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Lot's of things in History are actually a mystery. The Truth's not always in the books you read. Facts can get distorted or even misreported. Imagine if that was all down to me? Arthur Kirklane, IT'S KIRKLAND! Sorry.

England was on the phone answering a call "Right, I know there are two Francis Bacon's, but one was the scientist from the renaissance the other was an artist from the 20th century." He then hung up the phone and yelled "Whallop!" Soon Hungary came into the room and said,

"Arthur, I've got Marie Antoinette here to see you."

Arthur sighed knowing that he wasn't on good terms with the French.

"Alright, just send her in."

Soon Marie walked in and Arthur told her,

"Marie, take a seat. Arthur Kirkland telling it as it wasn't. So what seems to be the problem?"

Marie took her seat and said,

"Monsieur ze problem is zhat all of zes so called history books fail to see ze real me."

"How could they not they see the real you? I mean you did bankrupt France after all when you spent all of his money on your fun with so much drinking, eating, and affairs with Axel Von Fersen."

"Zhat is not true at all, in fact I rarely drank, I ate very little, and zhere is no real true evidence I 'ad an affair with the Swedish count. On top of zhat, France was already in a bad economic time before I got married to Louis."

England sighed and took notes down and then told her,

"Well, with those peasants so angry and screwing up your image. I can see why you wanted your subjects to eat cake then."

Marie then stated,

"I never said, "Let zhem eat cake." Zhat phrase was said years before I was even born. Also, Louis and I did our best to give so much away to zhose in need, I even taught one of my children to 'elp out peasants, and we even sold our flatware to buy grains for our people during poor 'arvest."

A Rat came up on screen holding a sign that said, "All True."

England wrote down notes again.

"Well, that's an interesting side for a French queen. I never knew you'd be so charitable."

She then said,

"Oh, zat's anozher problem, people somehow zhink I'm actually French."

England was confused,

"You're not French at all?"

She shook her head,

"Oui, I'm not French I'm actually form Austria. I was ze youngest daughter of Maria Theresa. Even my 'usband Louis wasn't fully French, he was part Polish and Austrian."

England then wrote down more notes and said,

"Well, that seems to clear things up. I'll be sure to clear things up in history for you and maybe have a little word with the makers of that Kirsten Dunst movie."

"Oh Danke."

England then looked at her awkwardly.

"I mean Merci."