"Sooooo, how am I going to help you again?" Lewis said as he tightened a loose bolt from prototype Carl's arm.

Wilbur sighed and sat on a large purple machine that resembled a medium sized lava lamp. "You," He said as he got up and walked with is hands shoved in his denim jean pockets, "Can give me woman advice. Maybe?"

Lewis whipped around to look at the teen with a confusion and shock all over his face. "Me!? What am I going to do?!"

Wilbur pulled his hands out of his pockets and dropped to his knees in a pleading position. "Pleaseeeeee Lewis! I need you! You got mom, how hard will it be to help me get Anna?"

Lewis rolled his eyes and went back to Carl. "Wilbur, that was Franny. I don't know much about women but I do know that they all aren't the same."

Wilbur got up and thought for a moment. He grinned as he released his ultimate weapon. "Pleaseeeeeeee," He said with his puppy dog eyes. Lewis huffed. "Please dad?"

Lewis groaned at the name. He turned and got out two Rollie chairs. He pulled out a a black collage rule notebook, sat down and pointed to the other chair. "OK, what have you done so far though her visit back?"

"Well," Wilbur said as he relaxed in the dull blue chair, " We ate dinner with the family, visited you, and that was about it."

"Anything else?" Lewis said as he pushed up his glasses.

"Oh and Sarah came over."

"Sarah?" Lewis said while scribbling notes. "Who's Sarah?"

Wilbur rested his arm on the chair rolled around in circles. "Just some annoying girl that 'likes' me. She's creepy."

Lewis raised a blonde eyebrow "What happened?"

"They fought and nearly killed me." Wilbur winced at the memory.

"Well," Lewis said as he ran his fingers though his hair. "if Sarah likes you so much why don't you just date her?"

Wilbur jumped out of his seat and grabbed Lewis's shirt collar "ARE YOU CRAZY!? SHE'S INSANE! WACKO! AND DID I MENTION, CREEPY!"

"OK! Wilbur! OK!" Lewis said as he pried off Wilbur's hands. "Gosh." He mumbled. Lewis picked up his notebook that had fallen when he was attacked by Wilbur.

"Yea but she has been acting all sad after the fight. I don't know whats up with her." Wilbur said as he sat back in the chair.

"Do you remember anything but the fight that could have made her depressed?" Lewis's he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Wilbur's outburst gave him a throbbing headache.

Wilbur's eyebrows creased as he thought. Was there something he said to her that made her upset? He tried to think back to after the fight. "Yea... I think we all talked about who I liked best and I said Anna.." Suddenly a light blub flashed on in Wilbur's head and He realized what was the problem. "I told her I liked her as a friend." Wilbur jumped up out of the chair. "Maybe that's it!"

"Maybe." Lewis said blankly as he looked at his notes. "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm going to talk to her!" Wilbur said as he dashed to the time machine. "Thanks!"

"Welcome." Lewis said as he grin to himself and started to work again. He had to admit he did really want to know how this thing worked out.


Sarah grunted as she pounded on the blue pillow, careful not the break her fake nails. 'How could Wilbur pick that ugly, flat chested, beast over me!?' She thought as she punched her pillow with all he strength to throw it at the wall. Poor pillow was bursting at the seams and torn up by years and years of abuse.

Sarah laid on her hot pink comforter and stared angrily at the ceiling. "I'll swear I'll knock her and her huge ego down a few sizes." She said as she thought out loud. Sarah got up and smiled a evil smile.

She walked up to her bright yellow desk and pulled out a large piece of paper. They were blueprints she stole from Cornelius's lab a few years back. The blue prints read, 'Helping Hat'. "I swear I'll get her back. and I know just how to do it." Sarah's grin grew larger as she started to work on her devilish plan.

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