Small secrets

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Eyes wandering, pausing till he finds what he's looking for. Emerald green eyes finds icy blue ones. The stare holds and so does their breaths. The interviewer clears his throat and scoffs ''Are you writing new songs? Will there be new albums?'' He has this annoyed expression. He has clearly asked twice. None of them dares to break the stare, so Liam answers for them. '' Of course we've worked extremely hard lately. Zayn has even written three songs by himself!'' The conversation goes smoothly. Louis blinks and starts to focus on the interview again.

He knows Harry is still watching him intensely. He always does that. He glances to his direction and finds him licking his lips slowly. He starts with the bottom lip from left to right and over to his upper lip. The feeling in his groin bursting and finally the interview was done. They had only one more and they would be in their apartment.

The interview was quick and funny. The interviewer had a weird accent and he knew that Harry found her accent extremely funny. He would laugh at her voice not her jokes but of course she would never know that since she didn't know him like he did. Their eyes met briefly and his lips curled up in a knowing smile. His stomach was doing flip flops. On their way out of the building he was held back. Harry took a grip on his arms and pressed himself on Louis back. ''Am I turning you on babe?'' he drawled. Louis swallowed hard. ''Oh, I know I am'' he slowly smirked.

The car trip home was quiet, everyone was minding their own business till Niall suddenly asked ''Lou, why are you so quiet? Is something wrong?'' He could feel Harrys smirk, he didn't even need to see it. '' Yes Lou why so quiet?'' ''Uh, I don't know. I'm probably just tired. Nothing to worry about.'' Harrys hands started to travel up his leg.

The car trip finally ended and Louis just dragged Harry up to their apartment. '' Bastard'' and their lips crashed and suddenly their hands started to explore each other's body and their lips didn't separate until necessary breathing. His hands started groping upon the fabric of his boxers. ''too much clothes'' and the boxer was dragged off. The tension was thick. Harry pushed him on the sofa and crawled up on him. He paused a moment to look him in the eyes and Louis yanked his face closer. The kiss was slow. It was needed like a kind of approval.

Harrys lips searched every little corner of Louis chest sucking and nibbling on his sensitive spots. The feeling was unbearable, he needed him now! Harrys head was close to his hard member, but he never touched or kissed him there. Instead he kissed him around his thighs and up his stomach again, making Louis go crazy. ''Oh for the love of god Harry!'' and that was all Harry needed and took his whole member in his mouth till his nose was buried in Louis pubic hair. He went up and down a few times and slipped two fingers in Louis to loosen him up. At a point Louis was panting and writhing so much that harry had to hold his hips still.

''Please Harry'' He understood what this meant and put himself in Louis. 'Boobear, don't you dare to come yet'' the tight feeling was almost unbearable. But he forced himself to go slow and hold his breath under control. Louis on the other hand was panting and moaning loud. '' faster please'' harry went faster and hit Louis prostate over and over again till he came all over himself. The view was too much and made Harry come inside him. He collapsed on top of him with a smile. They whispered some 'I love you' and slept blissfully knowing this would happen all over again tomorrow, because these small stares was their own little secret thing.