Flashback time! XD

The Robinson wedding was a huge hit! Franny and Cornelius Robinson were so happy to start their new lives together! The whole Robinson family was planning on this day for a long time. They thought Franny and Lewis were never going to tie the knot! Almost everyone was hyper and excited, The only one that wasn't joyful was a five year old girl with tan skin, curly dark brown hair, and sad brown eyes that were too busy crying to notice anything around her.

Anna sat in a small corner of the wonderfully decorated room so she wouldn't get noticed by the family that was eating chocolate cake at tables covered with yellow tablecloths.

'Why did Cornelius have to chose her?' Anna thought as she tried to wipe her tears, but more tears just followed. ' I love him so much, why can't I marry him? I would take such good care of him!' Anna tried as hard as a five year old could, not to run out crying and refused to make a scene.

Anna hanged her head feeling very defeated when a small boy about her age with big brown eyes spotted her and began to walk over to her cheerfully. Franny tried to get Wilbur's hair to stay down for the wedding but the family cowlick never goes away, never. Just when he was right in front of her, did he notice she was sobbing.

"Hey, why are you crying Anna? You should be happy!" The small boy's head drooped slightly to the side and his eyebrows pushed together to make a crease on his forehead. "Aren't you happy?" Wilbur sat down next to her and crossed his legs.

"No Wilbur," Anna covered her face with her hands. "I'm not happy."

Wilbur scooted closer to the girl and frowned. "Why?"

Anna sighed and looked at her hands questioning herself if she should tell him or not. 'He wouldn't understand.' she thought 'boys never understand.' "I can't tell you, you would laugh at me."

Wilbur patted her back "I won't laugh."



Anna took a deep breath and told him about how when his dad Lewis would visit her orphanage and would hang out with her. "He said he was a orphan once and that he understands how it feels to not have parents." Anne began to nervously play with her hair. Braiding it to make her calm down a little. "I love your dad Wilbur. He's nice to me and plays with me. But he doesn't love me, he just married Ms. Franny."

All of a sudden Wilbur jumped up and looked down at the girl. He helped her up and wiped her tears on his white shirt. He blushed and stared at the floor. "look Anna," Wilbur said as he rubbed his head. "I know you don't love me, and I'm not as good as my dad" He peeked at the girl and started to blush red like a tomato. "but, if it makes you feel better, and you'll stop crying, when we get older, I'll marry you if you want."

Wilbur looked down again, completely embarrassed at what he said. Anna's arms wrapped around him in a tight loving hug. "Thanks Wilbur."

Wilbur's quickly pushed away the girl and blushed while he wiped off his mini suit. "Anna! Quit being such a girl!" Wilbur said as he tried to march away, but couldn't help but have a tiny small on this face.