once. raposa named aquamarine lived in her cottagve in teh woods

she livd a simple life living off of hot topic and shootign the deers wit her bow (which chot magic arros). shadowmagic. it was a beutifil day here away form all other raaosa... aqua was shunned from the ivllage because of her hafl shadowed face. "why" she murrmerd "must i be diffe..rent""

she wnet down unto the reiver to colect water for herself to qwuench her thirst. RUMBLER

gAsp! a portal of black shadowy shadwo ink burst thro the sky

a man handsom raposa walks throughevilly grining to himsefl "yes. i've fianlly foundY OU."

"what!"? screamd aqua suddenly the sky darkend storm cloudsn a comin

'the end' she screamed innardly 'is neigh'. akuya felt as if dther was a deamon inside her like a loion

"what do you want! no my CCOLGTAGE" a torneado of hate came down and RIP her hone out of the dground. a single tear slide down her furtry cheeks.

big shadow man come down and wips her trear. "i've come for you.. …...,"

his abimal lips brusha gainst her neon pink stripped ears. "aquamarine uzumakyi"

what a twist right! uzumakai?