POV: Toshiya
Chapter 2: Out to the sea

It's been a week since Hoshina Nanami transferred to our class, she's quite popular, considering the fact that I sat next to her, haha, joking. I stared at the Sakura tree outside, it hasn't bloomed yet, but well, it's summer, it's not supposed to bloom. Baseball... Goro kun should be doing well.
"Sato kun?" my mind drifted back to reality,
"Yeah?" I looked at her, her blonde hair was long, it was above her waist. Her green eyes were shiny, like jewels. She's really pretty, I have to say.
"Here," She placed the handout on my desk, "Hinata sensei said it's on the next exam."
I looked at the questions, they're pretty easy, I turned my attention back to Hoshina san, she smiled at Miyazaki who was drooling over her, I stood up and moved towards her,
"Want me to help you?" I asked,
Hoshina san stared at me blankly,
"It's okay!"
I nodded, "It won't hurt," I grabbed the pile of handout from her arms,
"Arigatou!" She beamed,
Miyazaki wacked me on the arm and joked, "Didn't Hino sensei tell you not to flirt with the new student?"
The whole class burst into laughter, Hoshina san stood in embarrassment.
"Haha, very funny..." I smiled uneasily, "And didn't Hinata sensei tell you to get a girlfriend and enjoy summer?"
"Ah..." Miyazaki shrugged, "SATO!"
He grabbed me, pushed me down and messed with my hair, "Just cos you're popular with the girls, doesn't mean you have to tease me!" He complained.
"Summer..." Hoshina san whispered, "Summer..."
"You okay?" I stood up and rebalanced myself,
Hoshina san nodded, "I'm fine," She smiled weakly.
"AHH!" I turned, Miyazaki stood in horror, "It's SUMMER!"
"Yeah..." I said,
"WE NEED TO GO TO THE BEAAACCHHH!" He shouted, the class cheered and chattered,
"Seriously?" I asked,
"GIRLS IN BIKINIS!" He screamed, the girls shrieked,
"You pervert!" Kirishima san laughed,
Hoshina san giggled, "I can come right?"
the class's laughter died, an awkward silence followed.
"Pff..." I looked at Miyazaki, "HAHAHAHAHAH!" He outbursted with his laughter, the class joined in,
"Of course you can come! You're part of the class!" Kirishima san cheered,
Hoshina san's grin widened, she giggled.

So.. that's pretty much how we ended up at the beach, the six of us that is.
I looked up at the blue sky there weren't many clouds, one of them looked like a baseball bat.
"Ouch!" I looked beside my knee, a beach ball sat there,
"Gomen!" Hoshina san looked at me, "Daijobu?"
I nodded, her hair was soaked and water was dripping from the ends of her hair.
"Gomen!" Hoshina san sprang back realising that the water was dripping on me, "But, why aren't you swimming?"
"I don't know," I replied, I really don't know... I don't feel like it... I guess.
"Come on!" She put her hand out in front of me, "It's fun!"
I sighed, "Fine," I smiled, she helped me up from the ground and started sprinting towards the sea,
"Hoshina san!" I tripped on the wet sand,
"Kyahh!" She screamed,

"Aggh.." I groaned, "Salt water,"
"Saaaatttooooo kuuunn!" I looked down, I was lying on top of Hoshina san...
"AHHH!" I sprang up, "Goooomeeenaassaiii!" I panicked, my face was burning,
She stood up and we stood in silence,

Miyazaki and Hiroki whistled,
"Nice move!" They laughed.
"Gomen, if I haven't sprinted that fast, it's just, it's my first time at the beach with classmates" She apologised, she looked really depressed.
"Ah! It's fine... really!" I smiled awkwardly, "Ettou..."
The conversation died out,
"WATCH OUT!" Miyazaki shouted, a baseball was flying our way,
"Hoshina san!" I stretched my arm and caught the ball in front of her,
I puffed. "Close one..."
"Daijobu?" I turned and she had her arms over her eyes,
"Hoshina san?" I gently touched her arm,
"I'm fine?" She stared at me with confusion, she looked at my hand which was clutching the baseball,
"Arigatou!" Her face brightened,
I sighed loudly, "Miyazaki! Watch it!" I shouted,
"You should go hang out with the girls?" I suggested, "Wouldn't be fun to hang out with me the whole time!"
"I guess thats true," She smiled faintly,
"What's wrong?"
"I've never been liked by girls,"
"At my last school, I was always excluded because apparently I stole friend's boyfriend." She stared down at the sea water,
"Cheer up!" I slapped her on the back,
She nodded, "Arigatou, Sato kun!" She smiled as she ran off towards the girls.

"What pick up line did you use?" Miyazaki smirked,
"What?" I replied,
"To pick up Hoshina?" Hiroki answered,
"Yes," Miyazaki said, "Sato?"
"I didn't?" I raised an eyebrow,
"Liar!" He protested,
"I didn't!" I explained, "Trust me!"
"Miyazaki! She's out of your league anyways.." Hiroki rolled his eyes and slapped Miyazaki on the back of the head with his book.
"Out of my league? No girls is out of MY LEAGUE!" He emphasised
We cracked up,
"Every girl is out of your league!" Kirishima shouted, "You know you guys are talking too loud?"
"Ah..." I froze, I turned my attention to Hoshina san who was sitting at the bench with her face down, she stared down at the floor.
"You guys are embarrasing Nana chan!" Sena yelled, Nana chan? Guess she's made friends... I smiled lightly.
"Anyways? Who's up for watermelon cracking?" Sena stood and held a baseball bat in a hand, while Hoshina san took a huge watermelon out of a bag, it looke heavy.
"Sure," Miyazaki beamed, "LET"S GOO!" He shouted with excitement,
I stood uncomfortably next to Hoshina san, she stared at Miyazaki who was putting on the blind fold.
"Left! Right! LEFFTT!" Kirishima screamed in frustration, "CANT YOU HEAR!"
"I"M TRYING!" Miyazaki said, he took careful steps each time.
"WACK!" Sena screamed,
Miyazaki swang the baseball bat downwards and it made a large crack,
"YESS!" Miyazaki took his blind fold off, triumphed and jumped around,
"Watermelon time-"
"It's dripping..." I sighed, I looked at the sky, it was half grey and half blue, dark clouds covered the sun.
"So what do we do?" Kirishima said in a worried tone,
"Ettou..." Hoshina san said, "My family has a bach around here..."