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(Hall of Justice, Virtual Reality Room, 12/31/2015, 13:14 est.)

The team stood side by side in line, Trilogy, Savage, Robin, Biomass, and Copycat. Nightwing looked at them as though he was examining or studying them. The team stood silent waiting for him to say something.

"Alright," Nightwing started, "I suppose I'll make this simple: What did we learn?"

"D-Don't hesitate in the line of danger," Trilogy started sounding uneasy.

"Always be aware of your surroundings," Savage said.

"Don't get distracted," Robin said feeling ashamed.

"Always expect the unexpected," Biomass said.

"Explosions hurt," Copycat said sarcastic but coolly.

"Close enough," Nightwing said crossing his arms, "You all have the potential, the knowhow, the power to be something great. You're all beginning to grasp the fundamentals of being a team but you all still fall short," Nightwing said walking from left to right.

"Uh a quick question?" Copycat said raising his hand, "What exactly are we doing all this for?"

"I have also been curious about that," Savage asked, "I assumed that we were trying out for the league, and yet you seem to always avoid saying 'The League'."

"It's complicated," Nightwing told them.

"Perhaps if we knew what it was we were trying out for we would try harder," Biomass said.

"Enough," Nightwing said, "I have a few things I need to discuss. All of you, go patrol your streets."

"Oh they're our streets now, that doesn't make me feel like a loser," Biomass said, the five of them left the large room.

"Not you Robin," Nightwing said stopping him, "I want to speak to you about something."

"About what?" Robin asked sounding a bit worried.

"In private," Nightwing added.

"We'll see you later then," Trilogy said.

(Washington DC, different city locations, 12/31/2015, 13:46 est.)

"You guys ever get the feeling like we're not a part of the same loop as Robin is?" Biomass asked over the com link as he flew towards an armored car that was under the control of a few robbers. One of the guys stuck his body out of the passenger window and fired his gun at Biomass who did a few aerial maneuvers dodging the shots.

"I mean he's got the freaking Batman on his side," Biomass landed on the back of the truck.

"I'm sure he's not getting any special treatment," Trilogy said, she was walking down a dark alley which a few thugs had made into their home.

One of them swung a large wooden bat over her head, Trilogy didn't even phase when the bat broke into a bunch of splintery pieces.

"Maybe it's just some family business," she said.

"The Bat-family's not related to one another," Copycat said examining a bomb that was set in front of the bank. He opened the case and examined the wires inside.

"You sureI? They all sure act like they are," Trilogy said, the sound of someone getting punched could be heard over her intercom.

"They're not the only detectives, I'm positive that none of them are related by blood," Copycat said snipping the first wire, "Oh there's a remote detonator on this, can someone get that?"

*BAM* The African American's metallic fist connected with the enemies face, the broken down apartment room was littered with four other people all knocked out.

"I got it," Savage said smashing a remote in his hand. "What do you suppose they are doing anyway detective?"

"No clue… whatever Robin's doing it's gotta be better than just defusing a toaster, and that's not an exaggeration. I'm defusing some C4 attached to a toaster case and a timer," Copycat said.

"You should see their apartment, they're obviously on a budget," Savage said.

"See this is what I'm talking about, I wanna make a real difference. Stop real enemies and villains, not crooks who shop at the 99 cent store," Copycat complained.

"sigh, I wish I had your confidence," Trilogy said tossing the last thug to the ground, "I'm just taking down some common pocket pickers, but you're defusing a bomb and saying it's nothing."

"You got your strong points too Trilogy," Biomass said, the car he was following was making some screeching sounds, "Not a lot of people can take a pipe to the head with just an 'ow'."

"Superman could," Trilogy said, "And he wouldn't even say 'ow'."

"Yeah Superman sure," Biomass said, behind him on a building wall was the armored truck attached by what looked like bee hive wax and nest materials, "You're comparing yourself to the Man of Steel, guy looks at something he doesn't like and literally takes it down the same second, via heat vision."

"Don't your powers originate from the material that would kill him?" Savage asked her, "Wouldn't you be stronger than him?"

"You mean kryptonite. No, the kryptonite in my body has changed too much to be considered deadly to Superman," Trilogy said.

"You'd probably give him a run for his money, or whatever it was Kryptonians used for currency," Biomass said.

"What about me? You think I could go against Batman?" Copycat suddenly asked.

