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Chapter Summary: Every time she bumped into someone, it was always him. When she was rejected by the one she liked, she also bumped into him. Is he the right person for asking comfort to?

Chapter One: Unexpected Encounter

She can hear the footsteps of her best friend on their to their class room. You know why she recognized that? I guess that's pretty obvious.

Sakuno counted in her head:


"SAKUNO-CHAN!" she sighed hearing the voice of her best friend call her name. Tomoka busted through the door and approached her.

"Sakuno-chan! Hey, did you hear the news?" Tomoka was so excited that she doesn't care that her classmates were staring at them now.

"W-what news?" Sakuno asked.

"Ryoma-sama's back in Japan right now. He came back after one year." Tomoka almost shouted. The class erupted into conversation after hearing the news.

Ryoma's back. She smiled at the thought.

She hasn't seen him for one year. She was only hearing news about him on TV. The biggest news was when the tennis prodigy reached tenth place in the U.S open in the last tournament. She knew that he was scheduled to fly back to Japan but she was clueless as to when he'd return. The next thing she knew he was already back. She blushed on the thought that she will be seeing him again.

Tomoka noticed her face and suddenly grabbed her hand. "What are you waiting for? Let's go."

"W-wait, where are we going?" Sakuno asked.

"Where else? To Ryoma-sama, silly." Tomoka answered smiling, starting to pull Sakuno towards the door.

"B-but Tomoka-chan." She couldn't protest.

They passed through the hallway and to the corridor still running. Tomoka ran, still holding onto Sakuno's hand. Tomoka passed the intersection but Sakuno didn't follow when she bumped into someone. Tomoka lost her grip, turning around as Sakuno fell.

Closing her eyes, and preparing for impact, she felt a little pain.

"Ryuzaki-chan, are you alright?" She opened her eyes. That voice It sounds like…

"F-fuji-Senpai?" Sakuno blushed seeing it was Fuji that had bumped into her. He was offering his hand to help her stand up.

"Ah u-umm s-sorry." She accepted his hand and thanked him.

"Whats the rush all about, young ladies? You are not being chased by someone, arent you?" Fuji asked them.

"No, of course not! We are on our way to the court to see Ryoma-sama." Tomoka said.

"Right, Echizen came back today. Let's go together. I think Ryuzaki-chan was looking forward of seeing him too." Fuji said as he looked at Sakuno.

"I-I'm not-"

"Yeah, yeah. Let's go now." Tomoka interrupted on her words as they started to walk together.

At the Tennis Court:

Ryoma was being chocked by Eiji as a welcome hug, while the others stood around smiling and laughing at the scene displayed before them.

"Ochibi, I missed you so badly." Eiji said acting so childish.

"Let go…can't…breathe…" Ryoma said complaining.

"Congratulations on being rank 10 in the US open." Momo said.

"Thanks." Ryoma said, finally being released by Eiji.

"Now that you are here, you have to practice with us again for the next US open and this time be sure to be the champion." Eiji said confidently.

"Not to mention that he's back here to study. And you also have to join the Nationals again so the three of you have to practice hard." Sumire said, she was talking about Momo, Kaidoh and Ryoma to occupy two spaces for regulars.

Momo interrupted. "Sensei, I won't mind if Echizen will occupy the slot for one. You wouldn't mind that, would you?" He turned to Kaidoh.

"Echizen did a lot in the US open. We can also give way to the Nationals." He said as if having a hard time to say those words.

"Stupid, don't give your space like that. Everyone has the right to participate. That means fair and square. So you three have to do your best. Don't slack off. Okay." Sumire ordered them.

"Hai." They said in Unison.

"Hey, what did I miss?" Fuji entered the court leaving the girls behind.

"Fuji, we are just talking about the Nationals now that Ochibi's back."

"R-yoma-kun…" Sakuno just whispered his name, staring at the boy for a long period of time. He hasn't changed much. She thought.

Eiji noticed them , and of course approached them in an instant. Sakuno was shocked.

"What are you still doing here? Come on go and meet him now." Without waiting for a reply, Eiji grabbed Sakuno's hand and dragged her inside the court. Tomoka smiled and followed.

