Hey! I'm back with another Snarry story! It's very very very cliché, but I like it that way. So don't like, don't read!
I'm not quite sure about the ending.. so that's why it's rated "M", anything can happen..

Once again, I don't own Harry Potter. I'm just a humble servant, playing with some characters.

I'm not a native speaker and I don't have a beta.. So please correct my mistakes.


Harry Potter was only 21 years old and thereby the youngest DADA teacher Hogwarts ever new. And how couldn't he be? He was the Man-Who-Killed-You-Know-Who, the Savior, the hero of the wizard world. Harry Potter was loved, by everyone. By his friends, his students, his colleges, the whole world, accept for one person…

Severus Snape was destined to hate Harry Potter with passion. And that annoyed Harry to no end. Not that he really cared if someone liked him or not, but the guy should at least have a bloody reason for it! So Snape hated his father, so he hated Sirius and Remus too. So? He wasn't any of them, was he?

But even now Harry was an adult, Snape just couldn't seem to be civil to him. The constant sarcastic and snarky comments annoyed the crap out of Harry. He tried to be nice, he tried to ignore him, oh how he tried.. That man was just so present when he was in a room somewhere.


Severus Snape was not a happy man. His life was actually bloody awful. Okay, it was slightly better now that the sneak-face-bastard who terrorized his life was gone. But he still had to see Potter every damn day now that he was his college. He hated that boy with all the passion of the world. He was just an arrogant brat who was just like his father. Yes, that is exactly what he thought of Harry Potter…

And he just kept telling himself that.

How else could he survive all the hateful glances he got every day from the beautiful man he had secretly admired for months? Yes, he had hated Harry in the beginning. But how older Harry got how more he saw a kind, loving, strong man. But how could he ever tell Harry this? He had ruined it for himself from the moment Harry walked in his potions class the very first time. How could Harry ever see more than the snarky, old, sarcastic, greasy git? Cause, that's all there was left from Severus Snape.

So, hate it would be. There was nothing else to do about it.