TRIVIA Time answers

Hungary came in the room and said,

"Its time for the answers to our horrible trivia." She cleared her throat and began to say, the questions and answers.

"True or False: Captain John Smith never had any children due to an injury."

There was a pause,

"It's TRUE. Captain John Smith had a gunpowder accident in 1609 to his groin that forced him to return to England."

She moved on to the next question,

"Henry Spelman's what allowed him to live among the Native Americans without being seen as a threat. Was it

A) His wealth

B) His age

Or C) His job?"

Another pause came, and she answered.

"It's B) His age. When Henry Spelman lived with the Natives he was only 14, making him not seen as a threat to the native tribes as he was learning about their culture, and language."

She then pulled out the next question.

"True or False: In Ancient Greece and Rome citizens idolized blonde hair and cut off the hair of Germanic slaves to make wigs."

There was another pause.

"It's TRUE, blonde hair was considered sacred to the Romans and Greeks so they used Germanic slave's hair to make wigs out of them."

And then the next one,

"What did ancient Greeks believe happened to redheads after they died? Was it that

A) They became vampires

B) They became zombies

Or C) They became gorgons?"

She then said,

"It's A) Ancient greek mythology often had stories about redheads becoming vampires after they died. But redheads were also in trouble during the witch hunts as well."

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