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Chapter Fourteen: A Night to Remember

"Jack thinking and speaking to hap or his shadow in his mind."

"Jack's shadows mental talk"

"Hap's talk"

Jack couldn't help but be excited, the rest of his night had been spent in the kitchen making all sorts of sweets and desserts for the party. He had told all his knights to get some shut eye and sent the now outfitted Captain Leonard back to the castle so he could continue on the deserts. Frosting went here and there, there was glazing, beating, whipping, and grating of chocolate. Jack was doing everything at such a high speed that if anyone had been watching him the after images he created by his fast movement would have made it seem like there was a small army of him in the kitchen. When the clock struck half past one Jack realized he was done and that he should retire to his chambers for a tiny nap. In truth that is all he needed at this time.

"Immortality has its perks, Hap"

"Yup, Just wait till you get around to love making, that's when its real bonuses kick in, you'll never be lacking for stamina again!"

Jack's eyes widened at that comment.

"I didn't know that you had such a naughty mind Hap!"

"Elves are expected to know how to please their intended before marriage, and we can also choose whether or not our mates get pregnant. It's the same for you now too, so if you want, I saw an Interesting sign in Black town." Hap replied causally

"Hmm, good idea, but I'm going to need to shape-shift into a different body for that, so my Captain rep isn't ruined" Jack sent as he closed the door to his room behind him, and made for his bed after changing into his night clothes.

The next morning Jack easily woke himself and got ready for the Party, as he made his way down the stairs he noted his brigade in their new uniforms, and as he nodded in approval at them. Brent came up to him with a letter in hand.

"Yes Brent, what is that?" Jack asked regarding the letter question.

"It is from a Mr. Warc my lord, he sent you this as an urgent message and requested that it be delivered A.S.A.P." Brent said handing over the letter.

Jack took the letter and began to read it to himself as he walked around the main hall. His brigade watched as a sly smirk etched itself across his face. When Jack finished he was chuckling to himself, then tore up the letter and threw it into the fireplace fire.

He was still snickering when Brent asked. "Young Lord wh-?"

Jack Just waved his worrying away. "It's alright, he's just concerned I might be…*Jack paused as he thought of the most appropriate words*…."Cross" with him, but I'm not. I am never "Cross" with anyone" Jack said now smiling broadly.

Lily who had been listening spoke up. "Anything we should be aware of Captain?"

Jack slowly reached for a poker and stoked the fire as he calmly replied, "Only that a Rival of mine has foolishly taken the bait I laid out before them and may soon find their feted little den suffering for their own carelessness. Either way, I should probably write Warc back and put his worried mind at ease." He said putting the poker back on its rack.

As Jack reached the stair case he turned and gave a small speech. "You all have worked hard in learning dance and ediquate for this, so here are your orders once you are at the party, just Have Fun." Jack said as he noticed the food was being carried by his servants and those from the castle out the door.

"We will all leave in about an hour or so, I advise you rehearse what you think necessary. I am going to the study to do some writing and have some tea, if you all are in need of refreshments I had Vincent put out some mint tea with mint biscuits over there. "Jack said nodding to the corner as he ascended the grand staircase.

In the Study Jack was enjoying his tea, (He kinda found it odd that he actually enjoyed it this much when six resets ago he couldn't stand the stuff.) he was fishing up the letter and finalizing some price agreements with Vartheth concerning his little project that he hoped would prevent a war. He looked over at his ball mask siting on the table. It had been designed to look like a whiteish fox with platinum filigree decorated on it.

He rested his head in his hands and admired the craftsmanship "A crafty fox always wins against a clueless sheep"Jack thought smiling to himself.

He put the letters in their envelopes and used some Red wax along with his signet ring to seal them. Then pulled the rope bell and enjoyed his tea a bit more while he waited on Edison Vincent to come.

In the main hall Lily and Aldo were going over some last minute dance steps, Eon, and Leona were at a loss at how quickly Felix had got so defined. (Especially Leona, who had been trying hard at practicing not to blush at every little thing after Jack had expressed the importance of not being overly expressive with ones emotions while in the castle.) In a moment Jack entered the hall. He stood at the top of the stairs wearing his outfit for the evening. His chocolate brown hair was tied back with black ribbon and wore an Upper class outfit comprised of white and silver white-gold and red stitching and embroidery. He did wear a silver and light gold Ascot(Minus any pink, lace, or unnecessary bows) under the grey velvet vest, and long white velvet Aristocrats overcoat bordered with silvery-gold taffeta ribbon(since he had threatened the tailor with a hot fireplace poker to find a suitable replacement for lace.) and thankfully since he could now change his appearance his skin was now very pale(So he did not have to resort to that disgusting face powder that the tailor had insisted upon). This was all toped of with a white cane with a Platinum Fox head (concealing a Rapier) and of course his mask.

Leona let out an audible gasp and tried hard not to blush; only a small amount of pink appeared on her checks.

"Well, come on brigade, let's move out", He said treating it like a mission, (which for all intents purposes it was.)

(In the Castle ball Room)

Ridley looked around the ball room wearing a ball gown that was colored with whites and peaches accented with gold ribbon and had her hair tie back in a lovely blue bow, "Father said Jack helped with all this, It's Beautiful!"She said as she looked around and spied the Red carnations on the table mixed with white roses.

"The red Carnation stands for Beauty and Pride in the language of flowers while white Roses stand for secret love expressed." A smooth rich voice said, drawing several eyes including Ridleys' to its source.

The crowd parted as Captain Jack R. Hewitt made his way over to where Ridley stood admiring his handy work.

