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In the Bleach timeline this takes place right after the Hollow Bait competition between Uryu and Ichigo. And there are slight changes to that universe, most evident of all being that Orihime's brother died with her parents leaving her alone with no family, as her distant aunt died earlier that year. She is almost immediately adopted by Shirou and the episode with her brother's Hollow never happened. Instead of going through all that drama Rukia just flat out told Ichigo about what a Soul Reapers duties entail.

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Karakura Town was a rather quiet town at night. A peaceful place where the busy city life and quaint life in the suburbs mixed and melded in near perfect harmony, making it a perfect place to raise a family. Now that's not to say that there aren't a few wannabe punks and gangs but that was a very small minority. All and all, Karakura Town was a very nice place to live, filled with wonderful days and peaceful nights. At least that what it looked like on the surface. However for one Ichigo Kurosaki, nights in Karakura Town were filled with nothing but work. And what was this work you ask.

God I hate my job, Ichigo raged to himself as he dodged the claw strike from the particularly annoying hollow in front of him. The black beast stood at around twice Ichigo's own height and appeared to be a cross between a large cat and a gorilla, with the humanoid body of an ape and the claws of a feline. Its mask was similar to a snarling cougar, long fangs glistening in the moonlight when it roared.

Ichigo had gotten the alert just as he was about to go to bed after a long, tiring day at school. Now normally this wouldn't make him angry, tired yes but not angry. What pissed him off was what he saw when he arrived at scene. The hollow was standing in front of an adult magazine stand, leafing its way through the merchandise, a perverse grin plastered across its face, disregarding the fact that it didn't even have a physical gender. As a person who despised perverts above almost every other thing in the universe this pissed the orange haired off beyond all belief. What made this worse was how the hollow would yell out some raunchy comment every couple of minutes and that the damn thing just wouldn't die!

"Just die already you God damned pervert!" the substitute shinigami screamed out, swinging his large zanpakutou at the face of the hollow only for it to swerve out of the way with surprising grace, increasing the amount of frustration the orange haired teenager tenfold. The gorilla-cat hollow danced out of the way of every swipe and slash sent its way, all the while screaming about how it was going to kill this stupid human for keeping it away from its precious little pretties.

Roaring in rage the hollow swung its claws at its adversary, breaking his flow of continuous strikes. It managed to catch the shinigami off guard however, slicing him from shoulder to hip in addition to sending his zanpakutou flying away from him. It wasn't a very deep wound but it still hurt like hell. The pain left him wide open for a killing blow from the now exuberant hollow. A killing blow that would have landed if it weren't for the rapid build up of reiatsu that came from behind them.

"Byakurai!" a female voice called out as a white streak of lightning raced across the sky, slamming against the stunned hallow. The hollow was sent hurtling through the air, roaring in pain the entire way down, till it crashed into the ground almost fifty feet away from the still bleeding orange haired shinigami. Looking up, Ichigo wasn't at all surprised to see a short black haired girl dressed in a plain black kimono, her hand still sparking from the intense spiritual pressure she had just released. The petite girl, standing at less than five feet tall, stood their looking at him with bored violet eyes. "You know, if you paid more attention to your surroundings I wouldn't have to save your ass," she deadpanned.

Thankful as he was Ichigo wasn't going to take that lying down. "Yeah well if you had bothered to actually teach me midget, then I wouldn't get beaten around all the time," he said as he tore a portion of his kimono off to wrap up his wound. Glaring at him lightly the young girl sighed as she bent down to help him with his wound.

"My name isn't midget you stupid idiot, and you know exactly why I can't teach you anything about zanjutsu," she said even as she finished tying the last of the makeshift bandages.

"Yeah, yeah I know Rukia. I understand," and he really did. While she did have skill with the sword the differences between the blades they used made her teaching him impossible, if not dangerously suicidal. Which meant that from the very fist day that he had started this little night job of his he was forced to teach himself how to use his zanpakutou. Rukia helped as much as she could but the physical differences combined with the lack of control over his reiatsu, immense as it was, made it very hard for her to teach him anything remotely useful. The most that the young Kuchiki heiress was able to do for her substitute was inform him about any hollows in the area and tell him about shinigami lore. In fact tonight was the most help she had been able to give him in over a month. It was driving her crazy, seeing him have to do her job just because she was careless.