"Ochibi, your little girlfriend is here to see you." Eiji proudly presented the blushing girl in front of Ryoma.

Everyone just teased her, while Fuji just created a coughing sound.

"I-I'm not really h-his—" Sakuno couldn't finish her words when she laid her eyes to Ryoma.

The boy was staring at her, with an expressionless face. She lowered her face, her bangs shadowing her eyes. She smiled to herself before talking;

"W-welcome back, Ryoma-kun."

"Hn." He replied shortly. Momoshiro's eyes narrowed.

"What kind of reply was that, Echizen? That's so boring." He complained.

"Shut up." He said as he started to walk away.

Sakuno let out a soft chuckle. He's always the same.

"Alright welcome back parties over, time to practice now. Everyone 50 laps in the oval right now." Tezuka interrupted. Inui is just beside him watching the commotion.

Different reactions can be heard with the regulars. Tezuka just glared at them, everyone took a few steps backwards and they started to run including Kawamura and Oishi who just arrived a little late. As a result, they ran an extra 50 laps.

Three days later- After School, Homeroom class:

"So what are you going to do now?" Tomoka asked.

"Well, I think I'm going to practice alone today. There's no practice and I can't rely to Fuji-senpai and the others to teach me." Sakuno replied.

Tomoka sighed "I want to practice with you today but I can't I have to take care of my brothers. My mother is out today."

"Its okay, Tomoka-chan, don't worry about me. Besides, the court is on our way."

Tomoka raised a brow "You're not going to practice on school grounds?"

Sakuno just shook her head. "There aren't many people here, besides I need to avoid some girls…er…you know…" Sakuno explained.

Tomoka chuckled "Let me guess those Ryoma-sama avid fans. Good decision. So I'll see you then."

"Hai, take care."

After Tomoka left, Sakuno headed to the dressing room. She decided to change her clothes there before heading to the courts. She was in her white and lavender sports-wear, almost ready for practice. She checked all her belongings. When everything was there and good, she went outside and exited the school.

When she reached the courts, she rested for a bit and then she got herself ready. She took out her racket and tennis ball from her bag, and headed onto the court. Since she didn't have a partner, she faced the wall and began. She counted how many times she managed to hit the ball back to the wall, starting over from the beginning when she missed one.

She continued the routine at a steady pace until finally she had to take a break. Finally catching her breath, she threw the ball in the air once again and hit it. The ball bounced back from the wall, she reached for it but she didn't hit it back.

She had lost control of the ball.

She followed the ball, as it rolled continuously down the court until finally it stopped when a pair of rubber shoes locked its path. Sakuno stopped and watched as the hand picked her ball up from the green ground. She slowly made herself from the ground and looked up at the face of the boy who currently held her ball.

Sakuno blushed when she registered in her mind just who it was.

He smirked "Mada mada dane, Ryuzaki"

Sakuno was startled. "R-Ryoma-kun."

Ryoma sighed and handed her the ball.

"T-Thank you." She said shyly.

He put his hands in his pockets "It's late."

Sakuno looked at her wrist watch. "Ah, oh no its already past six oba-chans gonna kill me.

She began to pack her things up.

"You are kind of absorbed in practice. Although, you do need more of it."

"T-that's why I'm d-doing this"

Sakuno continued "Y-you see, I-I really love tennis and I-it's all thanks to you." She brought the courage to her lungs just to say that.

He raised his head the slightest bit. "Me?"

"Y-yeah, y-you are the reason why I have come to love tennis so much. That's why I-"


"eh" She spun around to face him.

"If you are going to like tennis, it should be because it's your passion not just because I'm here."

He continued "If you continue to be like that, I don't see how you're gonna enjoy tennis when you only play for just lame excuses." Ryoma said irritated already making his way out of the court.

She was left speechless. How can a simple sentence ruin absolutely everything? What would be his first impression of her when they see each other again? She couldn't help but to cry. So her reasons were wrong. And she brought herself to say that to him only for him to say she was using lame excuses.

Now Ryoma had lost faith in her tennis unless she changed her reasons into it being her passion. She really did love Tennis a lot; she just needs to prove it to Ryoma. But the question is…how?

