Hi People of Earth I am your Author :) and I am making an OC story~! As you know I fell of the face of the earth e.e But i came back somehow :3 I have something new and exciting for this one *-* Yes it is true I am leaving HOTD thorns behind me now :I BUT! This one is more broader and better if i say so myself :3 So please feel free to leave OC's in reviews or spam my inbox. Deadline is...5/30/12 or if I have atleast 13 OC's and no more o I could get a good chapter in :3 For now look below:

OC fill out:


Age:(doesnt matter :D your oc could be freaking 80)


Personality Traits:

What they like to do:


Any special marks:

Quotes or Comments:




Job:(or school or whatever they could be homeless as well o3o)

Where are they: (It's taking place in America so if ur OC is like in Japan we'll just say they moved to America for a meeting or feild or whatever! They will somehow end up in America!)

Other things:

What they think of OC's: (come on let's get real here dont say I worship the ground they walk on *-* NO I WANT THE TRUTH xD but honestly you dont have to answer if you dont want to)

How they meet my OC's:


Background Info:

Who they want to date: (Well this is basically later when all OC's are introduced e.e)

Ok so I'm not deciding if this will be a permanent intro to the first chap or not but here is an example:

"253 casualities are now being reported, 45 people are currently reported missing and 127 people are currently being treated. The deadly virus that has swept the nation's midwest and has caused all this pandemonuim is the newly enhanced virus known as Scarlett Fever. Scients are teaming together to makeshift a cure. Because this virus is highly contagious we recommend you procceed to follow the saftey catiouns, symptoms and procedures that will not be placed on my right. If anyone you know has been infected please notify police by hanging a red cloth infront of your house or on your mailbox. Thank you I am Patricia Stowkwall repoting for Arizona's Broadcasting Network."

It was all a simple virus waiting for a simple vaccination. We all tried to stubb it down our noses and ignore that this virus could become as deadly as the wrath of God. Scarlett Fever would turn into something much more deadly... More deadly than we can handle...Ever heard of people dying and coming back to life...but except there main organs have shut down and the only thing they depend on are there brains and the only the brain wants is basic needs such as...food...food and nothing else and guess whose the food? Ever head of Ravenous souless beings... Get all your rifles,pistols,bats,katanas,crowbars,knives,and lampshades ready cause were about to go through hell and back, but the question is...can you handle it?

My Oc's:

Name:Jace Migamichi

Age:(doesnt matter :D your oc could be freaking 80) 21


Nationality: Caucasian
red hair smooth out from the back and spiky in the front covering his left eye a bit

Personality Traits:Very smart and articulate/makes jokes alot even in te darkest of times/not afraid to say whats on his mind/calm and collected/loves to fly/friendly/helpful/sarcastic/when angered he curses alot and comes out blunt/brotherly type/plucks his sister when she swears

(I'll fill out my own OC layout later)

wears a black shirt that shows off some muscles for the ladies with airforce wings on the front blue washed out jeans a black belt white addidas and black fingerless gloves

Eye Color: Blue

History Before The Outbreak:(Jace is Sadie's older brother so basically the same history) Was raised by his rich parents unlike Sadie he didn't loathe them instead he loved them and was taught by there father that joining th navy or air fore was the only way to get his attention when dealing with Jace so he traind hard dealing with his last year in high school he is pretty popular with everyone and is known as mot successful

First Weapon:textbook

Second Weapon:a PP2000 and 2 handguns by his waist

Love Interest:Female somoeone who likes to play hard to get or he could tease

Fear:None really maybe seeing the ones he love hurt

Talent:In the most randomnest of times he will whistle..he's a great whistler! and he knows how to fly a plane

Name:Sadie Migamichi

Age: 16


Appearance:5'1 red hair disheveled bangs long hair that reaches to her chest even though its pulled back in a ponytail by black ribbon and two thin long strands by her piccy :o h t t p : / / t i n y p i c . c o m / r / 2 j f v p 2 / 5

Clothing:On daily basis Oc wears tank tops shorts and convereses when first introduced she wears a black shirt with blue shot shorts and black converses with a silver lip peircing and a cat bell necklace given to her by Jace (her brother)when it gets cold she only wears a thin sweater thinking she is too cool fo the cold( i know she is cocky xD)

Personality:Has a bubbly personality/lives for music/she's childish/hardly serious which can put her in bad situations/smart enough to survive/can be annoying/she agitates/joker-really good prankster-and delinquent/loud talker/cocky/fat in the mind(meaning she's one of those people eats ALOT but never gets fat/teases alot and tries to show off for her brother./chatty and loud/runs off alot when mad or throws a tantrum/hot-head swears alot e.e

Backround:Sadie was born to arich mother in the U.K and fatherin Japan (they moved there when she was 3) and hardly ever spends time with her because of business trips around the city, She never really saw her dad and whenever her mom would try to spend time with her is forcing herto be an elegant lady at sit and expensive tea parties with her mother stopped trying as Sadie was giving her a hard time. So as Sadie gotten older whatever trouble Sadie gotten into her parents bought her out of with money which sparked her delinquent side, Her brother Jace was orded by his parents to keep a close watch on Sadie she loathes them..anywho she defy's him just because its funny to her

Parents:Shikashi Migamichi (father is deceased)

Lauren Migamichi (Unkown if she is alive or not)

Siblings:Jace Migamichi (alive)

Likes:eating and playing pranks and whenever she is bored she will show someone her disturbing trick of spraying milk out of her eye

Dislikes:snobs and people who act dumb or hog up attention and of course school!

Fatal flaws:Is deathly terrified of the dark

Strengths:Her deliquent side makes her fearless (besides the dark)

Weaknesses:Her temper

Favorite weapon:Machete

Animal companion?: She loves rabbits

Habits:grossing people out with her eye 'talent' vandilizing propry and looting

Love Interest?:has a soft side for bad boys or boys with blue eyes
first weapon:scissors

second weapon: 2 machetes and a MPK5

Well come on and Join the Migamichi's on this interesting journey through hell and back =3 until next time~