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The Child of Rule Twelve


Tony DiNozzo walked into the bullpen.

It was Monday, like any other day.

Like any other week, really.

It was quiet.

There wasn't any laughing, or movie references (on his part), it was just peace and quiet.

And he didn't like it.

And he knew why.

He hated that.

His best friend, his teammate, his partner, was gone.

"Ziver. You've got a call in MTAC." Gibbs called from the catwalk.

She stood up from her desk and headed speedily up the stairs, Tony quickly on her tail.

She headed into MTAC where her father appeared on the screen.

"Ziva." He said gruffly.

"Father." She replied just as coldly.

"Leon tells me you are involved in something…illegal."

She glared at her, "There is no proof."

"Tell them, Zivalah."

"There is nothing to tell!" she shouted.

Just then, two probationary agents walked in with boxes in arms. "Director, we, uh, found this at Ms. David's-"

She turned and glared at the screen, "Vous mettez en place!" You set me up!

"I did no such thing." Eli replied.

She glared at him before angrily storming from MTAC.

He glanced at his boss before running after her, "Ziva! Ziva!" he grabbed her arm.

She looked at him stone-faced.

"Why?" he questioned after a long silence.

She slapped him, "For you to even ASK that question, shows me who you really are." She jammed her thumb against the down button and stepped inside the elevator. Just as the door began to close he grabbed her arm, tightly.

"This is assault." She stated.

"Then what is this?" he cupped the back of her neck and kissed her.

She only just pulled away, slightly, "You know you're kissing a terrorist, correct?" she whispered, against his lips, ever so lightly.

"I never said I believed that." He murmured back.

She smirked and wrapped her arms around his neck, and allowed the elevator doors to close. She let him press her against the wall and unbutton her blouse, only to re-button it as they came to the ground floor.

The doors opened and she stood on the line dictating whether they would close or not, he stepped directly in front of her.

She shrugged, "This is your chance," she said quietly. "I am vulnerable," she gestured to her lopsided blouse, "and almost undressed." She smirked; she flipped the collar of his shirt, "One time only."

Tony DiNozzo was not one for letting opportunities go, not even this one.

So, he slept with her.

He slept with his partner.

He slept with Ziva David.

He broke Rule 12.

And to be honest, he would do it all over again, just to be with her.

Just to have her, in his arms.

Her dark curls brushing against his chin.

Her arched back molding against his chest.

Her heart beating against his hand.

Her angelic face as she slept.

He had all of it, and then it was taken away from him.

He lost her dark curls, her arched back, her beating heart, and her angelic face, he lost it all.

He lost it when she left.

Her body was not in his arms when he woke up the next morning.

Her side of the bed was presently folded, including a mint on the pillow.

Not a note, or a phone call, or even a letter.

All he had were memories, and an earring, which she left by the door.

Like Cinderella, as the clock struck midnight.

But that was close to six years ago.

Things had changed, or not changed rather.

Gibbs was still head of the team, McGee was still the nerd, and he…he was just him.

The only difference was that instead of correcting an Israeli about English idioms, he was channeling his inner movie dictionary.

E.J. Barrett was his perfect match in McGee and Abby's eyes but to it wasn't the same.

It didn't matter, what McGee and Abby thought, he had his match.

Someone sent her back to him.

Someone sent Jeanne back.

He figured it was a sign to let Ziva go, after she disappeared, and find a new love, one that wouldn't leave him. No matter how many times he thought about her.

Everything is tied together by a thin string, and once you tug, everything falls apart.

I have several chapters written out but I would like to know what you actually think because OBVIOUSLY Talia is over done, but hopefully I took a unique spin on it.

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P.S. The beginning of the story takes place in Season 6. But instead of Season 6 being in 2008-2009, it now takes place in 2005-2006. For my whole timeline to work out. It'll be explained more later. (Hopefully I didn't confuse anyone)

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