Three days Passed:

Sakuno became aloof after that. She didn't want to initiate a conversation with anyone after what had happened between. Ryoma didn't seem to care either. She can tell that he's still upset on what she said the other day. She guessed that it was a big deal to him. She felt bad now, she needed to do something so that he'll change his views on her.

Tomoka noticed Sakuno's attitude, and it wasn't settling well with her so…

she cornered her best friend in part of the room.

"What's bugging you, Sakuno-chan?" Tomoka demanded.

"W-what are you talking about?" She asked her back.

"Don't play dumb here. There's something wrong here and you now it. You can't hide it from me."

"N-nothing, Tomo-chan, really." She said trying to get away from her.

Tomoka slammed both of her hands on the wall. Sakuno was shocked.

Tomoka's eyes narrowed "Spill it out if you don't want me to force it out of you."

"T-tomo-chan…" In the end she gave up, she told her what Ryoma had said to her that night, and why she was so down about it.

"hmmm, that's definitely not the best reason. No wonder Ryoma-sama was pissed off."

Sakuno looked down "Y-you're not helping me here, Tomo-chan. I am having a big problem now that Ryoma-kun doesn't talk to me anymore."

"That's the reason why, you don't know how to explain yourself in front of him. That's why he gave your statement a different meaning." Tomoka explained.

Sakuno looked up "W-what do you mean? I don't-"

Tomoka interrupted "He thinks that you are only playing tennis because of him, and he doesn't think you are really enjoying the game just because you say it. Remember that Ryoma-sama takes tennis by heart. He won't recognize anyone who only sees tennis as nothing more than 'because of someone else'. He doesn't think that you're really serious about playing the game."

"I-I love tennis, I really do a-and It-it's all thanks to him because he introduced the game to me, a-and that's the reason w-why I play." She defended herself.

Tomoka smiled "Then make him believe that. Tell him your true feelings about the game." Her smile turned devious "This is also your big chance to confess to him."

"W-what, w-where did that come from? That though never crossed my mind." Sakuno said blushing all over after she heard that.

"Well it's there now. I mean since you're going to tell him your feelings about the game, don't you think it is about time to confess your love to him?"

"I-I can't and w-what about you? Y-you like him too, right?" Sakuno replied trying to change the subject.

But she didn't succeed.

Tomoka sighed "I've confessed to him like a hundred times and every single time he's rejected me. Now it is your turn. Go tell him, girl. I'll be rooting on you." Tomoka said slapping her at the back.

Sakuno put her hands out signaling she wasn't found of the idea "I-I don't really want-"

"You have to stop being so shy and cowardly. He's never going to know your feelings if you don't express it through words. Do it now or you'll regret it later. Mark my words Sakuno-chan, time is running out and you'll realize that it's over before you get the chance, I'd take it while you still can."

Sakuno was absorbed in deep thought as Tomoka continued.

"You may never notice this and I hate to admit it, but of all the girls around him including you and me, YOU were the only one who he paid any kind of attention to."

Sakuno thought her best friend's words over. She had a point. But is she ready to confess to him?

Classes were long over and her thought completely scrambled. Her mind was overcome by two things: One; how is she going to prove her love for tennis to him? And two; how is she going to confess to the most stoic faced guy she'd ever known?

Wait… she wasn't even ready for number two even though she had thought a lot about it. She can't move on to number two without first solving number one. She shook her head from confusion; she couldn't make up her mind.

She was in that state when someone bumped into her; the impact was not that strong but due to her clumsiness she still fell on the ground.

A voice brought her back "Ryuzaki-chan?"

She looked up. "F-fuji-senpai…" She wasn't very surprised she always bumped into this person.

"Here," Fuji extended his hand to her. "Maybe it's destiny that we always bumped into each other."

Sakuno blushed. "I-I'm sorry….for bumping into you…a-all the time senpai." She reached for his hand.

"It's okay. At least, it's not a delinquent who's constantly bumping into you, it would be a whole lot of trouble, you know." Fuji said teasing the girl a little.

"I-I won't be a burden to anyone, as I...I won't." Sakuno lowered her face after speaking.

"Hey, don't worry. The next time we bump into each other, I'll make sure that I'll catch you before you even lose your balance." Fuji exclaimed smiling directly at the girl.