So caught up in berating herself for what seemed like the billionth time in the past three months or so, Rukia didn't notice how the hollow she thought was finished had gotten up and was charging at her. Ichigo did however and as he pushed his friend away from the attack, knowing that she wouldn't be able to get away even if she knew it was coming while she was in her gigai. However this motion left him wide open for the hollows attack.

Time seemed to slow down as Ichigo faced his imminent demise. Even as he watched the claw descend onto him the only thing going through Ichigo's mind was what was going to happen to his family with him gone. He didn't want to die yet. There was so much he hadn't done yet. So many firsts that he wouldn't get to have. No first car, no first house, no first kiss, he wouldn't even be able to see his family again. Closing his eyes, Ichigo waited for the inevitable. I'm sorry everyone, looks like I won't be seeing you again, he thought to himself as he braced himself for the blow.


Surprisingly, dying didn't hurt that much. Well, considering he was already a spirit Ichigo didn't expect it to hurt all that much but he was still expecting something. Opening his eyes to check the orange haired substitute shinigami was surprised to find himself still alive, objectively speaking. He raised his head in surprise and found himself shocked even more by the sight before him.

A pair of swords, at least Ichigo thought they were swords, were sticking through the beast's body, one in the chest and the other through its raised arm. The swords looked to be of European make but the thing that made them look odd to the young shinigami was the fact that they were shaped like arrows. That was as far as he got in his inspection because at that moment the swords dissolved into a bright blue light which scattered as if thrown away just as the hollow itself disappeared into blue particles.

What the hell just happened here? Ichigo asked himself before seventy three pounds of worried and pissed off shinigami landed on top of him.

"You son of a bitch! Why the hell did you pull that stunt, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself you idiot!" She screamed as she searched for further injury on his person, worry evident in her tone despite the harshness of her words.

"Why thank you Rukia I am perfectly fine, no I'm not hurt at all so there is no need for concern," he deadpanned at her, a tick developing on his otherwise emotionless face as he stared at the slightly panicked shinigami. Said shinigami grew slightly red at his comment, recognizing how little sense her statement had made. Ichigo could only shake his head at how weird this woman was, wait scratch that; how weird women were in general. Like that time that he complimented Orihime's cooking that one time and her face lit up like a bonfire. Then when he put his hand on her forehead she actually began to keel over. Tatsuki Arisawa, one of his best fiends, got angry at him for some reason after that. Shaking himself from his musing, Ichigo focused instead on the situation in front of him, mainly the disappearing sword-arrows.

Looking at his friend, Ichigo saw her looking at the spot where the hollow died, confusion evident on her face.

"Do you have any idea what just happened?" he asked her.

She shook her head in reply, "I've never scene anything like that before." Considering how Rukia was over a hundred and fifty years old that was saying something.

As the two of them wondered about the mysterious occurrence, neither saw the glowing pair of golden eyes staring at them as they made their way back to their home after Ichigo picked up his zanpakutou; looking on them with curiosity present in them. Interesting, was the sole thought of the eyes' owner as he sank back into the comforting embrace of the shadows. While stealth wasn't his favorite skill to use, he was proficient in its use, as seen by how he slipped away from the area in less than a minute all the while staying out of sight. Now wasn't the time to think about his skill set though, he had someone to meet.

The Next Morning…

In one of the wealthier districts of Karakura town there was a large Japanese style home, easily large enough to hold over thirty people before it reached max capacity. However contrary to its large size there were very few people residing in its walls walls. One such person laid sound asleep in her bed, cuddling with her pillow as she murmured into its soft, fluffy embrace.

"No… not the muffins… I will have my vengeance on you cute… fluffy bunnies…" were some of the many things that came out of the girl's mouth as she rested in the comforting embrace of slumber. She was completely lost to the world, oblivious to any and all things besides her dreaming.

