POV: Nanami
Chapter 1: New start

I looked up at the buildings, covered with dust and dirt. I've moved around a lot, and this is the first time that I would actually be staying at a place. My parents are the main reasons for moving around a lot, since their work requires moving a lot. This is the first time that I'm attending a public school, I've only attended private girls school before. This is going to be an adventure.
"Ano?" I turned around, a boy with jet-black hair, and green eyes stood before me, he's pretty well built, he had nice features, he's probably the type that girls fall for, "Are you okay?" He asked,
"Eh? Oh... I'm just trying to figure out where my class is..." I sighed, I've been staring at the buildings for at least 10 minutes before he came.
"Oh! Which class are you in?" He smiled, "I can help"

"Uh... 2-B" I said,
"I'm in that class too! But you're a bit early, and I've never seen you in my class before... ah! You're that transfer student!" He grinned, "I'm Sato Toshiya, nice to meet you," He held his hand out in front of me
"Hoshina Nanami," I smiled softly, "Nice to meet you too," I held his hand and shook his arm, his hands are rough and they were really big.
I tilted my head; he had something hanging on his back,
"Baseball bat?" I asked,
"Eh?" He looked at the strap hanging on his shoulder, he nodded, "Yes, baseball..."
"Sugoi! There's a baseball team here?" I beamed,
"Yeah... you like baseball?" He smiled at me, "Not a very common interest for girls..."
I giggled, "Well, my dad is a huge fan of baseball, we would watch baseball when ever its on."
"I see..." He smiled warmly, "We should get going, I have baseball practice, and so I'll get you to the teacher's office first..."
"Okay! Thank you," I followed him into the school grounds, trees surrounded the field, the sky was blue, and birds were singing happily on the tree branches.

"Uh... the teacher's office is the third door on your left," He explained, he pointed at the end of the corridor, "See ya, Hoshina san!"
"Eh? Oh! Uh..." I swallowed, "Sato..."
"Sato kun is fine!" He yelled as he ran off, I waved, he's a pretty nice guy...
"Hoshina san?" A woman with short brown hair greeted me with a huge smile, "I'm Hinata Aoi! Your homeroom teacher, it seems like you've already met Sato kun"
I nodded, "He brought me here,"
"Okay, come on, I'll show you around the buildings first," Hinata sensei smiled brightly, I followed her around the buildings, the equiments were old and out of date but, it's a good school. All the private girls school are too luxurious, going to a school that's different is not that bad.
I smiled,
"What's funny?" Hinata sensei asked, she spotted me giggling behind her,
"It's just, I've never been to a school like this, all the other schools that I went to had laptops and personal butlers,"
"Butlers? I wish I have one of those! Maa! It's a nice change ne?" She asked,
"Yes," I agreed.

"Okay! Everyone silent! As you all know, we have a transfer student!" I stood behind the doors, the chattering stopped, my heart was thumping louder and louder, this happens everytime I transfer.
"Hoshina san? Would you mind coming in?" Hinata sensei asked, I took a deep breath, I slid open the door and walked into the room, there were at least 30 pairs of eyes staring at me.
I heard mumbles and mutters.
"Hoshina san? Introduce yourself!" Hinata sensei grinned,
"Ettou... I'm Hoshina Nanami, nice to meet you all" I smiled,
"Ka..." A boy at the front mumbled,
"Ka?" I repeated,
"KAWAII!" He shouted, the whole class went crazy,
"Hondoni! She's so pretty!" The girl in front of me said,
"Ettou... Arigatou na..." I slightly smiled,
"Class, calm down! We all know that Hoshina san is pretty, don't need to make a fuss about it!" Hinata sensei teased, I blushed and stared at the floor, my head was spinning.
"Anyways! Hoshina san... ettou... Miyazaki!" Hinata sensei turned to a boy with short brown spikey hair, "Would you mind switching seats? I think Hoshina san should sit next to Sato kun since they already met this morning,"
"Eh? It's okay! Uh... I'm fine!" I explained, "Really,"
"I'm okay! Sitting next to Sato for 6 months is not that fun, I mean, he gets all the attention and I just feel left out..." Miyazaki san joked, the class burst into laughter,
"Thank you," I smiled,
I walked off the platform and stood beside my desk, I placed my bag in my desk and sat down, Sato kun stared at me and beamed.

"Hoshina? Would you mind answering this question?" I stood up, the maths equation looked easy.
"The xxxxxx equals xxxxx because xxxxxxx" I answered it easily, I sat back down, there were whispers.
"Sugoi..." Sato kun whispered, "I think I just found a person that can beat me at maths"
"Eh? Wasn't that like the easiest equation there is?" I gasped, "I probably learnt that when I was 10"
"10? Seriously?" He laughed, "I didn't know how to figure that out until last year!"
"My parents aren't often home, so to kill the boredness, I usually study or read something." I looked down at the text book,
"Right..." Sato kun trailed off, "Good idea though," He smiled

"Sato! Don't flirt with the new student! Got that?" The maths teacher shouted across the room, I heared silent giggles from girls and smirks from the boys.
I looked up and blushed, Sato kun did the same,
"Go..Gomen nasai..." He muttered, his face was red.
I giggled, this is really embarrassing... but, I guess, I'm having fun.