Sakuno blushed. He's teasing me…right. She smiled at him as her reply.

When Fuji saw her smile, he couldn't help but to smile back. He placed a hand on her head, he felt her flinch before adjusting to the feeling. He felt as if they were supposed to be like this, close.

Over a week passed:

It's Sunday morning. It's already been over a week since the talk with Tomoka and the encounter with Fuji senpai. She had made up her mind. She was going to talk to Ryoma today. It's now or never.

She had thought about it a lot and she knew what the consequences might be but she's still going to do it. She had planned out her words and hoped that she wouldn't stutter when telling him…well, not a lot at least.

After some practicing in the bathroom mirror and such she decided to go outside, telling her grandma that she would be out for a while and be back around lunch time. She was on her way to the tennis courts when she decided to text Ryoma.

It was all thanks to Tomoka that she was forced to save his number to her cell phone, at least now that she doesn't have the problem of reaching him. She was about to send the message to him when she suddenly heard a ball bouncing to and from the wall. She looked up realizing that she was near the court.

She put her cell phone away without sending her message and went closer to the sound to see who could possibly be using the court so early in the morning. It was pretty obvious though. She squeaked when realization hit her.

It was Ryoma Echizen.

She was reluctant to enter the court first but she continued anyway. Ryoma was so serious practicing alone. It seems that he was not aware that someone was already with him in the court. She realized how difference the meaning of tennis between him and her. She finally understood now.

Ryoma looked at her when he noticed her presence. He gave her a stern look that made her flinch. He stood there for a while and then decided to leave the area.

"U-uhmm. I…" Sakuno couldn't finish her words.

"You're going to practice, right? I'll leave the court to you." Ryoma said not looking at her as he started packing his things up.

Sakuno panicked, she needed to stop him or she would never have a chance to talk to him again. Out of the blue she found her voice.

"R-ryoma-kun, p-please wait."

Ryoma looked over his shoulder at her. "What?"

She tried to look elsewhere when she said her words. "I-I thought about it, w-what you said. I-I decided that umm w-well."

Ryoma didn't say anything, but willed her on when he stopped what he was doing and focused all of his attention on her.

She continued "I-It's true, y-you really are my reason as to wh-why I've come to like tennis."

"You're wasting my time." Ryoma said as he picked up his belongings and started for the court exit.

Sakuno panicked "Bu-But there is a reason behind that reason."

Ryoma stopped but didn't turn around.

"I-I really love…tennis, I do. When I hold my racquet, I get so caught up in playing that I usually forget the time. Y-you noticed that too. Y-you are the reason why I really love tennis because you introduced it to me." Sakuno explained and then she closed her eyes after that.

Ryoma just remained silent still waiting for her next explanation.

"Y-you taught me how to play and I really appreciate it. I-I can play tennis with my friends. I-I can communicate with other people because of tennis which I couldn't do normally. I am very thankful to have met you and for you to have introduced tennis to me. S-so thank you very much, Ryoma-kun." She made a big bow to him after that.

Silence occurred between them.

Sakuno was waiting for him to say something. She closed her eyes thinking of what may come. Then she heard him chuckle.

"Che, now you are making sense."

Sakuno looked up to him. He was holding his hat and had his signature smirk plastered on his face. He turned around and walked back to the court. She was stiffened that she doesn't know what to do. She flinched when he talked.

"What are you still doing standing there? Are you practicing or not? He asked her.

Sakuno looked surprised "I-I-"

He sighed "Come on, I need a partner here, it's boring to face the wall."

Sakuno's face became brighter. She was a bit nervous that she was going to practice with 'the Prince of Tennis' but that doesn't matter now. She made up with him.

She smiled "Hai."

After a few minutes:

They were both panting and catching for their breaths. She sat on the bench while Ryoma took two cans of ponta from his bag. He gave one to her. She was curious at first but she thanked him afterwards.

Stage one complete. She thought victoriously while staring at nothing in particular. She blushed when she thought about stage two. Is it the right time? She was nervous and scared at the same time. But she needs to say it now. She won't have another chance like this again. It's now or never. But how is she going to say it? And how will he respond? Will it be the same after this? Her best friend is definitely giving her a pressure.