"Orihime-chan its time to wake up," she heard distantly from the fog of her slumber. Belatedly, Orihime knew that she should listen to the voice but she was so comfortable sleeping that she tried to ignore it.

"Leave me alone," she tried to say but what came out was more along the lines of, "Leemmeealon," as it was mumbled into the soft confines of the pillow Orihime was currently squeezing to death. She heard soft, feminine chuckles through the ever lessening fog of drowsiness.

"Now, now Orihime-chan, don't be like that, it's almost time for you to go to school. Besides I have a surprise for you."

Blearily she looked up from her pillow, half lidded brown eyes meeting with deep blue ones that practically glittered in amusement.

"What type of surprise, Roberta-chan?" Orihime asked her, eyes focusing a little more on the maid.

Roberta's eyes just grew more amused at her young charges action. Even though she was fifteen years of age Orihime still held in her the same innocence within her that she had as a child. "You'll see. Now get ready for school missy," said the maid as she ushered her charge out of bed, said charge grumbling all the way.

As she got dressed in her school clothes Orihime couldn't help but take a look at one of the many women who helped raise her. Rosarita Cisneros, or Roberta as she preferred to be called, was lovely Latina woman in her mid-twenties. She had long thick black hair that she tied into pony tail and her bangs hung just over her eyes in a uniform manner. Pale, unblemished skin graced her demure features, making her deep blue eyes stand out even more. Roberta was truly an example of beauty. Even her conservative maid uniform couldn't hide the obvious curves and contours of her body. Orihime could only sigh jealously at the attractive maid who was tiding up her room as she finished putting on her uniform. As said maid turned to look at her again Orihime spoke up again.

"So what is this surprise you were talking about earlier?" she asked, curious.

Roberta quirked an eyebrow in the younger girls direction. "And what makes you think I'm going to tell you?" she asked the orange haired girl, who pouted in return. "Very well," the Latina maid chuckled in amusement, "Your surprise is waiting for you in the kitchen. Go on ahead downstairs and get some breakfast. I'll tidy up after you."

Beaming at the woman, Orihime made her way down the hallways of the place she called home. It was rather large, fitting for how large their family was, and as such it took her a little while to make her way to the kitchen where very enticing smells pulled at her senses.

"I wonder who's making breakfast," Orihime asked herself, a bit helpful as she walked into the kitchen. Did Roberta get into the kitchen again, the thought was chilled the young girl's blood. Maybe one of Dad's friends came over last night, Aunty Rin is a good cook right? the orange haired girl reassured herself before she walked into the kitchen, fully expecting to see a disaster area. However all she saw was a perfectly normal, if delicious looking, breakfast cooking.

Confused, Orihime turned to look at Roberta, who just finished up behind her and made her way over to the stove.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked her young charge.

Hesitantly the teenager asked Roberta if she was the one who made breakfast.

Roberta chuckled a little before turning back to the stove. "Oh I didn't make this meal; I'm just watching the stove."

"Ano, if you didn't make this then who did?" Orihime asked a bit worried, which showed in her voice. As far as she knew the only people in the house were her and Roberta. And Roberta wasn't allowed in the kitchen on pain of death. Seriously, give that woman cleaning equipment or gardening tools and she was an artist at work. Let her in the kitchen and you have a train wreck waiting to happen. Then she heard a soft, deep voice from behind her.

"Aw, and here I thought you enjoyed my cooking Hime," the voice teased.

Turning, Orihime saw a man sitting at the kitchen table, a steaming cup of tea in one hand while the other was covering the smile that she knew was on his face.

The orange haired girl blushed horribly before dashing over to the sitting Emiya. "Daddy!" she exclaimed running into his arms as the chuckling man rose to meet her.

The man stood at six foot and five inches tall, towering over the tiny Japanese girl by a large margin. In fact she didn't even reach his collarbone. He had very long crimson red hair, so long that even with it braided it hung down past his lower back by quite a bit. Golden eyes peered out from beneath the long, messy strands of hair that framed his face. He had broad shoulders and long limbs, something unusual in Japanese men. The long sleeved white button up shirt he wore strained against his form and made the already small girl in his arms look even smaller by comparison. His name is Shirou Emiya and he had been Orihime's adoptive father for the past seven years.