"No." "NO." Everyone else said.

"You all said that fast," Copycat said clipping the last wire shutting the bomb down.

"The guys kind of a badass, I mean you ever hear of one of the leagues early day's when it was just those six or seven original members? When they traveled to a parallel earth?" Biomass asked him.

"I heard that, alternate Superman was in charge of some evil Justice League, but Batman's alternate was doing something that would threaten all of existence behind his back," Savage said.

"And batman saved all of existence yes," Copycat said handing the defused bomb to one of the nearby officers, "You know that's just a rumor right?"

"I think it's real, Wonderwoman said that she got her invisible jet from that alternate dimension, and from Batman's evil counterpart," Trilogy said.

"So that would mean Wonderwoman is probably the only other person to stand a chance against Batman," Biomass said, "Especially since their… well history I guess you would call it."

"What history?" Savage asked running over buildings rooftop to rooftop.

"Hey Copycat, didn't Batman and Wonderwoman hook up for a while?" Biomass asked.

"Why the hell would you know that? And why the hell are you asking me?" Copycat asked lightly annoyed.

"Aren't you a part of a secret organization that deals with information and other stuff like that?" Biomass asked.

"My organization deals with worldwide intel and scientific facts, not gossip and tabloid news," Copycat said, "I'm done with my patrols, what about the rest of you?"


"Me too."

"I as well," Savage and the others said.

"Great, let's clock in and go home," Copycat said.

"Hey guys!" they all suddenly heard on their radios, "You still in costume?" Robin asked.

"Yes? Why? What's wrong?" Savage asked him.

"I got us a mission, as a team," Robin said.

"A what? I thought we weren't fit to work as a team," Copycat said.

"It's nothing big, just another one of Nightwings test," Robin said, "We pass this, we get another shot at a better score."

"I'm in," Biomass said.

"Come back to the Hall, Nightwing'll explain everything there," Robin said.

"Confirmed," the lion man said jumping off the roof of a tall building, he grabbed ahold of his necklace, the white ghostly image of a cheetah appeared. He gracefully landed on his feet and suddenly started running at amazing speeds.

"Coming," Biomass said, he recalled all the bees letting them crawl into the spaces in his body before he flew off with his dragonfly wings.

"I'm on my way," Trilogy said. Her entire body suddenly morphed from a glassy substance into a metallic mercury like substance, she trickled down into a puddle before going down one of the nearby storm drains.

"Roger," Copycat said, he took out a small little remote and pressed the button on it, down the road a motorcycle drove down on its own and stopped in front of Copycat. He hopped on the vehicle and drove down the road heading for the Hall of Justice.

(Hall of Justice, 12/31/2015, 14:00 est.)

"I talked it over with Batman and the others," Nightwing told them as the young heroes stood side by said again, "I convinced them to let you try and get some real world experience."

"I thought you said we weren't fit to be a team," Copycat said.

"This one'll be easy, in fact it's probably overkill sending you all in," Nightwing said, a holographic screen appeared in front of them all showing a small building structure in the middle of some desert, "We have intel that there's some activity going on in the middle of nowhere in the Nevada desert."

"What kind of activity?... sir?" Trilogy asked.

"We suspect it's just drugs, it's a large group but the leagues dealing with other things at the moment. So we'll be sending you all in to take care of it," Nightwing told them all, "The mission has two objectives, find out who's in charge, and what they're carrying."

"And if we do this then do we pass your test?" Savage asked.

"Do this, and we'll consider letting you try our test again," Nightwing said.

"What happens if we get in trouble?" Biomass asked.

"The League will be keeping an eye on you, if you get in trouble then signal us. Of course when that happens then you'll have to wait another six months before trying out again," Nightwing told them, "You ship out in six hours."

"Ship out in what?" Robin asked.

(Nevada, 12/31/2015, 20:41 est.)

Flying low over the rocky dunes Robin piloted the Bioship, twin dusty trails followed behind it on the ground as it raced at top speeds.

"This is an interesting ship," Savage said looking out the window.

"Yeah it belongs to a friend of Nightwing's, Miss Martian. She taught me how to pilot it," Robin said from the cockpit seat.

"The place we're hitting is coming up," Copycat said.

"Got it, switching to camo mode," Robin said pressing a button, the outside of the ship turned invisible on the outside shielding the crew from view.

