Kisdota: Hi-Ho, names Kisdota- The Freak Gamer, big time writer, programmer, chef, and writer of some memorable fics that broke the 1chapter = 10 reviews mark. Currently one of the fics I'm writing needs a bit of thinking so I've decided to try making a new fic besides the one I'm doing, try and mix things up a bit.

I know that there are like three other people writing these kinds of fics but I just had to get my share in it seems fun. Plus I got an idea the may need some villans as well and we know that'll be fun.

Fill in the list and submit it in a review, be sure to see what it is I'm looking for to increase your chances of getting added. YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

CURRENTLY WANTED: Hero's are what I need for the first few chapters, I'll just use some regular DC villans to start this out.

Disclaimer:I do not own Young Justice or any other members of DC comics.

Superhero/Villan Name: (something that can roll off the tongue)

Real name: (Civilian identity)

Race: (Human, Metahuman, Alien, robot, whatever else there is)

Age: (13-17, by human standards, is preferred)


Affiliation: (Hero, villan, or anti-hero)

Relations: (Includes normal family and/or superheros/Villans currently living or not)

Home: (Where do they live)

Civilian Apperance: (What they look like in the open, be descriptive)

Superhero/Villan Apperance: (How they look when fighting/doing crime, try to be descriptive)

Superpowers: (try not to make them like gods, describe all the powers they have)

Equipment: Optional (Tools or weapons)

Intelligence: Optional (Can they hack computers, create complicated chemical compounds, anything else like that that requires high level knowledge)

Strengthens: (Their strong points)

Weaknesses: (Their weak points)

Personality: (How well they interact with others and how they act period.)

Backstory: (How they got their powers and anything they've been doing during their life and how they live now)



Relationships: optional (You want me to try and spice up their life? Yes/No?)

Anything else: Optional (Whatever else you need to tell me)

My OC's getting in definitally, that's how it works. I should tell you that when you submit an OC I have the right to make any changes to them, I doubt I will but I just may, but nothing big. If it is big I'll PM (Private Message) you about it. YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA