Lilac blinked in mild confusion, flicking a tail that hadn't been there before. She felt her eyebrows raise as she looked at the goddess before her. She smiled sheepishly in response.


"Er, Lilac… How are you?"

"No, seriously. What the hell is this? I didn't even know I had muscles here!" Lilac curled her tail for emphasis.

"That's… Not the issue at hand. It's Cha-"

"No, don't try to ignore this. What kind of mistake is this? A tail?"

"Lilac, stop it!"

Lilac pouted, but ended her whining. She plopped down on her butt (Careful to avoid her tail) and crossed her arms, muttering profanities under her breath.

"Now. It's Chaos. He's gathering evil warriors from different worlds."

"Ew, he's ugly~!" Lilac stopped giggling when she received a stern look from Cosmos.

"I'll be quiet."

"Now, as I was saying. We have to gather our warriors- Don't even think of saying anything." Cosmos scolded Lilac as if she were a small child. Lilac smiled mischievously, but was silent.


"People. But the point I'm trying to make is that I want you to help them."

"… Can't I hang out up here with you?"

"Do you realize my life is on the line? The universe! The fate of all that is-"

"Oh, fine! Just let me hang out with who I choose. The cutest one. Preferably one with a nice ass."

Cosmos sighed.

"I love you, Lilac, but..."

"Oh, shush. Let's just start reeling 'em in."