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"Is Loki secured?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, you are dismissed." Thor replied simply, turning to face over the railing, looking over the skyline of Asgard. He took a deep breath, eyes roaming to the Bifrost Bridge in the distance. Yet, still a presence was with him.

"Sir, if I might be so bold."

"What is it, Fandral?" Thor asked turning to look at him.

"Nothing, sir, I was simply going to note…I do not feel you are doing a service to Asgard, staying here." Fandral explained. Thor's brow creased, his jaw tightened as he rose to his full height looking down on his shorter friend. "What I mean to say is." Fandral continued in a calm tone, "How is one expected to care for a people if his heart is not with them."

"My heart is with Asgard! You know nothing of my heart. Do not speak of such matters!" Thor snapped, turning back around to lean on the railing once again.

"I meant no ill-will, Thor." Fandral replied with a heavy breath, "But you have the power to return…"

"I cannot without a purpose. My people need me here, I must stay to protect Asgard incase Loki escapes."

"Loki is under every protection in the realm. There is literally dozens of men on guard watching him at all times. Every article of clothing, every object he possessed is in our hands, we have stripped him to nothing but a bed cloth of clothing. He has no power." Fandral reasoned, "Do you not trust us, Thor?"

"No, not with this."

Silence fell between the two once friends. Fandral closed the distance, leaning on the railing beside Thor. After a moment, courage rose in him to look up at the demigod beside him, "You miss her." He said simply. "That woman you speak of meeting while in Midgard?"

"Yes, very dearly."

"Then you must go to her Thor, not only for your own happiness, but so that you might be cleared of her thoughts and capable of protecting this kingdom with a level head." Fandral explained simply.

There was another moments' pause as the God of Thunder thought over his companion's words. He looked to him, and with a deep breath and a nod simply said, "You are right." With that he turned, starting his march down the open hall.

"I'm right? Wait, Thor! What are you doing?" Fandral called after him.

"You are to keep my brother secure; I am going to speak to my father. After that, either with his blessing or not I will be going to Midgard!" Thor called behind him and then stopped, turning to find him, "You have been a kind friend, Fandral, I will not forget this." He said with a nod, holding his fist to his chest for a moment before turning back around and continuing down the hall.

"Can you believe the weather? It was perfectly fine not five minutes ago." Pepper noted looking out the window; it was brand new and now giving her paranoia that the wind was going to crash through it.

"Weather changes, Pepper, does it every day." Tony replied, head in a screen as usual.

"Yeah, but not like this. Not normally, and the forecast didn't even call for rain." She reasoned looking back at him.

"Were you planning on doing something that this sudden change in weather is going to hinder?" Tony asked looking up at her, raising an eyebrow.

"No…it's just…curious." Pepper replied with a shrug. The ding echoed throughout the floor as the doors to the elevator opened and Bruce Banner stepped off. He glanced at the window and then walked into the room.

"Bruce, hey," Pepper smiled.

"Hey." Bruce replied with a half-smile walking over to Tony, "Have you seen the weather?" He asked in a low tone. Tony sighed, taking his glasses off and dropping the screw driver he had been messing with; sitting both on the table. He looked from Bruce to Pepper and back again.

"What is everyone's obsession with the weather?" He asked.

"Well, we are in a tall, metal tower…" Pepper said thoughtfully.

"Tony, it just looks a little suspicious." Bruce reasoned, "A little too familiar." He said giving him a look. Tony's brow creased looking back at him; Pepper completely lost looking between the two men.

"Oh!" Tony exclaimed, eyes widening.

"Yeah," Bruce smiled.

"You don't think?" Tony asked.

"It looks like it." Bruce reasoned with a nod.

"What?" Pepper asked, but got ignored.

"But why would he come back?" Tony asked.

"Who?" Pepper asked, again getting ignored.

"Who knows, I guess we'll find out. Think he'll be able to find this place?" Bruce asked.

"Big, metal tower with a giant A plastered to the side….Yeah, I think Blondie's just smart enough to figure it out." Tony replied with a nod.

"Who?" Pepper snapped.

"You'll see." Tony smiled, "Jarvis." He said looking up to the ceiling.

"Yes, sir?"

"Is floor sixteen ready?" Tony asked looking over the screen table in front of him.

"Yes, sir."

"Thank you, it's just been booked." Tony noted looking up with a smile.

"By who?" Pepper asked louder.

Cement cracked below his feet as Thor landed in the middle of the busy sidewalk. A woman shrieked, a man on a bike fell over into a mail box, one that he was promptly lifted up out of by the back of his shirt and placed back down on the ground gently.

"Citizen, are you injured?" Thor questioned. The man turned to look up at him, shaking his head as he slowly rose to pick his bike up. Thor watched him for a moment before turning to look at a woman attempting to make her way through the small crowd around him. "You there!" He called pointing to her, she stopped.

He took the two strides to stand in front of her, "I need directions to Stark Tower, do you know of it?" He asked, she replied by cautiously nodding her head.

"Down three blocks….take a right….go two blocks and get on fourth. Go south…" The woman began, Thor silencing her by raising his hand. He looked up into the skyline, in the distance spotting the tall tower with the large A on the side.

"You are no longer needed, thank you for your assistance, you are dismissed." Thor told her with a nod. "Stand back." He added, taking a step back himself. He held the strap of Mjolnir in his hand and quickly began twirling it, after a few moments he held it firmly in his hand, using it to lift him back into a sky.

He landed next in front of the large silver doors, cracking cement covering his boots once again. He looked up at the large A on the side of the tower and nodded, stepping forward. There was no door handle, no knocker for which to announce his presence. He looked around until a voice spoke to him, from where he did not know.

"Stay still."

There was a pause and then a bright red beam shot out of the center of the door, falling over Thor's eyes causing him to blink back against it and take a step away from the doors. He held his arm up to shield his eyes, glaring over his forearm as the voice spoke again.

"State your name."

"I am Thor Odinson of Asgard, Son of Odin Borson before me, God of Thund…." Thor began but Jarvis cut him off.

"Yes, yes that's good enough. Welcome to Stark Tower, Thor Odinson."

With that, the large metal doors opened, Pepper standing in the doorway. She was wearing a predetermined smile that dropped as her eyes widened on Thor regaining himself to walk inside.

"Hi, there." Pepper grinned, "Welcome to Stark Tower. It is going to be wonderful to have you here."

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