Hello! So I decided to write this story because I love Good Luck Charlie. I kind of began writing, not knowing where this story was going to go, letting my mind take over my hands and typing whatever appears in my thoughts, and this is what came as a result. I think I have a good thing going, but we'll see where it will end up. I own nothing concerning GLC, I wish I did but I don't.

Also, this story revolves around a teen pregnancy and I feel bound to point out that I do not agree with such a thing. I believe in waiting until married to have children. So, get no ideas from this story, okay?

Sorry it is so short, but it was as big as I could make it. The rest of the chapters will be longer. So, once again I am sorry.

Chapter One:

Sometimes things never turn out the way they are planned.

Her mother had planned to have no more children, and now she is pregnant with her fifth. Her brother had planned to one day give up his evil shenanigans, but that seemed almost impossible now. And she, well she never planned for this. That is, if it was true. She still wasn't certain.

"It isn't true Teddy. It can't be true." She told herself, but she didn't trust what she said. There had to be a reason why she woke up each morning, vomiting the past few days.

She could hear Gabe playing pick-a-boo with Charlie, PJ slamming the door as he leaves to go to Emmett's, her mother, who had barely obviously pregnant, cooking spaghetti in the kitchen, and a jingle for some hairspray commercial playing on the television her dad was watching. It was amazing how much she could hear from one crucial part of her life. Everyone in her family was leading their normal lives while she was in the bathroom waiting to see if her life was going to change before her eyes.

She wasn't quite sure how this had happened. She had only done it with Spencer once and that over two months ago. It had been protected. This wasn't supposed to happen, if it was happening.

What would she tell people if it was? No one would believe her. People other than a goody-goody girl with almost-four siblings had this happen to them. Girls striving for attention or act before they think have this happen. Not Teddy Duncan.

With her mother pregnant and Charlie in her terrible twos, this couldn't happen. The test should be able to tell her now. She looked down at the small stick in her hands and looked at the one thing that will change the rest of her life.


She stormed into her room and slide the door shut. No one was down stairs, she should be safe, but she was still hesitant to call Spencer. So instead she dialed Ivy's number.

Ivy answered on the third ring, much later than she usually answers, but Teddy didn't really have time to care, "Teddy?"


"Omigod, you've been crying. What is wrong?"

How Ivy could get so much information from one word was a mystery to Teddy. She lied on her bed, staring at the swirls on the ceiling. She spoke quietly, afraid to have any unwanted ears eavesdropping. "I'm pregnant, Ivy."

"Teddy, I can't hear you. Repeat that please."

"I'm going to have a baby," she said louder. She wasn't going to repeat it, so she hoped that Ivy understood.

She did. "You're going to have a baby? Like in that silly teen living elective you took? Don't worry, you won't kill it. It is just a doll"

"No, Ivy. An actual baby, one that eats and poops and cries and depends on me to give it everything it needs. I am pregnant"

"Oh, Teddy," Ivy said, "You can't be pregnant."

"I am. I just took a test and it came out pretty positive."

There was silence on the other end. Teddy continued to look at the ceiling, ignoring everything that she could. The only thing she focused on was the static coming from the phone.

It was hard telling Ivy this, she realized, what would it be like when she tells her parents. They saw her as the good child, the one they could depend on. Now that image of her would be erased.

"Have you told Spencer? Is it Spencer's?" Ivy's voice breaks through the static.

She shakes her head as if Ivy could see her, but quickly fixes her answer, "Of course it is Spencer's. Who else would it be?"

"I don't know, anyone's. But have you told him?"

"No, I just found out ten minutes ago. I've been a wreck. I was barely able to conjure enough will power to call you."

"I have to go Teddy, but call him, now."

It was harder to dial Spencer's number. The buttons became harder to press; the digits became unclear in her mind. As it rung, she rehearsed what to say in her mind.

"Hey Teddy Bear," his voice appears in her ear, "What's up?"

She took a breath, deciding on the simplest thing to say. "Spencer, I'm pregnant."

And he hung up.

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