Okay, last chapter I totally lied to you. Because I am a liar. I, Emily, lied to all my readers. Actually, I changed my mind at the last second. And I make these intros really boring.

But anyway, I am sorry to tell you all that this is the last chapter of Unplanned.

I'll go more into detail in the author's note below.

Chapter Twenty: Two Weeks Old

We are coming home.

Teddy's finger hovered over the send button for a few seconds before she finally pressed down on the button. Her mother would receive it soon, but with little explanation on what it means. They'd figure out tonight.

Ivy was at the wheel of her car. She had dragged Teddy out of the backroom, got Molly safe and secure in the car, and when she offered to drive, Teddy didn't hesitate.

A freckled face, the loose red hair, wearing the same uniform that Spencer put on every day. She wasn't even that pretty. Her nose was a little too small and her neck too long. And all that Teddy could feel towards her was hatred.

"Why, Spencer?" she said. Both heads turned to her. They both just noticed the other people in the room. The girl moved her hair so it covered a spot on the right side of her neck, but Teddy saw what it was just in time, and it made her even madder.

"Teddy," he looked nervous. He should be, he'd just been caught red handed. Teddy curled up her fingers, grateful that she didn't have Molly, but it was Ivy who hand a tight grip on the car seat. It took all her will not to strangle her boyfriend-ex-boyfriend. "Umm…this is Ava."

The radio was blasting some song Teddy had never heard of, adding to the headache that was beginning to form in her mind, so she leaned over and turned the volume all the way down. "I should have boxes in my closest from when I moved to the apartment," she muttered to Ivy. "Do you mind helping me pack?"

"No problem T. Anything to get you away from that bastard."

"Do you think we can get it all to fit in the car in one trip? I don't want to ever return."

"I don't know about the crib and stuff. You might want to call your dad."

"It comes undone with a screw driver." She had helped Spencer set it up, she remembers him telling her that. She could also remember where he had set the screw driver, in one of the kitchen drawers. "We should be able to slide it in the trunk. Let's stop real quickly and drop Molly off at PJ's apartment."

"You're gonna trust your brother with your baby? Remember the last time he was alone with Charlie when she was a baby?" Ivy asked, seemingly surprised.

"Well, Spencer's not an option."

Teddy's mind was clouded up. She was mad, furious actually. Spencer was her first serious relationship, who she thought was the love of her life, and now he had sunken to a new low. "That's your reply?" she finally managed to say, "Your girlfriend-excuse me ex-girlfriend and your baby…"

Ivy butted in, "And the over-protective best friend…"

"…Walk in on you with your tongue shoved down another girl's throat, and the first thing you do is say 'Teddy this is Anna…'"


"You're an ass, Spencer, you truly are an ass."

And that was when Ivy grabbed her wrist, and dragged her out.

Ten minutes later, they were back in the car without a baby in the backseat, pulling out of the parking lot of PJ's apartment building. PJ had taken Molly without hesitation. Like always, the little thing was asleep, with no clue on what was happening in the world around her. The luckiest person in the world right now.

And ten minutes after that, they were inside her own apartment, attacking the white crib, that made such an impact in Teddy's living situation after she had purchased it so long ago, with the screw driver. Ivy was, carelessly, throwing all of Molly's clothes into a cardboard box. Maybe it was the adrenaline, or maybe the whole thing was easier than it seemed, but almost the entire nursery was bare, the only thing being left behind were items from Spencer or his parents.

And then onto the master bedroom, where the same thing done to Molly's clothes was done to hers, and Teddy decided to take all the hangers, including the ones that Spencer's shirts hung on. So they laid in a pile on the floor of a closet, and Teddy couldn't help herself from stepping on top of them as she grabbed a box full of maternity clothes from the top shelf of the closet.

"Spencer just pulled in," Ivy, who had been taking things to the car, came running into the room. She still had the box she was taking down.

"We are done here anyway," Teddy replied, "We are done with Spencer."

The end.

So that is the end of Unplanned. For one thing, I am sad to see it end, but for another, I am so glad that it is over. And you are all probably like "No! I love this story! I feel like part of my soul is lost..."

But wait…I have a surprise…

I've decided to write a sequel called 'Without Spencer' which is coming soon! Full of drama, Molly, and Emmett trying to comfort Teddy. A lot of Emmett.

And that is why this is the last chapter.