Disclaimer : I lose the debate... T_T

Claim : I won this :P

A/N : Blah...


1. KNOWS HOW TO BITE PEOPLE TO DEATH. This is the most important one.

2. Have short black hair and crystal clear eyes.

3. Loves small animals.

4. Can make hamburgers.

5. A diciplined lady.

6. A sadist and a CARNIVORE.

7. Knows how to fight. Because he needs a partner.

8. Knows how to do the laundry.

9. Born in the mafia family.

10. A GIRL. Hibari Kyoya stressed the word "girl".

Storm : Hmm...So did you meet his requirements? Hmm?

Hibari : ...You saw my diary, didn't you?

Storm : Ehehe, you left in on the desk so-

Hibari : Kamikorosu.

Storm : Kyaaa! *runs away*

NEXT UP : Random Male Character