warning: if u dont like yaoi dont read. also if u dont like yaoi ur prioabbly a bigot J/S

once. there was. the raposa and sock was been cute uguu. he said jowwy "hi do you want to be yaoi with me?"

"w-what no u baaka" blush jowwey



logn there was a pause of awkward jowwy sat an thought about mair

theyd been marred so long how culd eh just leave for sock ! butt then he thougtn about sock smore and well.. … . his butt was fiinine
finer than maris. thats it . jowwey thought and decided

"OKAY" wisperd him "but dont tell her... itl br8k her heart"

-weeks late-r-

"JOWW" barng barang bang a fist knocks on the window

"YO JOWEESEPF" furry fist of fury.

snkrfff jowee slept on dreaming of His firm hands carressing his chest

*smarhs the window shattered AAA jowwy screams!" but relief fluds his heart like a million butterflies drawn by the crator. "sock!" he leapts to his furry paws feet.