Shirou smiled at his beloved daughter. As one of the most precious things in his life, seeing his daughter after a long trip was always something that he enjoyed.

Said daughter pulled her face from his chest and looked up at him with her big brown eyes. "When did you get back?" she asked, beaming up at him.

"Just last night Hime," Shirou answered. "I wanted to surprise you. Surprise," he finished, giving her a cheeky grin. Orihime blushed in response, embarrassed at how he had played her.

"That's not funny Daddy," she said, pouting up at the red haired man who chuckled in reply.

"I don't know I thought it was pretty funny, what do you think Roberta-chan?" the red haired giant asked his maid, who entered the room at that time. Roberta took one look around and saw a very familiar scene, that of her master teasing his daughter into a blushing, stuttering mess. Sighing, the Latina maid began the tiring process of rescuing the now bright red teenager from her father's relentless assault.

"I believe that's quite enough Master," she chided the older man. "There's no need to tease your daughter so early in the morning," the maid said as she turned off the stove and began to serve breakfast while her master and his daughter took their seats at the table. After she finished serving Roberta began to leave only to be stopped by Shirou. Turning to face him, the black haired woman raised an eyebrow in his direction.

"As I have told you a billion times Roberta, there is no need to separate yourself from us. You're a part of our family and as such I would like to have breakfast with both my daughter and you," he said, answering her silent question before turning back to his breakfast.

Knowing that attempting to argue was impossible, she nodded and quickly sat down, praying that her master was too busy to notice the faint blush on her face. Although judging by the slight smirk on Orihime's face, she didn't miss it.

It was a badly kept secret of the Emiya house that the live in maid deeply cared for the master of the house. In fact it was so badly kept that everyone that knew the family knew the secret aside from the man himself. This was astonishing considering how much the man managed to throw Roberta off her center, something that Orihime took great enjoyment in teasing her about.

Glaring lightly in response the younger girl's gentle ribbing, Roberta busied herself with eating as she tried to ignore the hotness of her cheeks and the warmth spreading through her body. The quiet giggles that she heard let Roberta know that Orihime saw her glare. And other than this minor event, breakfast went by quickly with each of its participants simply enjoying one another's company. However all good things must come to an end.

Taking a quick glance at the clock Orihime nearly gagged on the food in her mouth when she saw the time. "Crap," the orange haired teenager swore, earning herself a reproachful look from Roberta and a gentle yet stern, "Hime-chan!" from her father.

"Sorry Daddy," she spoke bashfully, "It's just I remembered that I was supposed to meet up with Tatsuki before school." She had lost track of time as she was prone to do when she had time to spend with her father, and rightly so considering how little opportunity she had to do so.

Her father spent most of his time traveling for work and as such Orihime liked to spend as much time with him as she could. Her father worked as a consultant for several very large and important companies around the world and as such was required to travel said world in order to gain the necessary knowledge and experience to give good advice to his employers. While this was a very important job and it paid very well, it didn't really allow Shirou to spend all that much time at home with his family. However with the amount of time he spent talking with her on the phone, at least three times a week whenever he couldn't be home, it was almost like he was always there for her even when he wasn't physically there. It was this type of chemistry that only made their relationship that much stronger.

"Well then you should probably head off to school Hime-chan, before you actually become late then. And hurry home please, I'd like to spend some time with my little girl," Shirou spoke as he watched his adopted daughter quickly scarf down what remained of her breakfast before gathering her things, giving both himself and Roberta a kiss on the cheek and making her way out the door as quickly as possible.

The orange haired girl felt a wide grin spread across her face as she hurried to the spot where she was to meet up with Tatsuki. Now she couldn't wait till school was done.

The moment that Orihime shut the door the entire atmosphere of the room changed. Where there was once a sense of warmth and comfort, now there was a foreboding feeling, as if a huge weight hung above them, ready to fall.

