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Jon could picture Ygritte telling his brothers all about their journey.

"Jon Snow," she would say, "had me in the snow. He insisted. I'm just a poor innocent girl, but Snow wouldn't take no for an answer."

He couldn't take her back, that was completely out of the question. She would just ridicule him…but she was doing that already.

He found himself almost starting to like her, though.

Her relentless teasing gave him something to think about, at least. He pictured what was really beneath those furs.

It wasn't because he was attracted to her, though she was pretty, it was more that he needed something to do.

And he was lost, she was right. That didn't mean she had to rub it in.

He was considering taking her up on her offer, just to silence her.

But he couldn't.

He had taken vows, vows he had to keep.

No matter how tempting that hair was, those freckles, that confident smile…he had to stay away.

Was it true that he didn't know anything? The conviction in her voice was enough to make him doubt everything about himself.

He didn't know anything.

He wanted to learn, he wanted Ygritte to be his teacher.

But that could never happen.

She was off-limits. A girl, and his captive at that.

He couldn't kill her, she was too…pretty? No, Jon could potentially kill someone pretty.

She had an air about her. Jon thought if she died and that air disappeared, the world would become unbalanced, even more unbalanced than it already was.

"What're you thinking about?" she asked him eventually.

"Keep moving." he said.

He felt they had something…well, maybe more on her side.

She talked and he gave brief, stoic responses.

It was the way things worked.

He grew to love the way that hair shined, the way her lips went into that cocky smile so naturally, and the freckles just pieced it all together.

And he thought that maybe, just maybe, she was thinking about him.

He hoped so.

He wanted to take her up on her offer, but he couldn't break his vows.

He wanted her.

That's why he was so disappointed when she betrayed him.

But he thought he saw the tiniest bit of remorse on her face.

And that gave him hope.

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