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Raven woke up and realized she wasn't in the tower anymore, The last thing she remembered was there was an intruder in the tower and Robin told them all to split up and find out who it was and the next thing Raven knew smoke filled the tower and the room started to spin and everything was getting blurry. Now here she was laying on what appeared to be a couch if Raven had to take a guess by feel.

Raven slowly sat up and looked around at what she could make out in the dark room that was only lit by the moon shining in the large full body windows much like the ones back at the tower. Was she back at the tower? She was pretty sure she wasn't but why wasn't she tied up if she was kidnapped? Were they looking for her?

Raven managed to walk over to the window and look outside, She could see water and the town! She was still in Jump City! Was that even possible? All she would have to do now is call Cyborg or Robin and let them know that she was still in town and okay, She very well could just teleport back to the tower or even walk with how close she was to the tower!

"Okay, Now I can just sit down and focus all my energy" Raven sighed "Azara-"

"Don't waste your energy" she was told as the lights turned on

"You!" Raven got up and walked towards him "How stupid can you be taking me this close to the tower?"

"I think it's a pretty smart move" he told her "So, I suggest you get comfortable because I'm going to be keeping you here for quite awhile, Cool with you?, Sunshine?"