A/N: This is sadly the last chapter to the story. I feel if it goes any farther it will stop having plot and just be random sex scenes. Sorry to those who would have liked it to go farther. I hope you have all enjoyed the story.

Robin got dressed, getting ready to go out. X looked over at him as he also got dressed, a little concerned. They had trained hard for over a month now, and Robin seemed happy, but he was worried that their "leader" was going to choke at the last minute. Terra knocked on their door and came in, dressed and ready to go.

"You guys ready to do this?" Terra asked, her hands on her hips.

"Hell yeah!" Red X said. They both looked over at Robin with a slight look of concern. They both were worried for him.

"You sure you're ready Robin?" Terra asked, "I mean, the Titans aren't exactly going anywhere. We could keep training another week or…"

"No," Robin said flatly, "The longer I draw it out, the more likely it is I'll mess up. We're at our peak right now. Now is the time to strike. I've taken my team down before. I can do it again."

"Excellent Robin," Slade said, clapping his hands lightly from the doorway, "You are as ready as you can be my apprentice."

Robin looked up at him. He gave a short nod of his head. X and Terra followed behind Robin as he headed out. X touched his shoulder.

"Robin, seriously, I need to know you can handle this," the thief said, "If you swell up with emotions at the last minute it's going to throw everything."

"I promised I would serve Slade didn't I?" Robin practically growled, "I don't break my promises."

There were several moments of silence before the boy wonder spoke again.

"Besides… if I do back down, you two will get hurt," Robin said, "I don't want that to happen."

X smiled a little as did Terra as she brushed her blond hair away from her face.

"Divide and conquer is the strategy," Robin said, "Terra, you'll handle Raven. X, you'll face Starfire. I'll take care of Beast Boy and Cyborg."

"Oooh… can I keep Beast Boy?" Terra asked. Both boys stopped and looked at her.

"What? He's so cute and cuddly like a little puppy dog!" she exclaimed.

"Uh… you're going to have to talk to Slade about that…" Robin said, looking rather awkward.

"Fine, fine, can we just not kill him though? Until I find out if I have permission kay?" Terra said, looking excited.

"Yeah, sure…" Robin said, "Everyone knows what they have to do then?"

Robin's two teammates nodded and he smiled. They were off to Titan's Tower.

Terra shifted a boulder and threw it through their front door.

"Knock knock Titans," she said.

"Can the Titans come out to play?" X asked, joining her. Robin stood behind them, looking at the place he had once called his home. X saw the emotions on Robin's face and whispered under his breath, "Don't choke up Robin, remember, they wouldn't even hear you out last time you were here."

Robin stiffened slightly at the reminder and narrowed his eyes. The Titans were eating pizza and just sort of stared at the intruders to their home.

"Titans Go!" Cyborg shouted and the Titans formed their attack pattern.

"Team, Go!" Robin said, and Robin watched with satisfaction as his teammates lured their targets away from the group. Raven was easily instigated by Terra who made personal jabs that Robin had given her the information for. X lured Starfire by sexually harassing her. He had snuck up behind her and gave her a firm swat on the ass, causing her face to turn bright red and for her to chase him in fury. Robin was having something of a staring contest with Cyborg and Beast Boy.

"So… it's finally come down to this Robin?" Cyborg asked.

"Yeah, I guess it does," Robin said, his body stiff.

"I'll give you one chance to back down, Robin," Cyborg said, "You know we don't want to do this."

"Oh really?" Robin's eyes narrowed, "Because the last time I came here you seemed pretty willing to shoot me where I stood. The time for backing down is way over. Simple truth is, I'm a villain now; a bad guy, and I've got bad friends, and a bad master. And you're in the way."

Robin threw a disruptor at Cyborg and it scrambled his circuits, making his body go crazy. Beast Boy was shocked and got smacked across the room by Cyborg's rioting body. Robin used his sticky tar bombs he had used on Beast Boy when he had been Red X and Beast found himself quite stuck to that wall.

