Hi, everyone ! I don't normally write in english, but this one sounded better in english, so enjoy it. Just keep in mind that English is not my language, I had a hard time to make it right... T_T

Pairing : Roy X Ed

Rating : M

Author's Note : I wrote this with the song Forever or Never by Cinema Bizarre, which inspired me this. I recommend to read it with the song.

Forever or Never

He had never believed in miracles. No surprise there. With the life he lived, he doubted to turn thirty. He'd die before long, being too much reckless. Too good to attract trouble. Edward Elric was not stupid, far from it, but this excess energy which ate him, preventing him from thinking properly sometimes to the point of doing stupid things. Life was not worth living if you do not put a grain of salt; otherwise it had a bland taste that would make him sick.

He groaned. His mouth went through his chest in a manner too indecent to be inexperienced. His hands were too hot, almost unbearable, which made him squirm. Hot, too hot. He needed his body, his hands, his mouth...

He had always been open-minded. Always ready for something new. And puberty had spared little when she fell over. Sex was something mystical, exciting, like a forbidden fruit, that Edward had bitten to the fullest. He knew he would not live forever, and he had every intention of profiting as much as the opportunity arose.

Movements were sensual, his voice hoarse and hot in his ear, his body moving as fast as his, this intense pleasure that burned his bowels, which prevented him from holding back, shouting, groaning, of bitching or just screaming to try to lower the pressure that would not disappear ...

He didn't believe in fairy tales. Why pretend to believe that everything would be fine? If he died, there would be no magician to bring him back from the dead for the love of another. Too cynical, he was told. He could live with that. Sleeping with the greatest womanizer of HQ earned him the astonished eyes in disgust and curiosity of others, but he did not care. All that really mattered to him was to be sent to seventh heaven in the hands of this man.
The man himself was surprised. But he had not repelled, attracted by curiosity to do it with a man. But taste Edward Elric was a risk of being addicted. Even inexperienced, he remained a passion too hot to be contained, not wanting to keep it to himself. Roy Mustang had succumbed.

He wanted to feel him in. He needed to feel him inside. He could not stand the wait anymore, he wouldn't last longer. His fingers dug into Roy's shoulders, his back arched, and a long moan left his throat, insisting, tinged with envy, by the want of feeling him inside. Then his eyes opened at once, while Roy sank rapidly in him, and a groan of pleasure crossed his lips. He was lost in the sensations, all stronger than each others; he would die there, impaled on his sex god. A new wave of pleasure rolled, and he exploded, yelling.

Lying in bed, boneless and sated, Edward enjoyed fully the silence that would inevitably come after sex. On his chest, Roy was recovering from their love-making session, his breathing a bit shallow.

"Why did you choose me? I thought you hated me. I am your superior and am also much older than you." Roy asked against the skin of his belly.

"Because I'm not gonna live forever, and that the age and status hardly counts. And because love is never far from hatred."

"Why have you decided now?"

"Because it was now or never. "