The Touch Series, The First Touch

By AuhoraAtra

Robbie drew in a sharp breath, focusing on the skinny latina sitting beside him.

They were in Sikowitz's class, but whatever the man was saying fell on deaf ears. Robbie was entranced by the girl on his left. Tori the gorgeous Vega. This had been the first time they had sat together in any class for about a month, though this probably mattered alot more to Robbie than Tori.

Robbie was suddenly drawn to Tori's legs, those long, tan-

And probably soft. He said to himself.

His eyes widened at his own thoughts, no. He couldn't just..Touch a girl? Especially Tori. Robbie learned a long time ago that him, girls, and touching was not a plausible mix. He was the weird puppet guy. He was awkward. No one wanted to know him.

But, Tori was so willing.

At that though, Robbie leaned in a little closer to her, luckily she didn't seem to notice. By being this close he noticed Tori's soft brown eyes, that didn't help him as he pulled himself back a little, desperate to be more discreet.

With the fluttering hope that Tori was entirely too nice to hit him over the head with something, Robbie went into for his move.

Gently, he let his fingers rest on her clothed thigh, letting his hand move up and down, almost sensually.

Tori turned her attention to said hand, then to Robbie's face. Her expression was somewhat blank, until a knowing smile was placed on her lips -

Robbie felt a hand on his own thigh, although he knew it was hers, he never took his eyes off Tori's coffee brown ones.

"And if mr Shapiro and ms Vega could stop petting each other, I will continue." Robbie heard Sikowitz snort.

Robbie and Tori snapped away from each other, both blushing intensely as their classmates giggled and whistled in their direction.

Tori hung her head low, sneaking a soft smile to Robbie.

Well, he thought, at least she didn't hit me with something.