha! Goombas, bring that here! Koopas! That should be connected there!" Started to scream the evil king, called Bowser. "No! That isn't supposed to be there! Move it!"

(A/N: This is a 3 crossover, don't forget it!) Then, in a magical island full of piñatas, a professor called pester was building (A/N: At the same time, of course) a portal to another dimension to get all the candy of the piñatas there. (A/N: Here enters one of my OCs: Stary! :D) Then, a little blue colored pretztail was running around some piñatas while saying "Hey! Where are we going to go! Tell me! Tell me please! I want to get there! I am so excited!" then, a bigger orange pretztail said "Whoa! Calm down Stary! Were' just going to the park!" A big brown bear said "Not a park exactly, Paulie, we are going to the New park! Epic!" Shouted happily the fizzlybear called Franklin. Paulie just rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile, in another dimension…

"You… will… never defeat me, Valgart!" A red dog (A/N: My 2nd OC Blaze!) with a red tail shouted. "I am going to destroy you at once!" Shouted a great darkness ball. It was Valgart, the killer. "I need some help!" Shouted desesperatily Blaze. "I will open a portal!" Then, she threw a green ball and when it exploded, a great portal appeared on the sky.

"Whoa!"Shouted Dudley, when he saw the portal. Then, the portal started to suck he and kitty. "Oh no! Watch out, Dudley!" Said kitty, knowing the future.

"Oh, Look that Luigi!" Screamed Mario, seeing the portal sucking them. "Mama Mia!" Shouted the two brothers when the portal sucked them.

"Ummm, brother, what is that?" Said Stary, seeing the portal. "I don't know, Stary!" Then, the portal sucked Ella, Franklin, Fergy, Less, Paulie and Stary. What will happen now? With the heroes out of their dimensions, what will villains do? Will they rule their worlds? Will Ella remember this? Snaptrap will stop laughing like a crazy? Will Luigi pee his pants? The answers to these questions and more included in: Mario & TUFF Piñata: when dimensions collide Part 2! Wait for it!