With Robin's inside knowledge of all their weaknesses it didn't take long to bring them down, but Robin's methods were not lethal, and now they had a problem. The Titans were defeated, but… what were they going to do with them? Even Red X and Terra seemed at a loss. Of course Terra wanted to keep Beast Boy.

"Eh, I wouldn't mind keeping the red-head," X said with a shrug, "She's pretty cute."

Robin's face got red and he looked flustered. He crossed his arms and pouted. Red X realized his mistake and brought his arms around Robin.

'Hey! Don't be that way! You know I care more about you!" the thief said. The Titans looked confused and somewhat disturbed.

"So what are we going to do with them?" Terra asked, "Slade said to destroy them. We've only done have the job. We've beaten them, but they don't look very destroyed to me."

"Well, Cyborg would be easy to destroy. Just rip his battery out and he's done, right?" Red X said. Before the other two villains could say anything the deed was done. There was a communal shriek from the Titans, except for Raven who couldn't speak, but looked shocked.

"One down three to go, right?" Red X said with shrug.

"Two to go," Terra said stubbornly.

"Hey, if you can't find a way to contain him, there's no way Slade's letting you keep that green monkey," X said.

"Oh, but it would have been ok for you to keep a dangerous alien?" Terra said angrily.

"Enough!" Robin said, "Terra, call Slade about Beast Boy, see what he says. I agree though, if there's no way to contain him, he can't stay. Sorry BB, no hard feelings."

'No hard feelings my butt!" the entrapped shape shifter shouted, "You just shut down Cyborg! You're sitting here contemplating about how to kill us! Dude! Didn't our friendship mean anything to you?"

Robin looked at him. X saw the sting and before Robin could reply the thief spoke up.

"It obviously didn't mean anything to you!" Red X said, "You know that it's entirely your fault me, Robin and Terra are getting rid of you. Robin had a chance to rejoin your so called family, but you wouldn't even listen to him! You're just as bad as any villain. We'll see you in hell."

X grinned. He took the thermal blaster off of Robin and shot Raven first and then Starfire. The thief dropped the gun, pulled off his mask and kissed Robin very suddenly. Robin had been shocked over the sudden death of the two girls and then the sudden kiss of his lover. He gave a slight mewl, but enjoyed it.

"We should totally turn this place into our new hang out," Terra said, "It's wicked awesome."

"Maybe Slade would let us hang here," X said.

"Hello?! I'm still here! Robin! You just totally let him shoot Star and Raven!" Beast Boy yelled.

"Yeah, and I'm going to shoot you too if Slade doesn't let Terra keep you," Robin said, a bit breathless from his random make-out session with Red X.

"Dude!" Beast Boy couldn't believe this. Robin had been his friend, and now he had utterly betrayed them.

"Yay! Beast Boy is mine!" Terra said, "Slade says he has a collar that can keep him from changing. Come on, let's go!"

"Dudes!?" Beast Boy watched the happy blond girl skip out of the tower.

"You go ahead Terra," X said, "We'll keep an eye on your pet and clean up this mess."

X shoved Beast Boy into a closet, tired of his whining and yelling about Robin.

"This is going to get way annoying, way fast," X said as he and Robin cleaned up the mess they had made.

"So what should we do with the bodies?" Robin asked, giving Raven a slight nudge with his foot.

"Eh, we could cremate them, or we could bury them if you want," X said, "Whichever would be more comfortable for you."

"I think we should burn them," Robin said, "Graves would just bring back painful memories."

X walked over and kissed Robin's cheek softly. Slade and Terra walked into the newly fixed door.

"Where's my Beast Boy?" Terra asked, looking angry.

'In the closet, he was getting annoying with all of his yelling," X said. Slade looked around with an approving nod.

"I must say, I am impressed," he said, "You have all exceeded my expectations. I know I'll be handing this city over to capable hands."