"I assume that you have more to information to give me Roberta?" Shirou asked, his face guarded and without emotion. This didn't offend said maid at all, as she knew that this only meant that her master was entering what he called his battle mode. Battle mode, as she understood it, was a state of mind that Shirou entered whenever he was faced with a situation that warranted complete and total concentration, like in the middle of a battle. It was this mode that allowed him to take into account ever variable in the problem and sort through them in order to come to the best possible solution for every problem.

"Of course Shirou-sama," the maid answered promptly and without hesitation, the very picture of a soldier giving a report. "Starting approximately one month ago there was a steady increase of incursions involving a type of creature that I have never encountered before nor heard of. These creatures come in many shapes and sizes, some even reaching the size of sky scrapers while most others average around two and a half times larger than the average human and all have white masks with bodies that are typically black in color with some minor variations. Most of these creatures are based at least somewhat off of animals and only a few show signs of advanced levels of intelligence."

Shirou nodded slightly in response. "I was wondering what that thing was," he spoke to himself. "On my way in, I saw one of these creatures attacking two teenagers. The creature is dead now. Continue."

The Latina maid hesitated slightly before continuing. "While we have not come across any of these creatures in the process of completing a hunt we have come to believe that these creatures sustain themselves by feeding on either wraiths or particularly strong souls that have not yet left the mortal coil."

That little tidbit of information grabbed his attention quickly. "Are you telling me that these things consume the souls of living beings?" When she nodded in reply, Shirou immediately started firing off questions. "What preparations have been taken in response to these incursions, what weaknesses do these things have, when was the last attack and how many casualties have we had so far? How has the public been kept in the dark so long? Or have these things just recently surfaced?"

"No in order to see these creatures one needs to have prana levels that are much higher than those found in everyday people. Even a magus with small reserves of prana would find them impossible to see without fully engaging their circuits. The average person just doesn't have the necessary levels of magical energy to even register on these creatures radar at most times, which explains why they mostly target wraiths, seeing as how they are made of mana. And surprisingly there have no casualties as of now Shirou-sama, each and every time one of these creatures have appeared a third party has come in and taken care of these creatures."

This surprised Shirou, not that there was any evidence of such on his face. "A third party?" he asked.

"Yes, this third party appears to wish for nothing but the safety of the civilians in the area in addition to the wraiths that the creatures hunt. The party in question is usually clothed in a black shihakusho and using a rather thick zanbato approaching six feet in length. We have witnessed this third party perform some kind of spiritual purification ritual, sending the spirits that inhabit this city to the afterlife, the specific afterlife in question has not yet been determined. Due to the fact that this problem was being both contained."

Shirou hummed faintly in acknowledgement. "You said there was an incident?"

Roberta flinched. She did not want to be the one to tell Shirou about this but she knew it had to be done. "Yes… one of third parties apparently got into conflict with the other one. The instigator decided to settle this conflict by proving he could kill more of the beasts than the other, using some form of attractor to bring as many of the beasts as he could to the 'hunting ground' as he put it. This bait led to the largest incursion to date, numbering over a thousand beasts entering Karakura town proper at once, including one extremely large beast that towered over most of the buildings. Luckily they all focused on the position that the third party took."

Shirou froze. "If this has already been resolved then why did you call me back?"

Silence answered his question.

"I know that Orihime is safe, I saw that this morning, so tell me… what… happened?"

The dark haired woman hesitated briefly before speaking in a soft tone. "Orihime experienced a very large jump in prana in addition to showing very… interesting abilities."

"Interesting how?"

Her answer was prompt. "As in instant Sealing Designation from the Clocktower, should they ever find out, and there is more Shirou-sama."

"More?" he asked, shaking his head incredulously. "You just told me that my daughter, who I love dearly, could possibly be worse?"

"Do you remember that boy, the one that Orihime has a huge crush on? Ichigo Kurosaki?"

"Yes," Shirou raised a questioning eyebrow in her direction.

"He is the third party I was speaking of."

The red haired man narrowed his eyes. Turning to look at one of his closest companions, Shirou couldn't help but wonder to himself why exactly life had to difficult for him. "Send out a message to our allies, I think that something very big is going to happen soon," seeing Roberta nod in response. "Now tell me what you know so far about Orihime's new abilities along with these creatures. What did you call them again?"


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