Some towns often have the 'it' guy. Athletic and popular, everybody knows and loves. Then they have the bad boy. Well in our town we have both, but theres a whole new category for Blade Jackson. He is neither of these but also in a way both; he's complicated. He just rolled into town and already people are either in love with him, want to be him, or afraid of him. i, on the other hand don't even care for him. I've never seen him before but when people start talking about you like your some kind of god, i dont really want to meet you. They always turn out to be snobs.

I tried to push Blade completely out of my mind as i pulled into the school Tuesday morning. Our first day of Senior year! We've been waiting for it for years, and it's finally here! i pulled into one of the last spots. Suddenly a Black motorcycle pulled in right next to me. The rider was wearing ripped jeans and a leather jacket. As he takes his helmet off he reveals the perfect tan, with almost perfectly placed black hair. I realized that this must be the infamous Blade Jackson. This was my first glimpse of him, and oddly i felt a pull twords him. I couldn't help but stare, suddenly Jade Williams passed by snickering at me with her possie soon following. Personally i didn't see why guys were always drooling over her, she was such a snob.

I barely made it into class, slipping in a few seconds before the bell. Mrs. Alex was about to close the door when, who else but Blade walked in. She started to yell at him but he flashed her a perfect smile, and she just told him to get here early next time. He turned and sat in the desk next to me. Noticing this Jade turned around and flashed an envious face at me.

As i was sitting in class i couldn't quite pay attention. I kept stealing glances at Blade. He literally was Perfect! Perfect tan, Perfect teeth, Perfect blue eyes, perfect hair, even perfect clothes! everything about him was perfect! Also i kept having this suddent urge to just jump on him, to get as close as possible as i could. Finally the bell rang and i stood up quickly and bumped into the person next to me, sending my papers all over the floor. As the last of the class was leaving, i began to pick up all my papers, my fingers went to reach for the person handing me papers and our hands brushed, sending a bolt of heat up my arm. i looked up and saw Blades perfect blue eyes staring at me.

"i don't bite, well i could make an acception." he said in a deep mesmerizing voice.

"very funny" i managed to say low

"Blade Jackson" he continued as we stood up

"Kelly Johnson" i replied

"It's very nice to meet you." he said in an accent trimmed voice and then just walked away

Great my first meeting with the amazing Blade Jackson and i looked like a shy school girl, barely able to say a word. It was very strange he seemed relaxed, but had a quick wit about him, tense, ready for something but i couldn't quite tell why. Why were his hands hot, weird. i decided to just forget the encounted, we would probably never talk again,and walked to my next class. Just my luck as im walking into English 103, I trip and just before i hit the floor, none other than Blade is there and cathces me, sending more heat through my body. i stand back up and brush off the embarrassment.

"Thanks" i stated as i looked up into his slate grey eyes "wait, a second ago your eyes were deep blue? now they gray? " i mumbled confused

" Must've been the lighting" he replied and walked off

I sat throught English, once again distracted by him. Those eyes, i couldnt get them out of my head. I felt like they were piercing into my soul. And was that really just the lighting? The rest of the day zoomed by. luckily he was not it any of my other classes. That night sleep was greatly appreciated.