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Chapter 1

First date in Xanadu!

Day 1

The full moon shone brightly in the middle of the dark sky. The city below them was still buzzing with people and cars even though it was already night time. The bright and dazzling light of the city amazed the eyes of the last two travelers from the real world as they admired the dazzling scenery in front of them high up in the dark sky.

"It seems that we have landed in Japan's capital, Tokyo." Yuji said as he looked down at the bright city below him. Instead of his original form, he had his hair in raven color and had a darker blue-black color of pupils as compared when he was not using his powers. He was in his red battle armor that he has worn fighting against Shana in the real world.

"I never knew that Tokyo could be so beautiful at night. I have never seen Tokyo from up here before so I never noticed." His companion, Shana commented. She still had her crimson burning hair dancing along with the wind in the air and she could be seen in her Misaki City Municipal High school uniform with her treasure tool Yogasa in the form of a black coat over her school uniform. She had her hand held together with Yuji's as they admired the scenery below them.

The peaceful moment felt like as if time has stopped for them as they cherished the moment when they were together after going through a series of fighting. They could not remember when was the last time that they had a peaceful time together. However, it did not mattered to them as the warm of each others' hands was all that mattered at the moment. The silence, uninterrupted by any words, gave an comfortable atmosphere to the two.

However, soon the two started to descend down into the city. No words were exchanged as they only briefly smiled at each other. The descend was slow but smooth as they landed gracefully in an empty park. Shana's fiery crimson hair started to faint as it soon become dark and black hair. Her crimson eyes returned to a shade of dark brown. Beside her, Yuji's hair had fainted into his original brown hair and his eyes fainted into a more lighter shade of dark blue. His red battle armor has been replaced with a brown shirt with a black scarf over his neck. It was his previous clothes he wore when he went to meet Yoshida and Tanaka.

"Well, it is quite late already." Yuji said as he looked around the park, "We should have find a place to sleep for the nigh-"

"No we will not do that." Before Yuji could finish his words, Shana interrupted as she then grabbed Yuji's hand and dragged him out of the park. Yuji slightly staggered but managed to keep up with Shana's increasing fast phase. Without even slowing down Shana kept on running, with her hand linked to Yuji's.

"Last Christmas, you were supposed to take Kazumi or me out for a date remember?" Shana said cheerfully as she looked back at Yuji. "So you will have to compensate it by having a date with me tonight!"

"Ah wait!" Yuji muttered as his hand was being pulled by Shana as they headed towards the city in front of them. Yuji sighed but quickly smiled at Shana who was dragging him along. 'How long has it been since we were like this together?' Yuji thought as they slowly entered the bright city.

"What is that, Yuji?" Shana asked as she pointed at a certain machine in an arcade, her hand still interlinked with mine as it afraid of losing me like last time during Christmas.

Shana and I had a decent dinner in a restaurant that we happened to pass by when Shana's stomach growled, which earned me a smack when I chuckled. I could not help but felt it has been a long time since we were able to be together like this.

After having a satisfying dinner, Shana asked me "What to do now?". This made me slightly chuckled as I remembered that although Shana was not the emotionless flame haze she once was anymore, she was still clueless in these kind of girl's activity. After being shouted "What's so funny? Hey Yuji!", I brought her to the clothes department and got her to chose a few dresses. Some of the clothes made my heart pumped faster as she looked too cute in them. It was then I realized that I have not seen Shana wore any other clothes other than her suit, uniform and the dresses she wore on Seireiden. In the end, she bought a white frilly dress with a black shirt and wore it immediately in exchange with her uniform.

I smiled at Shana who was looking at me full of energy and excitement. One could say that she looked like a child who first went into an amusement park. I slowly pulled her into the photo sticker booth.

"What is this Yuji?" Shana asked as she stared at the screen in front of her. 'This must be her first time using this.' I thought as I inserted a token into the machine. I chose the lover's picture as I still my face to Shana's.

"Wait Yuji wha-"


The camera took the picture and shown it to use. To my laughter, the photo had me smiling at the camera while Shana had a scolding face looking at me.

"E-eh! Yuji you never told me-"

"Hurry Shana, the second shot is coming."



The second picture had my face stuck onto Shana face as I smiled at the camera. Shana was not fast enough and had a surprised look on her face.

"Shana, your face!" I held my hand to my mouth as I laughed. Shana pouted and said her signature word.

"Urusai! (Shut up!) You should have told me earlier! Come on the third picture is coming!"

Shana's first quickly changed back to her cheerful smile as she stuck her face to mine. I felt my face getting a bit hotter knowing that Shana was the one that stuck to my face herself.


"Ah! Yuji you are blushing!"


