Callisto and Ken fight, sending each powerful blow in mid-air. Both Callisto and Ken floating in the air with their swords against each others. Ken kicks Callisto sending her back into a wall, dropping her sword, Ken charges for her. Callisto knocks Ken's sword out of her hands then she punches Ken in the face and she falls to the ground, hard, cracking it. Callisto flys down over top of her and continues to puch her in the face.

"You know this body will dissappear ohh say about 2 hours. And your girlfriend will die. Boo hoo," Callisto taunts her.
"She...won't ...die!" She screams as she blocks Callistos punch and kicks her into mid-air. Ken jumps and grabs Callisto by her hair and throws her into a nearby glass window, shattering it. She then throws her into a steel door, denting it. She continues to kick, punch, and smack Callisto.
"You will die, bitch!" Ken gets out through gritted teeth. "GET OUT OF HER BODY!"
She continues to beat up on Callistos' body until she was bleeding from her ears. Callisto slides down the door and gasps.
"This...isn't...the...end." She manages to get out as she passes out. Then Ken turned her head and Faiths' soul is gone. She turns back around and she see's Faiths's back in her own body. Kennedy relaxes and picks up Faith.
She opens her eyes. "Hey you really beat the shit out of me," She laughs a little.
"Maybe. But you're back and that's all that matters to me,"Ken smiles lightly. She helps Faith up, then she walks to unchain Buffy.
Buffy grunts. "Glad you're back," Buffy says rubbing her swollen head.
"Yeah it is," As Buffy walks ahead, Faith stops and she hugs Kennedy.
"I want to thank you," Faith says.
"Thank me for what."
"For the new power," Faith smiles evilly and throws Kennedy across the room. Buffy turns around and sees Faith isn't herself.
"Faith!" What are you doing?" Buffy yells.
"I'm embracing my new power that Callisto left over in my body. So fun. Though I'm still bruised. Ow." She rubs her ribs. Ken manages to stand up. "Why?"
"Because I can. I don't want to hurt you, Kennedy. I will hurt you if you get in my way." She dissappears into thin air.

The End.