Mother's Day Catastrophe

Lana's POV (Very Rare)

Chapter 1

"Ahh, back in the streets of Santa Martina." I said to myself, a little in disgust. I mean, the streets are hideous. They're are always crimes going around. I mean, my daughter has to work on a case every month.

God, I have to get her out of here. She will end up almost as bad as Warren's ex-wife. What was her name? Oh right, Candi. Ugh, she's like a forty year old wearing thirteen year old trends while having the body of a fifty-year old woman.

The taxi driver got to the Senior Highrise just then, and I gave him a twenty while pulling my bag out with me. As soon as I closed the door, the cab sped off. Lynch seed.

I walked with a grace of courage inside the Highrise and greeted the manager.

"Well, hello Lana. What brings you here today?" He says with a smile.

"It's Mother's Day. I wanted to spend some time with my mother, if that's okay with you." I reply, but with a fake smile.

"Of course. Have a good day." He says and then goes into the employee's only door.

"Alright." I mutter to myself, and go to the elevator.

Sammy's POV

Okay, so I'm at Marissa's house eating pancakes when their house phone rings. Wanna know what I do? I yell, "THE PHONE IS RINGING!" Really loud and with chewed up pancake still in my mouth.

"Sammy, what are you going on about?" Marissa asks emerging from the bathroom.

"The phone." I try to say but it ends up more like, 'De pone.'

Then Marissa notices the ringing and runs to the phone. She says hello when she picks up then she has a little scowl on her face.

"Alright, I'll tell her." She says almost reluctantly then she hangs up. "Okay Sammy, don't freak."

Well, naturally when people say don't freak it's an invitation to freak. So I stayed calm, so that she can continue.

"Lana'sintownforMother'sday." She says in a big rushed sentence. It takes a minute for me to process that and then when I get it, I scream.

"No way!" I say really loudly.

"Yes way!" Marissa says nodding her head frantically.

"Why?" I say.

"Mother's Day!" She says as if it was the reason for world hunger.

"I'm spending it at your house." I say dumbly.

"Sammy!" She scolds.

"Oh, sorry." I smile sheepishly. "I mean, yes Ms. McKenze, I'm spending it at your house." I say with a salute.

She groans.

"I'm not leaving." I say with my arms crossed which make my arms sticky because of the pancake syrup.

"Ten minutes?" She asks. I shake my head.

"What if you had friends with you?" Marissa suggests.

"Uh, maybe." I say.

"Okay." Then she goes to the phone and makes a private call, to one of our friends. I wonder who's going with me.

"Okay, Sammy. Uh, three things." Marissa said after a 45 minute phone call. Who was she talking to? I nodded for her to continue.

One, finish your pancakes. They're gonna get cold." Marissa pointed out. "Two, you need to take a shower. Your mom is expecting you in 2 hours. And three, I'm dressing you." Wow, two breaths. That's a new record.

"Whatever. Who's coming with me?" I asked throwing away the remaining pancake. I was too busy to eat so it got really cold.

"You'll find out." She said and then she rushed me into the bathroom.

A/N: Okay really short chapter. And really later Mother's Day fanfic. Yeah, the idea just came to me and I wrote it at the last minute two days ago. But then I forgot about it and well yeah..