"Eh hehehe."

Shana laughed as she looked at the third photo on the screen. Unlike before Shana was smiling beautifully to the screen. However, this time it was me who was the one that was blushing and had a weird smile.

"Come on let's do a proper one Yuji!"

"Okay, 1, 2, 3!"


Both of us smiled at the screen as we tried to memorize every single detail in the picture. Unlike the first three, this one was a perfect one. Both of us had our face stuck together as we smiled at the screen. Even though I still have a faint red color on my face, I realized that a shade of red was also on Shana's face.

"You are also blushing Shana!"


I chuckled as Shana pouted again, even her pouting face was cute. Then a sudden idea struck as I summoned a Fuzetsu. The sky outside turned into a shade of red as everything in motion froze as it time has stopped. My hair started to turn black as my blue eyes became darker and my red armor returned appeared. Upon sensing the Fuzetsu, Shana's hair started to burn as they became fury crimson as he eyes became crimson red that was identical to the flame and her hair. Her black coat Yogasa appeared as she looked her surrounding in alarm.

"Fuzetsu? Is there an enemy?"

"The enemy is right in front of you Shana."



I pulled the cautious Shana closer to me as I smiled at the camera. After a few seconds, the photo appeared on the screen. Unlike the others, this time I was in the appearance when I first led the Bal Masque. The photo had me smiling at the camera while pulling Shana by her waist close to me. She had a clueless face as she stared at the camera.


Shana shouted as she looked quite angrily at me. I smiled at her and said.

"Come on Shana, the last one is coming. Let's make this a memorable one shall we?"

Upon hearing that, for some reason she blushed before she stuck to me as she faced the camera. I did the same as I smiled at the camera. 3, 2, 1



I felt something soft on my face before the photo snapped. My head remained empty as the photo slowly started to appear on the screen. The photo had me having a slightly surprised face looking at the camera. Beside me, Shana with her burning red hair had her eyes close as she kissed my left cheek.

The Fuzetsu started to disappear so both of us returned to our previous appearance. I looked down at Shana as I started to ask.


"Urusai! Urusai! Urusai! I only did it because it is the last one..."

Shana said as she faced away from me. I could still see a faint of red on her face from her back. I chuckled at her embarrassment as she turned her face towards me and started pouting again. I smiled at her as I took the photos that started to be printed out of the machine. With blushing faces, both of us left the booth together, Shana still had her face away from me. But her hand was still tightly holding mine.

"Ah I am exhausted..."

Shana said as we walked towards our room in a hotel nearby. After taking photos in the photo sticker booth, we went to a lot of stores, bought lemon breads, dragged by Shana to find clothes for me and plenty more activities that drained our energy to the minimum.

"So did you have fun today Shana?" I asked as I looked at her. Upon hearing me, energy seemed to have filled her eyes again as she leaned towards me and hugged my right arm. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Yes! This is the first time that I have so much fun before!"

I smiled at her response as my walking legs slowly grew to a halt. I turned towards our room and inserted the card into the door. The button of the door shone green as I turned the handle and opened the door.

It was a spacious room, there was a sofa in front of a television at the right. There was also a table with two chairs by the window that enabled us to have a full view of the city. At the left there was a double bed with a short table at the right. Wait a-

'A double bed!' I thought in my mind. I remembered clearly that I ordered a room with two beds...

A blushed surfaced on my face as I imagined myself on a bed with Shana. I headed towards the door as I said.

"Wait Shana, I will tell them that they got us the wrong-"


I felt my hands being pulled as I looked back at Shana. For the first time, Shana's face was as red as her crimson hair as she shyly and slowly looked into my eyes and said.

"There was no need for a change of room, wasn't it?" Upon looking at Shana's blushing face, I felt my heart jumped faster as my face slowly became as red as Shana's. 'She was so cute when she blushed...' I thought as I tried to get back into the topic.

"But I told them the bed-"

"I told them to change."


By now, Shana's face was even beyond the color of her crimson hair and steam could be seen rising out of her head. Yet, she did not face away to hide her face but instead, continue to show her cute face and looked directly into my eyes.

"We could sleep together...right...?"

That was the last straw.

I couldn't suppress the hormones in my heart anymore as I suddenly hugged Shana and kissed her in the lips. Shana seemed to to quite surprised but slowly she started to return the kiss. Our lips were locked together as we slowly savored each other. Even though it was for a moment, when our lips met it felt like we have been kissing for eternity. We slowly moved before our lips finally parted as Shana fell onto the bed with me over her.



Both of us called each other's name before our lips met again. Our consciousness slowly slipping away as we embraced each other in the hot night.

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