Romantic princess

Jin met a princess at his house one day…..Jin didn't really like her at the first meeting…..then the princess's grandfather was happy to see her. At her first day in the house, she doesn't know how to be a princess and she was shocked that her room was so big in her grandfather's mansion. The princess's mum and dad gave his grandfather a mansion long ago.

Jin called her a fake princess. The princess stayed there for a long time. Jin still doesn't like her since then.

Then his brother 'Cai' came to look for the princess. He took her out to see her school. Cai also went to take the princess for lunch. When they returned to the mansion, Jin and his other 2 other brothers saw Cai and how he made the princess happy .The princess went for swimming. Cai and Jin went to look for the princess in her room but she wasn't there. One of his brothers, Lin asked the maid

"Do you know where the princess is?"

The maid told him that the princess was in the spa. The princess went to the spa after her swim. When Lin went there, the princess asked him not to come in and to go away. She wanted to go out but he talked too long to her. She couldn't bare the heat in the spa much longer; she passed out. Lin went to look for Jin and told him that the princess fainted. Jin was indeed shocked and called the doctor. Jin took her out from the spa and placed her on the bed in her room. He was just lucky; the princess was wearing a towel around her body.