this story is somewhat mature but not much so teen rating. warnign: het? also yaoi

dr. cure was runignk an errant at the banya mart.

'i gotta" make it the cake" she remind herself

n lookin in her bokcets for her shoppon list. she pult out a stethioscope; bigneeldes; doctor liscence. importatns tuff. "eto... ano..." she mumbles kawaiily making a (#/。\#) face

"my list isnt here waht i get for the cake?" it was the mayoniass mari's is a very ipowefrul raposa in raposan society. respect key to stayin alive remember that.

kellie cure was very shy and went to ask unasaggi for help. he'sa strogn aman raposa, n she need those.

"oh hellio doctdoor."

"ohayo mr. unagai-sama"

cop man adjust sunglasses. kelli couldnt see his cat collured eyes slitting behind his megannekkos.
"what io ned make my cake good?" dr. cure inchoired blushign. what if he thoguth she meant her cake ass...?..?

thats okay decided her sunconcience.

but! sudden circket sneak up on unagi and wrap his big wolf arms round him,

"found u. kekekeke." dirtyodl man raposa rubbin unagi's breast handpaws with covered in a tomotoe's life blood.

"st-stoppot! nyaaa~..." purr usaki.


she did not finish thatcake.