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Finn cringed as Rachel studied a wooden dresser that someone had left on the sidewalk of a tree-lined brownstone street in their Harlem neighborhood.

"Ooooh we need this, it's perfect!"

It was a sweltering day in July, so unbearable that the air conditioner in their 5th-floor apartment was doing absolutely nothing to diminish the heat. They had no choice but to seek respite in the shade of Morningside Park for afternoon.

"But, uh, how are we going to get it home?" he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, dreading the answer he knew was coming.

"We'll carry it!"

Finn scoffed at her casual statement. "Really, Rach? You and me are going to carry this thing?"

Rachel huffed and put her hands on her hips. "What do you think I do when I go to the gym every morning? I'll have you know I'm a lot stronger than I look, mister." Then her resolve receded into a vulnerable pout. "Besides, we're only a block and a half from home, and you even admitted the other day that we could use another dresser…"

Finn sighed and studied the item again. It consisted of two columns of three drawers each, and would fit nicely in the empty space along the wall in their bedroom, allowing them to put all of their clothes away instead of stacking some shirts and sweaters on top of their only existing dresser. Also, it was low enough that it could double as a TV stand, which would go a long way in his crusade to convince Rachel that having a set in the bedroom would be nice.

"Okay, fine," he offered, earning a mile-wide grin and a kiss on the cheek from his petite fiancée.

Finn having acquiesced, they each lifted one side and started down the street. To her credit, Rachel held her own in transporting the item. But the physical exertion had taken its toll; by the time they reached their building her bangs were sticking to her forehead, and dewy beads of perspiration had gathered on her neck. She looked totally hot (like, attractive, not just temperature-wise) in what she deemed her "extreme hot weather outfit" of tiny workout shorts and a spaghetti-strap tank top – no bra.

Luckily, they lived in a larger "pre-War" apartment building that, unlike the smaller brownstones, had an elevator. He couldn't imagine trying to lug the dresser up four flights of stairs in any weather, let alone in the ridiculous heat.

"Phew!" Rachel sighed loudly once they'd maneuvered the dresser into the small lift. She slid in beside the piece of furniture and draped her small body over the top of it in a dramatic display of physical exhaustion.

"Aww, it wasn't so bad," Finn said as he stepped in next to her, allowing the elevator doors to close. "You did a really good job carrying. Sorry I underestimated you." For good measure he flashed her a lopsided grin.

"Thank you," she said proudly, leaning up to place a soft kiss on his lips. "You're forgiven," she added with a cocky shake of her head, eyes sparkling amidst the glow of her flushed, tan skin.

Something about the way she looked in that moment – the little bit of attitude, the glow, the heat surrounding them – set him off.

He was usually pretty good about suppressing his desires until they were safe in private. But this time he couldn't wait.

"Finn!" Rachel exclaimed when he pulled the emergency stop button, but her cries were quickly silenced when he covered her mouth with his.

His tongue immediately slipped past her lips and sought out her own, urgently probing and sliding against it.

"Rach…" he moaned lowly when they separated for air.

Luckily he didn't need to say anything else to get his point across. She took the lead in resuming their hot, frantic kisses, sliding her hands underneath his t-shirt.

"We should be quick, though," she said matter-of-factly once his mouth left hers and began trailing rough kisses down her jaw and neck.

"Yeah," he breathed against her skin before nipping methodically at her favorite place just above her collarbone.

"Ooooh, Finn…" she purred, lightly scratching at his stomach.

For want of another way to maneuver in the confines of the elevator, he gripped Rachel's hips and hoisted her small body on top of their new piece of furniture. Once she was situated there he reattached his mouth to her neck and snaked a hand up her top to cup a bare breast, earning a breathy sigh when his fingers pinched her already-taut nipple.

A few seconds later he felt her tiny hand slip beneath his mesh basketball shorts and boxer-briefs to stroke his hardening cock.

"Guhh, Rach," he grunted, stilling her hand when the tension building in his loins grew too great.

Rachel bit her lip seductively as he dipped his fingertips into the waistband of her shorts. Then she leaned back on her elbows, allowing him to pull them down along with her underwear.

Finn cupped her exposed sex, teasing her just the way she liked by sliding one finger along her dripping slit. When he felt additional moisture pooling there he slipped the finger into her silky channel, continuing the gentle torture.

Panting, Rachel reached for his lower-body garments and shucked them down in one quick motion, exposing his stiff member. She deftly pumped him with her small (but strong!) hand until he pushed it away yet again.

Without any further preamble, Finn stepped forward slightly to align his length with her entrance.

"Mmmph," she whimpered as his length slid inside her.

"God, Rach." He gritted his teeth, hoping to control the intense arousal he was feeling as a result of their semi-public tryst.

Evidently on the same page, Rachel groaned his name and bucked forward. Moving her hands off of his shoulders, he placed them around the back of his neck, encouraging her to hold on. Then he gripped her hips tightly and, using the angle to his advantage, began moving in long, smooth strokes. When Rachel was close, her thighs tightening around his hips, he increased the speed of his movements until he was thrusting frantically.

"Ohhhh, Finn!" she sighed as she came, her walls fluttering around him and triggering his own delicious release.

They didn't say much as they hurriedly re-dressed and released the elevator from its stopped position. When it reached their floor, they carried the dresser down the hall to their apartment and into the bedroom. Even though all Finn wanted to do was take a shower (and maybe christen the new dresser again), Rachel insisted that they wipe down the drawers right away. Once that was done, they began moving articles of clothing into the newly-acquired space.

"Aren't you glad we found this dresser?" Rachel asked with a smirk, without looking up from her task.

"I guess you could say that," he answered, continuing to place his t-shirts into the top left-side drawer. "You know, I think someone on 122nd and 8th was throwing away a desk that would be really good—"

"Don't push your luck, Finn," Rachel warned, albeit good-naturedly.


After all, he'd already lucked out in finding her.

AN2: There's been a big bed-bug epidemic in NYC in recent years so generally it's not wise to bring in furniture off the street, and I can't imagine sometime-germaphobe Rachel doing so, but I guess in this AU she's a little more mellow about that sort of thing. :)

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