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Jack Russell lay awake on his small bed in his small room but as humble looking as his surroundings were, for some strange reason, the gods had chosen him to be their personal punching bag. At least that's how it felt the first two times his life had been reset. He had been on both sides of the war at least once and had to kill friends and watch his friends be killed, and was sick of it."Hmph, well not this time" he thought to himself

"This time I'm making it imposable for them to push my reset button"."Jack! Jack!" Adele shouted as she threatened to beat down his door."Oh well, let's hope the seventh times the charm."

Yep, the seventh, that's the reset number he was currently about to re-live if you counted the original. After the first two times he realized no matter what side he chose he would never be with the one he loved. No, he had discovered this wasn't as simple as choosing sides, it was a matter of making his own existence permanent, and only one force in this messed up world he was in that was capable of helping him with this was magic. So, during his third life he tried to join the mages guild, only to find that one could only enter after being recommended, and even then you had to pass a complicated written entrance exam. This wasn't a problem for Jack though because he knew if he could impress a certain "Genius" when he met him for the "first time" in his next reset he could definitely get in. Keeping this in mind he used all of his spare time reading every document in the Vareth Institute library when he wasn't out on missions for Vancor, and when the war began he joined the elves side simply to learn more knowledge from the fairy creatures. He even learned to read and speak the ancient elven language and used it to decipher some books he found in Algandars Castle which shed some interesting ancient theories about the dragons and a type of magic called symbology. With the knowledge and skills he learned in the next three resets he finally perfected a plan that would not only save Ridley but the Humans and the Fairy creatures as well, while still keeping the elements from falling out of balance. There was only one nasty side effect to this plan however, "I just hope Ridley loves me enough to spend an eternity in the body of a teen alongside Me." he said smirking to himself. At that moment Adele busted down his door and stood over Jack who just looked up at her seemingly bored.

"JACK RUSSELL! Didn't you hear me? Todays the Knights entrance exam! Why didn't you get up the first time I called for you! You're going to be late!" she shouted angrily at him.

He stared at his sister who still viewed him as "just sixteen" from her point of view, but in actuality he was closer twenty since each of his past resets spanned the length of a third of a year.

Yawning and stretching lazily he smirked as he replied "Oh is that what all this is about? And here I thought you had finally found someone brave enough to be your boyfriend."

He watched as his sister went through three shades of red before screaming

"ALL RIGHT, GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED RIGHT NOW AND GET READY TO GO!" yep, this time things were going to be different, he'd make sure of that!