on day. darK the raopsa wuz staring a t the oceasn standing on a cliff. he has sad because him parents kill by HIM hear a loud shatter noisey. a house window break. he do go to the house becuase dark the rapidosa was very brave and liked to save peoplel. when he got 2 da house he saw wilfre who broke the window. dark got verey angry and turned into his supersaian form which unleashed a lot of energy leaving a crater in the town.

"wat!" shout wilfre! "how that possible?"

i have trained a lot since the day you kll my parenttns" say dark in a low horrid voice. now you will pay the price.

dark unsheathed his katana and started slashing at wilfre. he cut wilfre into a million atom sized pieces. the n he turned his katana to the other side of the blade.

"you have suffered from the revenge side of my blade..." he say" but now let me show u forgiveness" and with the forgivenes side of him blad e he saw the reflection a different future.

a shy glance.

flowers exchanged.

soon a blushing bride and groom standing happely together.

dark lifted wifres veil and kissed him on the mout.

im very prooud of this one hope you liked it! namate