Teen Titans Suck

Robin: Starfire! I got you some flowers.

Starfire: aw their so ugly "slap".

Robin: ow Starfire that hurts.

Starfire: oh I ment to do this "Slap".

Robin: "wah wah".

Mother Mae-Eye: both of you. Go to your rooms.

2 hours later

Robin: their hasn`t been any crimes in a week.

Raven: how about we rob a shoe store.

Robin: sure

At the shoe store

Robin: this is a stick up give us your shoes.

Random person: but I just bought these.

Raven: I`ll make you a deal give me 10 bucks.

Beast boy: and a couple of video games would be nice.

Random person: very well. Sponge Bob for Cyborg &

Extreme Enfernorath for beast boy.

Cyborg: let`s go play these games on the PS3.

Beast boy: only if we had a PS3.

on the way to Titan Tower

Cyborg: let's get a PS3.

Beast boy: but were.

Cyborg: Cooks Electronics Beast boy there's a sign that says PS3`s 80% off.

Robin: let's go

(Alarms) woooh woooh.

Robin: it`s Gizmo get him!

(Jinx shoots Teen Titans with her hexes)

Jinx: the Teen Titans are out of luck.

Starfire: I think we should get back to Titan Tower.

(Red X on his motorbike)


Robin: that's Red X. Get him.

Mammoth: mm blue.

Robin: thanks "crunch"

Mammoth: hey I bought that taco.

Back at Titan Tower

Silkie Starfire`s pet ate Raven`s meditating vase.

Robin: Starfire will you go on a date with me.

Starfire: why would I ever go on a date with a dork like you.

Robin: "wah wah".

Mother May-Eye: what are you two doing.

Robin: Starfire meanly rejected me. She said why would I ever go on a date with a dork like you.

Mother May-Eye: Starfire! Go to your room. Robin! That means you to.

Robin: I guess I can monitor the city on my i pad.

At the Brotherhood Headquarters

Brain: Dwarf! Knight to a 5.

Monsieur Mallah: pawn to a 3.

Brain: Dwarf! Knight to a 3.

Monsieur Mallah: pawn to b 3.

Brain: Dwarf! Pawn to b 3.

Monsieur Mallah: ah forget it.

Brain: Kill the Titans..

Monsieur Mallah: with pleasure.