She was startled. Ryoma was staring at her. She blushed because of that. "H-hai?"

"What are you spacing out about? Let's go home. It's already late."

She looked at her wrist watch. It's past twelve. She needed to go home. She started to panic when Ryoma stood up to leave the court.

w-what do I do? I-I need to go home too but I need to say it now. She was freaking out.

She suddenly stood up and called his name. "R-ryoma-kun!"

He faced her, different from before. "What? You're not going home yet?"

"U-uhm. N-n-not that. I-I have to tell you something…" She tried her best not to crack.

"What is it?" He walked back a little closer to her.

She took a step or two back. "Uhmm, I-I, Ryoma-kun I-"

Ryoma was beginning to get irritated.

She doesn't know how to say it. Fidgeting, she tried to say her words.

"Y-you know that I,-admire you a lot-" She peeked at Ryoma.

Ryoma's face became serious.

"I-I don't know how to say this, because I don't know how are you going to respond." Sakuno closed her eyes firmly and with a blushing face she continued her words.

"I-I really like you. I like you a lot. I-I hope that you won't treat me as-as one of your f-fans." Still eyes were closed she almost whispered her last words. "I'm…different from them."


Since Sakuno was closing her eyes all the time, she didn't see how his face had changed. It showed no emotion.


She flinched when she heard him call her name. She slowly opened her eyes and raised her head to see him. She was shocked that she didn't see any emotion in him.

No one said a word for a minute until Ryoma broke the silence.

"I truly appreciate your love for the tennis. I finally understand that." He said with his stoic face.

Sakuno felt a wave relief wash over her after hearing that. But Ryoma wasn't finished yet.

"But sorry, I can't reciprocate your feelings for me. It's better that we stay as friends."

Sakuno was shocked at what he said. Although, she kind of expected this was going to happen, but hearing it still bring pain to her. She stayed still for a while but she composed herself after that.

She brought her head up forcing a smile "I-I see. I understand. I-Think that you're right." Sakuno tried to act normal.

"I just felt like telling you m-my feelings. I-I think it's not new to you." She giggled after that.

Ryoma didn't say anything.

"F-friends then." Sakuno said as she held his hand with both of hers. "I-I need to go now. I-I reached my curfew." She then released his hand and wave at him. "S-See you tomorrow."

She ran leaving Ryoma behind. Ryoma looked at his hand which the girl had previously held. He knew that she was trembling when she grabbed it.

He closed his hand "Baka."

She ran until her feet hurt. Knowing that she was going to be rejected like this, she wouldn't imagine that this was so painful. Shouldn't it be a just little, she knew that this was coming. She realized how pathetic and stupid she was to think there might be even the slightest chance of a yes. She cried on the thought.

She turned in the corner without looking, colliding into someone. But before she fell on the ground, the person she collided with grabbed her wrist pulling her towards them preventing her from hitting the concrete, she looked up.

"F-fuji-senpai." She almost whispered.

Although with curiosity in his mind at her tears he said.

"I told you that when we bumped into each other again, I'd make sure to catch you before you hit the ground." Fuji said with kindness in his words.

Sakuno's tears finally fell. "Fuji-senpai." She doesn't know where she got her courage to hug her senpai but she did. She cried into his chest holding nothing back.

Fuji smiled sadly. He moved his right hand to her head and his left in between her shoulders, pulling her closer to him as a form of comfort.

"It's ok, let it all out."

She didn't say a word just as he respected her moment.


Fuji was on his way to the court early in the morning as always. He still remembered what happened yesterday. Sakuno cried to him but the girl didn't say a word. He hated it when someone cried in front of him especially if it was her. Although, she just said a plain thank you to him, he somewhat knew what was going on.

She wouldn't cry like that if it isn't for a certain someone. And that someone was standing in front of him at the court. Practicing tennis by himself. His eyes narrowed. He felt the urge that he should do something. And he did.


Stopping from practicing for a while, he looked at him with a stoic face.

"I don't know what happened between you and Ryuzaki-chan, but I'll tell you this. She's gonna be mine, I 'm taking her away from you." Fuji declared.

Ryoma blinked.

Fuji smirked.


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