"Have you tried the strawberry-lavender Tarts yet?" He said in a rich velvet voice then leaned in close and whispered in her ear. "They say Lavender and strawberries are some of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in known history." He smiled backing away admiring the blush on her face.

"Ridley!" another male voice from came across the room. Jack resisted the urge to roll his eyes (Or the owner of the voices head.) and instead picked up a small plate of brownies and waited.

Cross made his way across the room in (What Jack's opinion was) the most hideous ensemble ever devised "It" was black, bright purple ruffles and bows, and had neon pink lace and ribbons.

Jack wanted to point out the obvious, but before he could Ridley surprised them both by saying, "Cross, WHAT are you wearing? Are Blind?! Don't expect a dance with me, people are looking at you!"

Cross look at Ridley like she was mad before speaking. "Of course they are looking, and what do you mean you wo-"

But before he could finish the sentence Jack stepped forward and stuffed a brownie in his mouth in one swift motion saying "Here Cross you simply MUST try one of these, they are to die for!"

Cross, who now had a mouth full of brownie asked while chewing, "Whaats un thum?" he asked in a confused voice.

"Manners Cross!" Ridley reminded him causing the head Knight Captain to struggle to swallow it.

"They're brownies silly! They have Chocolate, fresh cream, sugar, and maybe black walnuts…." Jack said as he looked off, as if he were trying to remember.

"Jack! Cross is deadly allergic to Black Walnuts!" Ridley said wide-eyed.

"Oh, is that so?" Jack asked innocently as he started to turn to Cross, "Then you might want to head to the-*Thunk* infirmly." Jack said as he watched Cross's men carry him out of the room.

Once all Cross's men were out of sight Ridley turned to Jack "Jack, I'm not at all mad, but how did you know?" Ridley asked smirking.

"I do my research." Jack answered off handedly.

"You looked at his medical recorders didn't you?"

"We'll know that if there is an autopsy won't we?" Jack replied smiling a very Fox like smile.

"Now where was I? Ah yes, I do believe I was going to ask you to dance with me." Jack said as bowed to her and took her hand.

For the next hour half hour Jack and Ridley danced with one another.

Then Jack brought her over to a small stage that had been set up so she see the performance that was about to take place. He gave her a kiss on the cheek saying "An MC's work is never done!"

He made his way onto the stage where Aldo and Felix were moving a wardrobe into place. "Ladies and gentlemen may I please have your attention, * the crowd beins to gather around the stage* tonight you will all see a performance of true magic, there will be no tricks and no illusions! *Gestures to the Wardrobe* Behold an ordinary wardrobe *taps the sides and back to prove it.* In a moment I will climb in after which Lily my second Lieutenant Lily will wrap the Wardrobe in chains securely, then my first Lieutenant Aldo will run it through with these swords*He says handing twelve swords to Aldo and pats him on the back reassuringly* After which I will emerge completely unharmed!"

After this Jack entered the Wardrobe closing the doors behind him Lily wrapped the chains around the wooden frame and Aldo began to pierce the Wardrobe, after a few minutes of people holding their breath expecting blood to come out of the cracks the Chains all snapped as if some invisible force was ripping them off, the swords slid out and Jack walked out completely unharmed. He heald up his arms to show he was okay and there was a roar of applause throughout the ball room

Ridley who had been watching from a seat squealed girlishly and ran to Jack and hugged him. Jasne Came walking up to the two followed by a woman that seemed to be Ridley's mom, Ridely put her hands over her mouth in surprise and then tugged Jack over to them.

"Jack, This is my wife and Ridley's mother Lady Sigourney Silverlake."

Jack bowed formally "My lady this is a most unexpected honor."

The beautiful Lady smiled at him "Jasne, has been fussing about you young man and a possiable change in marriage options. I did enjoy the show what's the secrets to the trick?" She asked smiling again,

Jack spoke calmly causing his voice to take on a rich velvety sound. "My Lady I could never challenge Lord Cross for Ridley's hand like some prize to be won, only the right to court her, and as for the performance there was no tricks or Illusions Just magic."

"Alright well we'll leave you two, but first where is lord Cross?"

Jack faked worry "I offered him a brownie earlier not knowing he was allergic to the black walnuts in it, I am sorry."

"I don't blame you for that buffoon's stupidity Jack. You and Ridley have a good time with the party." Jasne smiled at Ridley then led his wife to the floor to dance He smiled as he spotted Captain Leonard and Lady Natalie dancing slowly with each other Natalie's head resting on his shoulder wearing a serene smile.

Jack led Ridley out to the balcony and stood in front her and held both her hands in his looking into her green eyes seining stars and his own reflection.

"Ridley, I regret to say I don't have a birthday present for you, for the most I can give you already have, like the ribbon from your hair*nods to their hands." she looks down and notices that its clasped in both there intertwined hands.

"Jack how did you-"


Slowly Jack brings the ribbon up and continues his speech. Ridley looks on in wonder as the ribbon transforms into an ornate Hair barrette decorated with blue diamonds and sapphires depicting bluebells on silver stems.

"In the Language of flowers the Bluebell represents Eternal and Unconditional love, this* he hands her the barrette* is my all that I give to you, Eternal and Unconditional love."

Ridley begins to cry out of joy and put's the barrette.

"Come now dry, those tears" Jack said taking out a light-gold handkerchief.

"How can a Lord ask his Lady to the last dance with tears in her eyes?" Jack said holding out his hand to her.

She followed him in and as the slow music began they began to kiss

She simply embraced him tightly "I love you Jack."

"And that is the most powerful magic of all." He replied as rose petals began to fall around them.

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