The five looked outside and saw a small two story building. There were two single trucks parked outside of it with the usual looking thugs in black sweater vest. A half dozen of them were taking crates out of the back and taking them inside the building.

"That's strange," Trilogy looking ahead.

"What's strange?" Biomass asked her.

"Well… you know, maybe I'm wrong, but if they're taking drugs out of this place then what is it that they're taking inside?" Trilogy said.

"That's true," Robin said suddenly curious.

"It could just be supplies for them," Savage suggested.

"Maybe," Copycat said pressing a hidden button on his sunglasses, the lens suddenly became digital binoculars letting him see the crates up close, "But I don't think any supplies require a biohazard symbol on them."

"Well we'll get our answer soon," Savage said. The people who were taking the crates in all went inside the building, as soon as everyone was inside every single door outside was closed, and all the lights turned off.

"Seems a little early for quitin time," Biomass said.

"I'm taking the ship over the building, we'll land there," Robin said.

The inside of the building was completely dark and empty, it was quiet. The kind of quiet that screamed that something strange was happening. The only sound that could be heard was the constant buzzing of bees flying all over the place.

"It's safe guys, my friends can't find a single person in here," Biomass said radioing the team, he let go of the ceiling and landed on the ground.

*CLANG*… *SMASH* The garage door was suddenly smashed down by Trilogy letting the others inside.

"Where'd they all go?" Trilogy said looking around, the place was completely empty. Not a single person could be seen or heard.

"There were definitely people here, we all saw them," Copycat said.

"They must be hiding somewhere, they might have some hidden passage or something," Robin said.

"On it," Savage said, he pressed two fingers on his lion tooth necklace creating a ghostly image of a bear, "I'll see if I can find their scent," he got down on the floor and started smelling around the area.

"And they call me unsanitary," Biomass joked.

"rrgh," Savage growled.

"Sorry sorry," Biomass apologized.

"That's not what I was mad about," Savage said, "This is no drug heist, there is something else in the air. It smells like something that would come from plants but far more… I can't really… ooh," Savage held his head starting to feel a bit woozy.

"Savage stop smelling the air," Robin ordered, Savage dissipated his powers, his sense of smell went back to normal, "Something's not right… maybe we should call the league," he suggested.

"Hold on," Copycat said grabbing Robin's should stopping his call, "Let's just see what we can find ourselves for now, there's no need to rush."

"ztztztzz!" Biomass's wings suddenly ejected from his back and they vibrated.

"What are you doing?" Trilogy asked.

"Something… the crickets around here they've gone silent," Biomass said.

"GET AWAY FROM THE WALL!" *SMASH* Savage yelled just in time for Robin to jump away. Trilogy and Copycat both shielded their faces with their arms from the debris that just assaulted them.

The solid brick wall crumbled, a lone figure walked into the room obviously the source of the sudden entrance.

"So you are the ones responsible," the man? said.

"Who with the what now?" Trilogy asked confused.

This person was muscular looking, his skin completely grey, a line of white spikes lining his chin. He was wearing a full blue jumpsuit costume complete with black boots and gloves. He had on a helmet going all around his head except on the front, a black visor covering his eyes. On his waist was some large broad sword, the middle of his chest had a swirling galaxy image on it.

"Who're you?" Robin asked getting himself ready for a fight, his hands staying close to his belt.

"I am Omni, and I am your worst nightmare," he told them, "prepare yourselves lowly mortals, you will pay for the crimes you have committed here."

"Our crimes?" Savage questioned.

"We don't have time for this. Trilogy, take him down," Copycat said.

"Huh?... uh right," she said rushing up to the person called Omni and swinging her fist at him. The person caught her fist stopping her momentum completely. He pushed back with a tremendous amount of strength which sent Trilogy clear across the large building. Her body crashed into the concrete wall on the other side creating a crater when she was embedded into the wall.

"Trilogy!" Robin called out worried.

"I'm okay," Trilogy said raising her hand, not feeling any pain.

"Okay buddy," Biomass said letting a few ants crawl out of the spaces in his hands, "you're starting to bug me."

"… that was terrible."

"Yeah I gotta work on that."

"None of you are a match for me," Omni told them, "Come… let's see if you can survive for more than a minute. Quench my never-ending thirst for battle."

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Terian, Turk / Omni

Male, Age 17

Superpowers = New God abilities, Omni Effect.

Created by King Kubar